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Black on White Homicide and Rape: The Real Stats

Blacks commit 51% of all homicides. 7% of all Black homicides are Black on White. 89% of all Black homicides are Black on Black.

Although Whites are 64% of the population, Blacks kill them in only 7% of their murders. Blacks massively underselect Whites for homicide by a figure of 90% which is near-total underselection. Blacks go massively out of their way to not kill Whites.

Blacks are 13% of the population but Blacks kill Blacks in 89% of their murders. This is near total overselection. They are overselecting their own kind by 550%. Black go massively out of their way to deliberately target their own kind for homicide.

3% of all homicides are Black on White.

It’s trivial. Black on White homicide is trivial.

Comparing only Black and White victims, Blacks rape Whites in 50% of all rapes. Blacks rape Blacks in the other 50% of all rapes. (And I am not even sure those figures are good because I took them off an Alt Right site.)

If there were only Blacks and Whites in the US, the US would be 80%
White and 20% Black.

Although Whites are 80% of the B-W population, Blacks rape Whites only 50% of the time. White women are seriously underselected for rape by Blacks by 37%. Blacks rape Blacks 50% of the time while Blacks are only 20% of the Black-White population, so Blacks overselect Blacks for rape by 150%. Blacks go seriously out of their way to deliberately rape Black women. Blacks go substantially out of their way to avoid raping White women.


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What Is the Essence of the Hillary/Alt-Right Conundrum?

My answer on Quora. An idiotic conservative Republican answers me. I do not mind conservative Republicans, but I would like an opposition party that makes some sort of sense. The problem I have with the Republicans and the wingnuts is that their message is so irrational. If we are going to have an opposition, it should at least make sense.

The Democraps hate women! Mention Lincoln again. The Libs are the real racists! LBJ quote! Mention Lincoln again. Hillary quotes! Robert Byrd over and over, did you know he’s KKK? Mention Lincoln again. The Blacks need to get off the Democratic Party plantation! Robert Byrd! Look at our screwed up cities, all run by Democraps! The Dems are the real racists! Benghazi! Whitewater!

Robert Byrd! Monica! BLM is a terrorist group! Mention Lincoln again. They’re gonna take away our guns! Robert Byrd! Social programs hurt Blacks, let’s get rid of all of them! Obama is a Kenyan! Obama, radical Muslim terrorist! Mention Lincoln again. Obama has declared war on Whites! Robert Byrd! Obama is dividing out country by race! Eric Holder! Mention Lincoln again. New Black Panthers in Philly! Robert Byrd! Fast and Furious! Voter fraud by the millions! Robert Byrd! Dems registering illegals to vote by the 100,000’s! Monica! Mention Lincoln again. 

It’s so insipid. It’s like the rantings of a retarded, psychotic six year old. I am serious. That’s about the idiot level that it’s on. The Alt Right are evil, but at least a lot of their wicked arguments are based on facts. Republican narratives are simply batshit loony. They’re also stupid as Hell. Really, the Republicans need to give up posing as anti-racists, feminists, gay rights activists and advocates for the poor. Everyone knows the Party is racist as Hell, very much anti-women, strongly anti-gay, and we all know how much they hate the poor. What’s with the charade? It’s so absurd. Do they think that anyone actually believes this BS?

These guys are fascists, almost all of them, either Trump-fascists or a far nastier variety. The non-fash are mostly MRA’s who hate feminism. Many of these also hate women. Homophobia is very big on the Alt Right. All of this is directly contrary to Hillary’s embrace of the Cultural Left, in particular feminism, immigrant rights and Blacks (BLM, etc.).

Here is the idiot Republican boilerplate comment that follows. I am printing it to show you as obtuse and asinine it is. Like I said, I would love to have a real opposition party that actually made sense. I mean I am sure their positions would suck, but at least they would have a logical narrative. The Republican narrative is simply straight up insane and dumber than a rock.

