Ok, that’s really weird.


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7 responses to “Frogfish

  1. Tulio

    Hey Robert, what are your thoughts on the so-called Clinton body count?

  2. I am not sure what to think of it.

  3. Latias


    Recently, some said I wasn’t an anti-fascist (and this was from a right-wing anti-communist) because I did not condemn Donald Trump or Marine Le Pen.

    I read Le Pen’s positions, and I must say that I am pleased. She opposes NATO, says Ukraine subjugates its people, opposes repealing the legalization of abortion. and supports protectionism.

    She also expelled “controversial members accused of racism, antisemitism, neo-Nazism, or pétainism including her father”.

    She just seems to oppose immigration.

    She is at least the type of person the Alternative Left would not hate, right?

    • Le Pen is not a fascist. She is just a nationalist. You could always be a National Communist. Tell them you are a National Communist.

      Trump I dunno. But not everyone who likes him is a fash.

      • Latias

        I am not a national communist. I consider myself a Marxist-Leninist (or at least see it as boon to mankind) or at least an anti-anti-communist.

        I don’t like “national communist” but I do agree with Stalin’s stance of “socialism in one country”. If “national communist” means having a Marxist-Leninist state with nuclear weapons and fairly strong to deter the imperialists, then I am a “national communist”.

        Le Pen is not a rabid Islamophobe.

        “Interviewed by Radio 1 in June 2011, she said that unlike the leader of the PVV Geert Wilders, she is “not waging war against Islam” and “is fighting the Islamisation of French society”. Emphasizing her divergence with the Dutch MP, she claimed: “That’s the difference between Geert Wilders and me. He reads the Qur’an literally: you can’t interpret the Qur’an – or indeed the Bible – literally. I resist fundamentalists who want to impose their will and law on France. Sharia Law is not compatible with our principles, our values or democracy.”

  4. Tulio

    Hey Robert, it seems like the comments in the threads are not showing up in order.

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