This is out of the incel community, where I first heard the word manlet. They make a big deal out of their theory that being short is deadly for men. I do not know. Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I knew some short guys and one very good short friend, and they all did fantastic with females. Of course they were both very good looking, and two of them were very hot surfers who were for all intents and purposes Alphas

I think this chart is a bit off. According to the chart, I am in the zone where, without a pretty face, I am doomed. However, not one person has ever called me short in my life, and indeed I have had a number of very tall girlfriends, including two who were 5’11 and one who was 6’0. In fact, a recent very good girlfriend who was nuts in love with me was 5’11. So they were all three at least as tall as I am and one was even taller, and none of them seemed to care.

But that chart may not be relevant for my generation. Is it possible that this new young generation is even taller than my generation? Are Americans born in the 1990s’ actually taller than those born in the 1950’s? If so, by how much?

What do you think? Is being short a liability for men these days?

This whole issue is rather sad if it is true, but that poster sure is funny.


Click to enlarge. Humorous meme mashup on short men.


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11 responses to “Manlets

  1. Jason Y

    You also got tall and skinny people which have it worse.

  2. Gay State Girl

    It ain’t easy for a short woman either. You can get laid as much as you want, but no one takes you seriously. People just treat you like a child if you’re a short woman.

    I am 5’2″ and several of the women in my family are in the 4’10”-4’11” range.

  3. Jason Y

    Korean women who are tall cannot get dates cause they make the men feel inferior.

  4. Erik Sieven

    height is one factor among a lot of other factors, and it is no important factor from my experience.
    those incel guys are so sad. While they are often right about what they write, this obsession about those things is wrong.

    • doug

      I read a study once that height is the most important variable in women rating men until 6′ and starts to decrease ratings over 6’2.
      for men rating women it wasn’t nearly as important, but shorter was better down to 5 even.

      • Erik Sieven

        I don´t believe that height is the most important factor up to 6′. Physical strength, fighting ability, health are all much more important I think

    • Jason Y

      It’s always possible to work out. Some are not willing to do that, but will complain or worse force everyone to pay with a school shooting.

  5. Onfr

    Is there a larger version of the image?

  6. Tulio

    Bullshit. They are claiming average height is 6’1″. Just do a search. Average height for an American male is 5’10”. I’d say being 5’8″ to 6′ are the boundaries of “average” height.

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