Where do you get your information Robert? Mrs. Bill Clinton is not a feminist. Women haters exist within every group. Milo, a spokesperson for the Alt-Right is GAY! Mrs. Bill Clinton does embrace the Cultural Left, which only reflects the Saul Alinsky philosophy of destruction, not construction. You have only to look at the morass in contemporary Chicago to see that. Immigration policy needs to be examined and improved. And that false woman looks down on all people, including BLM — with no exceptions.

Isn’t that retarded? Damn that is a stupid comment. Ever seen those trash mountains at the landfill. This is like a huge trash mountain of stupid that poured out of the landfill of some deranged brain, with bulldozers of logic hurrying over it trying in vain to make it make sense somehow amidst all the swirling stupid.


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What is the Future of the Alt-Right/ Dark Enlightenment?

My Quora answer.

At this point, it can only grow. No one in the movement is going to leave, and obviously quite a few are going to join. All of the people appalled by them were never going to sign up anyway. They have a lot of publicity now and they will only get bigger in the future. A couple of other comments follow.

The question seems to be worded as though those things were synonyms. They are not. The Dark Enlightenment (DE) is a scientific critique on the fundamental premises of The (so-called) Enlightenment: specifically that human liberty and equality are unalloyed goods. Since it is obvious that human (racial, sexual, religious and ethnic) equality is patently false, and that liberty is not an unalloyed good (e.g., offering fertile opportunities for the rapacious to profiteer off the poor impulse control or future time orientation of others), the DE is not going to go away. While politically inconvenient truths about matters may be suppressed for a time (cf. heliocentrism), it is expensive and indeed a sign of collapsing legitimacy.

The “Alt-Right” has really come to mean the non-mainstream Dissident Right. It is a loose, often tumultuous, alliance of a wide variety of anti-progressive particularists—including paleoconservatives, paleolibertarians, neoreactionaries, anarcho-capitalists, separatists, southern nationalists, white nationalists, ethnic nationalists, identitarians, and even a few national socialists. It has no essential nature, therefore, to conform to, no central control, and cannot act in a coherent manner.

Various arms of the Dissident Right have their own plans to create institutions, and propagate their ideas in various ways. Some seek power within the existing political structure. Others see themselves primarily as Samizdat organizers.

If the progressive neoliberal establishment continues to collapse both the psycho-social and economic health of Western nations, dissident movements of all sorts may be expected to continue to attract followers, financial backing, and a modicum of power.

An excellent overview of the Dark Enlightenment, although I suspect he is whitewashing it. From what I know about the Dark Enlightenment as envisioned by Mencius Moldbug and Nick Land, British “accelerationist” British philosopher, it is not something I want anything to do with. In fact, it seems like my and hopefully most of your worst nightmare. I would say that if the Alt Left is about anything, it is about Enlightenment values, so this would right away put us at odds for opposing the Dark Enlightenment.

Dim obscurity. While a few events recently have brought them to the front, their ideology is toxic to the majority of people, and that will lead to them back to the fringe. There’s no real future, especially as more and more people learn that “alt-right” is largely a synonym for white supremacists and neo-Nazis. The new branding will not change the outcome.

I expect they’ll remain a nuisance online. But any sort of intellectual or cultural influence? Extremely unlikely.

This fellow seems to feel that the Alt Right will become a collapsing star and black hole of hatred and nihilism after burning so bright after a brief flash in the spotlight and the camera clicks. I am not so sure about that. How many Alt Righters will say, “Whoa, this movement is neo-Nazi! I never knew that. I’m out of here!” About zero. Everyone involved in this movement knows exactly what it is all about and none of them are taking off. I assume that there are quite a few newbies out there who would love to sign up. They ain’t going away anytime soon I am afraid.


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Is Alt-Left an Operative Concept in US Politics in a Similar Sense of Alt-Right?

My Quora answer.

