More of My Reddit Enemies


Damn, Reddit must be SJW Central! That place is so shot through with PC and the Cultural Left that I cannot believe it. Needless to say, most people on Reddit despise me.

Here are some idiots on a Reddit called “I Am Very Smart.” Many of these Reddits are set up just for SJW-Reddit smart asses to troll around the Web and look for “idiots” who they can tear apart. Examples: Bad Linguistics, Bad Science, Bad History, I Am Very Smart, Nice Guys. They’re all set up to find people’s prose on the Web and rip it to pieces. Don’t people have anything better to do? I think there is something wrong with smart asses who sit around all day tearing down other people for being ignorant. What’s wrong with being ignorant? We’re all ignorant about some things. So what.

The sort of person who trolls around the web looking for “idiots to tear apart for being ignorant” is what I would call an asshole. It’s someone who spends their whole life tearing other people down for being ignorant. Suffice to say, people like this should not be caught within 1,000 feet of any classroom. If you hate ignorant people, the last thing you should be doing is teaching. I really don’t mind goodhearted ignorant people. So they’re ignorant? So what? Better to be ignorant than to be a mean-spirited piece of shit.

I would like to point out that a lot of their critiques are very poor and shitty. With me in particular they go through my stuff with a fine tooth comb, looking for all manner of petty things to nitpick it to death about. A lot of their critiques of my stuff are not even good critiques. They’re crappy critiques. Nitpicking stuff to death isn’t good criticism. It doesn’t show you’re a good critic. It shows that you’re a smart-ass, that you’re arrogant and that you are a huge asshole.

I do not even think this I Am Very Smart critique of me is all that good. Mostly it’s just lame, assholes being assholes for sheer sadism. I’m an adult, a real grownup, and I graduated from 8th Grade a very long time ago. I don’t see the point in tearing people to pieces just to be a dick or show how smart you are. That’s so 8th Grade.


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14 responses to “More of My Reddit Enemies

  1. Jason Y

    They do it all the time on math and music lesson forums. The bullying on those websites is comical.

    However, though wouldn’t this just be more of the bullying your in favor of, with due respect? Well, if somebody comes say to a music lesson forum and claims to be the king expert, then some people will question the situation. In aother cases, the roam around like sharks waiting for the next stupid thread so they make fun of the OP.

    Of course in other situations, like on math forums, they tear apart slow or struggling students rather than give them encouragement. However, then again they’re tutoring for free, right ???

    • Jason Y

      Note sorry, I realize your not in favor of bullying. Maybe the stuff on various forums I mentioned is “boys being boys”.

      • matt

        Meh. The internet is no place to look for ego stroiking, especially not reddit. The last post there appears to be two years ago, so they’ve gone on to something else. I wouldn’t worry about it. You are at least trying to create something original, they’re just trying to feel better about their own lack of adequacy.

      • That’s not boys being boys. Boys being boys and childhood being tough is about the stuff your FRIENDS put you through. Those people on those fora are not my friends. They’re my enemies. The shit you get from your enemies doesn’t much help you in life. But I support having your friends test you and force you to measure up, which is what boyhood is all about.

    • I’m not a boy anymore. The sort of crap that is going on on those sites is not beneficial to anyone. And I don’t approve of cruel or evil bullying. I just support boys being boys and boyhood being a pretty rough but fun road.

  2. Horatio

    He even wrote “I can’t even”. He wrote that!

    There is something not right about searching the internet, for no other purpose than to find someones blog and bignote yourself by acting live you’ve discovered something for the first time, that you have to bring to everyones attention.

  3. Ed

    Too much of a time sink for me, but this might help:

  4. matt

    If you really want to annoy people like that, go and make some outrageous statement and back it up with the authority of your “near-genius IQ.”

  5. guy from Montréal

    I guess the SJW IQ is not high enough to understand anything you write about IQ Robert, and man those cry babies are so easily offended! fuck em!

    • Another William Playfair Web

      they tend to congregate in Colleges.
      Certainly smarter than the Alt-Reich………………

      They’re more mentally ill than retarded.

      if you are a White who disagrees with them, at all you are a “Jew”. They are intellectually and emotionally children…
      they should be rightly confined to the bowels of the internet.

      • You crack me the fuck up. Even when alt-fighters are not the subject of Roberts angst you throw out another of your jabs. Your exactly the type this post is about. Fucking clown.

        • Gay State Girl

          Well to be fair, Dota tried to divert every comment section into a discussion about India.

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