“Non-Binary” Gender: The Latest Cultural Left Groovy Fad


That does it. Out with this male/female, man/woman, boy/girl crap. Don’t you realize that that’s oppressive? Don’t you realize that using words like he and she and him and her are epithets like nigger and kike.

We all need to get hip and get with the program and get non-binary. It’s not like you don’t have any choices. There’s more than Baskin Robins 33 flavors of gender you know. Facebook has 147 different genders! Wow and I thought three genders was pushing it! 147? That’s just so groovy, man. Look if you are a binary gender, that is just not hip and cool. Don’t you realize that a long-secret part of the Gay Agenda is to “get rid of gender?”

They have actually said so in many of their documents. I think it’s great myself. No more men. No more women. Instead we have 147 different flavors of genderqueer to choose from! Look at all the rainbow colors of gender in our brand new Cultural Left world. Why be an old fogey and restrict yourself to those tired old boring mores like man and woman. Come on. You don’t want to be an old-fashioned prude like that.  You want people to call you grandma? You want to get invited to parties, right? Be like the cool kids. Toss that old outmoded binary gender thing out the window. Binary gender? That’s so backwards and barbaric!


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16 responses to ““Non-Binary” Gender: The Latest Cultural Left Groovy Fad

  1. RockT

    It doesn’t matter that all this has been written and publish, ‘the people’ will still deny it and say you are making it up.

  2. Gay State Girl

    I don’t mind if you call me KKK Kike!

  3. SD

    Since most Jews are not on welfare and reasonably hard-working tax-payers (Sure there’s a few Brighton beach thugs/junkies/hookers like any other race but not many) I am not sure why the Klan would object to this particular group of people.

    Sure, Jews are attached to Israel like a white Southerner is attached to Scotland or Jersey City boy to Italy…but so what.

    Other races are more than happy to join Jews in Ponzi scams, boiler rooms like Wolf On Wall Street and the people elected Greenspan.

    Sorry, I just do not believe that Jews are THAT DETRIMENTAL to North America.

    • Gay State Girl

      They created a foreign interest lobby that extorts billions from the U.S. taxpayer to send to Israel.

    • Sam

      “…Since most Jews are not on welfare…”

      They don’t need welfare. They have the banking bailout. Why bother with welfare when you can have Trillions!

      • SD

        Each Jew in New York or Boston received a check by mail from the Bailout?

        No SAM, they do not breed like rabbits and generally have a decent trade so they do not end up on the rolls.

        Please do not tell me that Jews are lazy, irresponsible, etc.

        I do not buy it.

    • Sam

      “…Jews are attached to Israel like a white Southerner is attached to Scotland…”

      You know nothing about White Southerners. I’ve never in my whole life heard a White Southerner say much of anything about Scotland.

    • Sam

      “…I just do not believe that Jews are THAT DETRIMENTAL to North America…”

      Jews are the primary people responsible for the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. The single most destructive piece of legislation ever. It changed the US into a polyglot Balkanized multicultural nation with the only thing holding together the races a fierce hatred of White Europeans.

      Jews are responsible for 9-11 and the subsequent wars in the middle East and Afghanistan.

      Lot’s of other horrible stuff too but just those are enough for me.

  4. SD

    GAY STATE GIRL has me there.

  5. Kareem

    Remember those ancient days when having a dick made you a male and having a pussy made you female?

  6. SD

    SAM I know little about White Southerners, I’m a white ethnic from the Northeast (Catholic, urban) and few Southerners show much desire to go visit New York or Detroit.or Canada. It’s too cold and expensive and crowded for people from the South.

    Not everyone mixed up in the Banking Crisis of 2008 was Jewish not was everyone who benefited Jews.

  7. SD

    KAREEM I do. You are not a woman because you wear a dress over your 6’3 hairy frame who has the right to use a woman’s toilet.

    I don’t want dykes checking out my junk and testes at a urinal with their fake dildo penis, either.

    Its sickening man.

  8. M M

    The last word on gender. For a while and hopefully, at least.

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