There is indeed an Alt Left movement but as John Doe alludes to below, it is quite small. In fact, it is much smaller than the Alt Right. The Alt Left could possibly be seen as “the left wing of the Alt Right.” The original Alt Leftists were Leftists and progressives on the Alt Right who felt very uncomfortable and out of place there for many reasons, mostly because in many ways, these people are Leftwingers, despite their presence on the Alt Right. They finally broke away from the Alt Right and formed an Alt Left.

The Alt Left has been described in many ways. “It’s the Alt Right, except they like Mao more than they like Hitler,” is not a bad description. Other descriptions are the place where Pat Buchanan meets Ralph Nader, the place where Mussolini was when he abandoned Marxism and before he adopted fascism. The Alt Left is where the Left and Right meet at the bottom of the circle if you envision politics as circular instead of linear.

Most Alt Lefties supported Bernie Sanders, but Sanders would probably not like the Alt Left much. Now most of them will vote for Hillary even though they hate her. A few are voting for Trump.

The Alt Left has all sorts of wings but some commonalities seem to be a negative view of the Cultural Left ranging from annoyance to contempt alongside explicitly leftwing economics. So they are Left on economics, but somewhat Right on culture.

Really though the Alt Left is to the right of the Cultural Left who they think has gone too far but they are to the left of the Social Conservatives who they think are crazy. A good way to look at them might be to think of the Left as it was from WW2 until the 1960’s Counterculture – the Old Left. They are conservative Leftists, sort of like how a lot of the Communist countries used to be.

Here are two posts, one a post and one a site, from some of the earliest Alt Leftists. The first is a manifesto and the second is one of the biggest Alt Left websites. There are also some Alt Left groups on Facebook now.

Dealbreakers: What the Alternative Left Is Not


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Is the Alt-Right Fascist?

My Quora answer. Oh Hell yeah a lot of them are fascist! The non-fash wings would be the Manosphere and the HBD folks, but one thing that was loud and clear to me after years on the Alt Right is how fash these guys are. I kept telling myself it wasn’t true because I didn’t want to believe it, but at some point, I could no longer lie to myself about it. The fascism reaches out of the screen and punches you right in the face, that’s how bold and up front it is. Anybody who denies the fascism on this scene is going damage control or out and out lying.

Most of the real hardcore wings of the Alt Right are absolutely fascist and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The movement as a whole is fascist as Hell. How do I know this? I have spent years observing the scene, though I am not an Alt Rightist.

However, the moderate wings of the Alt Right like American Renaissance and especially Breitbart are not particularly fascist, or maybe they are fascist in sort of a “Donald Trump fascist” sort of way, if you think Trump is a fascist.

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Will the Term Alt-Right Catch On?

My answer on Quora. This Alt Right thing is not going away. If anything, it will only get stronger, but it will also form new wings. There will probably also be efforts by some of the (((usual parties))) to splinter the movement and take it in some much more moderate directions.

Brietbart is run by a gay named (((Milo))). That’s not very Alt Right. Another site is called Rebel Media and it is out of Canada. It is also run by a fellow named (((Ezra Levant))) and one of its leading stars is a stunning young Danish blond named (((Lauren Southern))) who is not quite completely Aryan. This is the channel where Gavin McGuiness is making his big name. It bills itself as the Alt Right without the racism and anti-Semitism. Problem is you take the racism and anti-Semitism out of the Alt Right and what’s left?

(((These people))) will try to grab hold of the Alt Right and change in directions that are at the very least not so dangerous to their own kind. in other words, (((these folks))) are trying to grab the Alt Right to splinter it off and take out a lot of the anti-Semitism. That’s the project. But the Jews always do this sort of thing. There’s nothing new here.

It’s catching on big time. Do a web search on it. The cat’s out of the bag now. They have been trying to keep this thing out of the news but the world caught on. Now that people are talking about it, the term will not go away. In fact, more and more people will learn about it and you will hear it discussed more and more. The Alt Right is a very real thing and folks ought to be learn about it as it is a frightening movement.


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Has the Alt-Right Taken Over the Republican Party?

