Latin America: Where All Political Parties Have Always Been Ruling Class Parties

A previous post pointed out how one of the biggest parties in the Venezuelan far rightwing opposition,the AD, is actually a socialist party or a social democratic party.

Of course the AD was a horrible social democratic party that put shame to the name of social democracy. But social democratic parties in Latin America have been pretty horrible for a long time. Check out the APRA in Peru or the PRI in Mexico. They suck.

Social democratic parties in Latin America are often just vehicles for the avaricious, vicious and often genocidal White ruling classes. Down there, most political parties from “Left” to “Right” have always been run by the monstrous and murderous White ruling classes.

Those parties don’t even differ all that much. Someone needs to tell me the difference between the two Colombian ruling class parties, the “Liberals” and the “Conservatives.” I am not sure I understand. Maybe the Church?


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5 responses to “Latin America: Where All Political Parties Have Always Been Ruling Class Parties

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  2. Ultra Cool

    Most Latin American countries have extremely efficient wealth redistribution, but only from the lower class to the upper class.

    • Sam

      The US is working very hard to beat South Americas bottom to top record. It won’t be long before the bottom turns to Soylent.

  3. SD

    Outside of Russia I am unaware of any country with an equal number of poor white people than the United States.

    Canada also has poor whites and Europe too, but socialized medicine and a greater contribution from the state offsets this poverty to some extent.

    Africans and American Indians are poor in every country (Even Mongolia/Siberia where they are from) but only Russia has a comparable number of poor whites as the U.S.

    • jorge

      Mongolia (or Siberia, or any region of East Asia) in all case is where are from the common ancestors of Amerindians, but you can’t count Mongolians or any East Asian as Amerindian.

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