Football Is Inherently Dangerous

There’s apparently no way whatsoever to make the game safer. They have tried everything at this point, and nothing works. The only way to make the game safer is to not play it in the first place. They are talking mostly about head injuries. No matter how they make the helmets, football players still get head injuries. And those who play it for a long time apparently end up brain damaged, just like boxing. There’s new data on this just starting to come out now.


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16 responses to “Football Is Inherently Dangerous

  1. jeremy wong

    i heard in a game like soccer due to the fact that the players competer for the ball sometimes it is inevitable that players heads collide with each other so according to some research by doctors repeated head clash may cause dementia and parkinson that explains why Gerd Mueller a famous retired soccer players now in his 70s has parkinson disease

  2. Ed

    They are trying to solve the problem with tech when they need rules changes.

  3. Erik Sieven

    that´s why Judo and wrestling are better when you like the fighting, and soccer is better when you like the running.

  4. Jason Y

    Pretty much all sports lead to head crashes. Not sure if American football leads to more them.

    • Hasdrubal

      Boxing would have the most. Among major team sports I would guess US and Canadian football have the highest incidence of brain injuries, even higher than Rugby and Aussie Rules football. I think the helmets are part of this giving a false sense of security.

  5. Jason Y

    Head crashes, war injuries might be the price to be allowed to reproduce. Otherwise, you’ll just get all these wussy bloggers like myself, who just talk about sex all day, but can’t get any, lol I don’t think working out is enough.

    • Jason Y

      If I had made a cocksucker comment like that in a real classroom, that would stir up bullying almost immediately 😆

  6. Jason Y

    We all know Muhammad Ali had parkinsons mainly cause his strategy involved getting the crap beat out of him on purpose to wear out the opponent. However, sometimes I think that’s a type of cheating. So do you think Ali’s a better boxer or not? It’s up for debate, whether or not you agree with his politics or religion.

  7. Lin

    Soccer is not inherently violent but ..
    SoccerMania is a major mental illness considered the time and betting money involved. Why should a single sport draw so much attention?
    (As a hetero), I suggest to replace soccer with the competitive sports:
    1)of enveloping the largest foreign/external objects with one’s body cavities(nostrils included),at least such sporting activity serve some purpose.
    2)of withstanding the highest voltage of the electrified objects(cattle prods)enveloped by different cavities.
    3)Hindu sadhu penis weight lifting;said to be a form of spiritual enlightment..

    • jorge

      Haha, well, bet is not necessary. Is not something typical of football, or not more than in other sports.

      Has much attention simply because is the most popular sport in the planet. It expanded during late 19th century and early 20th century, when United Kingdom was the first world potency and their companies had investments in many places of the world. So, British took football (not soccer, for God’s sake) with them to everywhere. And from there, globalization make the rest in more countries.

      Also, football fans create a whole subculture around football that fascinate many people around the world. So more people start to follow football. Many times, football fans with their chants, flags, fireworks, etc. create an unique atmosphere that don’t exist in other sports (or in a much less level).

  8. Big G

    I quit foot ball while a pre teen. I was a passer and catcher. The coaches would line up children and have them run at full speed and hit helmets head on. I thought it was damaging at the age of twelve .

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