My answer on Quora. There were another two nice answers after mine.

If you consider the Breitbart wing of the Alt Right to be the Alt Right then yes, the Breitbart Alt Right is the Republican Party, or at least the Trump campaign. Keep in mind though that the Breitbart wing is on the far moderate end of the Alt Right and as you start getting away from that wing, you start getting into some very nasty stuff.

The Breitbart wing is the Trump campaign. The Trump campaign is the Breitbart people. But really Breitbart is not a whole lot different from World Net Daily (especially) and Free Republic. Really there is almost no difference between WND and Breitbart. The Republican Party has been going nuts for some time now.

But as far as the real ugly stuff to the right of WND and Breitbart, I do not think that this thinking has taken over Trump’s campaign much less the Party.

No. The Republicans this year have been taken over by various people angry at loss of the middle class, job loss to overseas, and people in the Dem party caring only about immigrants and the “disadvantaged.” Which is largely not middle America.

They KNOW Trump is nuts. They are too angry to care.

This is a superb answer that explains the Trump phenomenon excellently. I could not have summed it up better. This really is what is going on. Exactly.

The Alt-Right component of the GOP has certainly been given its head during this cycle. It’s what has propelled Trump into his current status as nominee. As the years have gone by and moderates have trickled out of the party, the remaining Alt-Right membership has gotten more prominent by default. The party leadership is obviously of two minds about it. On one hand, they’re grateful at this point for votes, any votes, because the old stalwarts of the evangelical right have been less reliable of late. But the Alt-Righters are an embarrassment and give moderates and swing voters even more reasons to run away.

The Alt-Right has also gained more prominence due to the decline of party influence in Congress, which at one time could exert downward pressure on members who were too far outside the mainstream. No longer. Trump isn’t an outlier in the party anymore; he’s just the logical extension of the warfare within the GOP that’s been whittling away moderates for many years. The Alt-Righters have always been there; it’s just that now they’re about all that’s left of the Republican energy. There are plenty of GOP’ers who aren’t in the Alt-Right camp, but they’re being sidelined so as to give The Donald a clear run. It’s anybody guess what they’ll do from here.

Another absolutely fantastic answer. The part about the evangelicals not being as reliable anymore is great. The evangelicals were not really with Trump. That’s a misconception. They were with Cruz and Rubio. Also the rural US was not with Trump either. That is another huge misconception – that it’s rural hicks like TRASH talks about that are the Trump base. The rural areas went for Rubio and Cruz. It is mostly exurbs in the Northeast and Rust Belt that gave Trump his votes. He also won the big cities in the same region. He carried entire states in the Rust Belt. That’s where Trump’s real power is coming from.

Trump has pretty much traded in the evangelicals for this new Alt-Right type base. The Republican Party obviously created this whole Trump phenomenon with their decades of dog-whistling. But these people are arrogant and they thought that they could just dog-whistle away and get votes and never really have to pay the piper or cash in the chips at the end. The used the Religious Right in the same way. These elites just wanted their votes. They never intended to actually put in this Christian Dominionist clerical rule that the Christo-fash want. They thought they could just cynically use these people and run on their issues without ever having to implement any of these Christian Right projects because the people who run the party never supported the hard Christian Right projects. They are just rich men who mostly want their daughters, wives or sisters to be able to access abortion.

They used the anti-illegal immigrant crowd in the same way. These elites ranted and raved about illegal immigration, but they never intended to do anything about it.

At this point, the Trump genie is out of control. They created this monster by their arrogance and cynicism and now they have no idea what to do with it.


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Do Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Sympathize with Some Alt-Left Ideas?

My answer on Quora. Bottom line is that I do not think Bernie would like us and I doubt if many of his supporters would either. They would probably call us the usual names. However, many Alt Leftists did support Sanders in the campaign. Sanders was probably the favorite candidate of the Alt Leftists. I do know some Alt Leftists who are supporting Trump, but those are the more White Identity oriented ones. Most on the Alt Left dislike Hillary. She is more or less the opposite of what we stand for.

