Arab Men as Classic Hypermasculine Heterosexual Men

I am friends with the local Yemeni Arab men at the corner store. These men are aggressively masculine and even sexist in all of the stereotypical ways, so it should be instructive to examine them to see how normative hypermasculinity and homophobia works in general straight male culture.

Now these guys never bring up the subject of male homosexuality, however, which is probably the way it ought to be. Most straight men would probably prefer to talk about such things as little as possible.

These guys are quite sexist, but they also really like to fuck. They love to talk about sex. The father man is my age, and we talk about screwing women all the time. He’s a classic dirty old man, and I get the feeling that that is normal in their society.

And they are extremely macho, but not in an exclusionary way like so many American men. For instance, all of those macho Arab guys accept me completely. The way to get along with those guys is simple: act macho, act masculine. You do it, and they do it back. You have to act like a man. That may be all you need to do to get their acceptance, but I would argue that is it necessary to get their respect. If you don’t act masculine, they will probably not respect you.

You do not actually have to be married to be accepted by Arab men. There are men in Arab society who never marry. As long as they act very masculine, no one is going to care. Some of these are known to not like women very much, but most Arab men will laugh about that, as they are brutally sexist themselves. There’s generally not a suggestion of homosexuality in an unmarried man in that culture.

If you are a single man, you are pretty much ok, but you can become much more ok if they know you screw women. In their culture, single men can’t screw women at all, so if you are a single guy screwing women without marrying them, to them, that is a source of amazement and jealousy. Those guys have seen me with goodlooking women from time to time, and they know that women come stay with me from time to time. They also know that I go stay with women sometimes. Also I have picked up women and phone numbers and dates with them right in front of their yes. And women sometimes come in the store asking the guys if they’ve seen me.

That’s all you need to do! If they know you get laid, you are in like Flynn. And it helps if the women are goodlooking. You don’t even have to get much sex. If you get any at all, they think that is amazing since you are single.

One of the other rules with those Arab guys seems to be: No faggotry. They don’t even discuss it. I’m straight, but I assume that if I started talking about screwing guys or flirting with those guys, they would get pretty upset. That’s something that is simply not done and would be seen as very outrageous.

The rules for getting along  with Arab men are simple:

  1. Act macho, act like a man, be tough and hard as nails.
  2. Marriage is not necessary, but it very much helps to get laid now and again.
  3. No wimpy, pussy, sissy or feminine behaviors: no complaining, no bitching except in a macho way, no admitting you are depressed, no cowardliness, etc.
  4. A sense of humor is very helpful. Arab men love to laugh and take it easy.
  5. No homosexuality period, dammit.


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14 responses to “Arab Men as Classic Hypermasculine Heterosexual Men

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  2. Jason Y

    The Saudis on campus seem to be dickheads. Some actually look at you like your a pussy laughing. Don’t like Saudis too much Nuke the motherfuckers, especially after 9/11.

  3. Jason Y

    The comment “no bitching except in a macho way” is interesting. But to me it’s still bitching. Basically that’s what WNs, male assholes getting back at society for injustice do, they act like a dick to express pain. No, I totally disagree with that.

    So some black kid beats them up as a kid so they grow up and become a total racist douchebag. That’ s not right. I totally disagree with that. Yes, some say it’s a macho way to deal with pain, but I think it’s still wrong.

  4. vid

    I know what Robert is talking about. These muslim men they have a very sexist yet lusty way of thinking. Never date a muslim guy ever.

  5. Jason Y

    If you want to try out and see how un-macho feelings get a reaction the US, then just post some on social media. The fallout will be horrible, especially in Tennessee and other conservative areas.

  6. Jason Y

    Iv’e never liked crying, even at a funeral, though if it’s your dad or something it might be hard not to. One of my brothers cried. The other didn’t at dad’s funeral. But I don’t think nobody gave my one brother a hard time, considering the situation.

    • Jason Y

      Some men cry at church around here, and Iv’e never liked it. I can even tolerate stuff at funeral before crying a church. Some say it’s a sign of God’s touch, but I don’t even think God likes it.

    • Gay State Girl


      Not just a machismo thing. My mom was miss manners. My sisters and I were taught to stifle our emotions in public. I kept a straight face at my grandmother’s funeral, I was too busy thinking about preparations and logistics. I only cried privately after the week of mourning was over.

  7. Tulio

    I’ve heard there’s quite a bit of gay sex on the downlow in the Muslim world.

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