Dealbreakers: What the Alternative Left Is Not

That is pretty much what the Alt-Left is. A lot of Alt Left types are for Bernie, but some others are for Trump. I would say that most were for Bernie. Now that Bernie is out, most will vote for Hillary, but most Alt-Left types despise Hillary who they call Hitlery.

I would say though that in general your average Sanders supporter would not think too much of the Alt Left as it is currently. The Alt Left is very small but so far, it is gotten only contempt and ridicule from the rest of the Left. Most of the Left calls Alt Lefties racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic fascists. Others simply think that the Alt Left is an example of how toxic Identity politics really is. Leftypol, often said to be an Alt Left group, despises the Alt Left who they call fascists.

There is indeed a wing of the Alt Left that could well be described as National Socialist. That would be something like “the left wing of the Alt Right.” But that is not most of the movement. Keep in mind that the Alt Left is a multi-tendency Big Tent movement with all sorts of wings. In fact, I have heard them say things like, “Everyone form your own wing.”

One description of the Alt Left was the place where Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan meet. Another description was Mussolini in the time after he abandoned Marxism and before he adopted fascism. Others have said Alt Lefties are conservative Leftists.

If one sees politics as a circle rather than a line, the Alt Left is the place where the Left and Right meet and the bottom of the circle.

However, one thing is quite clear and that is that the Alt Left is very much a leftwing movement. They are not on the Right at all. That is a complete misconception. I remember one Alt Rightist when shown an Alt Left piece said something like, “Ah, that’s just the Left. Nothing new there. Listen to how often they call names like racist, sexist, etc.” A respondent said, “Well, what do you expect? They ARE Leftists, you know.”

This is so true. At the end of the day no matter what you think of them, the Alt Left are Leftists.

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Repost: The Moriori and the Dangers of Pacifism

Repost from the old site. This is a popular post for some time on this site. I like this post a lot, as it shows the sheer folly and suicidal insanity of a philosophy of pure pacifism. At some point, you either wait for the enemy to come out and murder you, or you pick up a weapon so you can at least take some of them out in the process. It’s better than being murdered with your hands in the air. At least fighting back offers a dignified death.

The saga of Moriori is instructive.

The Maori have long been known as ferocious headhunters and cannibals who had one of the cruelest and evillest cultures on Earth. The Moriori seem to be a Maori split dating back to about 1500 or so when they left New Zealand and colonized the Chatham Islands. The Chatham Islands are small, very cold and isolated, and there is not a lot of food other than from the sea.

Moriori legend has it that initially, widespread tribal warfare, headhunting and cannibalism was practiced as the normative cruel Moriori culture. On such a small island, this savagery was disastrous, and soon the population plummeted to near-extinction. A leader arose among the Moriori, Nunuku-whenua, who preached a new doctrine of extreme pacifism, Nunuku’s Law. Nunuku’s Law was strictly adhered to 300 years.

Fighting was allowed between males, but it had to be conducted with each armed with a stick the width of a finger. At the first sign of blood, the duel was called off, and the dispute was considered settled. Homicide, rape and other crimes were reportedly rare to absent among the Moriori for centuries.

In 1835, the Chatham Islands were invaded by Maori warriors, who promptly proceeded to slaughter, cannibalize and enslave the Moriori. When the fighting began, the Moriori gathered for a meeting to decide whether or not to fight the invaders. Many young men argued for fighting back, but the elders decided that Nunuku’s Law could not be violated for any reason. The Moriori ran away and hid and were found and dealt with by the Maori.

From 1835-1862, the population declined from 1,600 to 100. Those not murdered and eaten were enslaved. Moriori slaves were forbidden to marry each other, and Moriori women were forced to marry Maori men. It was a true genocide.  Tommy Solomon, the last pure Moriori, died in 1933.

Tommy Solomon on his yearly visit to Christchurch. He was definitely a big fellow! He married a Maori woman, so his descendants are technically not pure Moriori.


Although popular myth says the Moriori were exterminated by the Maori, several thousand mixed-race Moriori still exist today. The Moriori language is extinct, but efforts are being made to raise it from the dead.

Rightwingers have used this episode to exemplify the folly of pacifism.

The saga of the Moriori gives the lie to the notion that race is destiny, at least among Polynesians.

It is commonly thought that Polynesians selected for extreme aggression on their long sea voyages to colonize distant islands. Food may have run low on these voyages, and the survivors may have killed others and cannibalized them to survive. Perhaps the biggest and strongest were the ones most likely to survive the voyages, and this explains the huge size of Polynesians, probably the largest race on Earth, and possibly their high levels aggression and outrageous cruelty.

In modern Westernized societies, Polynesians characteristically become an Underclass with high crime, violence, gang membership and general pathology. In traditional societies, they often do well.

Whatever Polynesian genes look like, the saga of the Moriori shows that they are not doomed to high crime rates or Underclass pathology.

Genetics is the clay, culture is the sculptor.


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Alt Left in the National News!

Well I am copying this from Rabbit’s fantastic blog. Rabbit of course is one of the pioneers of the Alt Left. Rabbit says his traffic has gone through the roof today apparently with folks searching for Alt Left. I do not think that the Alt Left really got mentioned in the news today. Instead what happened was that Hitlery gave a speech denouncing the Alt-Right and tying Trump to it. Now the national news is all abuzz with “What the Hell is the Alt Right?” stories, which of course will probably give these guys a huge shot in the arm.

So what is happening is that everyone is writing about the Alt Right today and no one is writing about the Alt Left. But that’s ok! In fact, Trump did mention the Alt-Left briefly when he said, “There is no Alt-Right or Alt-Left…we are just spreading love.”

Rabbit sort of has his own little wing or tendency in the movement. I see this as a multi-tendency movement with some general lines to be drawn around the tent that you have to fit into before you can be let in. Rabbit’s wing is much more racially oriented than I am. Rabbit is almost a Left White nationalist, or at least he hobnobs with them a lot. Anyway, he is quite unabashedly pro-White.

Whereas I would like to bring non-Whites into my wing of the Alt Left. My wing would be for anyone who is basically progressive or liberal especially on economics who has been driven up to here with the idiot antics of the Cultural Left Freakshow. So we are sort of the Old Left before all the Identity Politics insanity came in in the 1960’s. I would say though that non-Whites in my wing cannot hate White people. They have to like White people.

If I am against anything, I am against the constant demonization and bashing of Whites. I like Whites. I like my people. I like White culture. I like my culture. We are not bad people. Actually I think we are good people. I also think that White culture is worth saving. Even if White people go out, I would like to see non-Whites carrying on with the best of White culture.

Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left!

W e w lads!

Well, traffic to this site is booming after Hillary’s speech and the subsequent media coverage. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of oblivious idiots have started using the term “altleft” recently without bothering to google it or do any research as to how it emerged. It’s like they just wake up one day and start identifying as something without even checking to see if it already exists. The AltLeft originated with those of us race realists who rejected the anti-white social justice prioritization of the postmodern left and also understand that racial differences are real and acknowledge that multiculturalism transforms society in undesirable ways.

People like Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are not “altleft” because they represent the dominant ethos. They parrot all the same social justice crap about “black lives matter” and promote mass immigration from the third world(which makes social programs, population control and resource conservation that much more unworkable.) Identity politics aren’t going away, and only whites think in terms of “colorblindness.” Other groups(with rare exceptions) simply work in their own ethnic interests unapologetically. Demographics matter for the future. That’s reality, though we don’t all agree on solutions.

So before you go on Twitter and change your twitter bio to “AltLeft” or create another misinformed altleft Facebook group, maybe read a few blog posts/manifestos here and on Robert Lindsay’s blog to get an idea if you really want to be associated with this label.


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