Racial Types in Georgia

Interesting note here from the comments. I always suspected this about the Georgians, but was never completely sure about it. Hey if people from the Caucasus aren’t White, then nobody is, eh?

Gvanca Amirejibi writes:

This theory about Khazars is totally wrong. Georgians and Jews don’t look alike. Strabo said real Georgians were blond. But here lived many Greeks, Armenians, Iranians, Jews (here lived too many Jews – they returned to Israel only 30-40 years ago.) I as a Georgian am highly insulted that foreigners think that Georgians look like Armenians, Jews and Turkish people. The key why you think so is that here live too many ethnicities, including Azeris, Jews, Turkish and Armenian people.

Pure Georgians are hard to see. They are mixed now. I am a redhead with brown eyes. Almost all my other my family members have blue and green eyes. I had blond grandparents. I am white. Georgians are white. I repeat, it is highly insulting to be labeled Armenian and Turkish. Western Georgia is full of blond and blue-eyed Georgians. Eastern Georgians are more mixed. I have my roots in both western and eastern Georgia.

I think that pure Georgians should marry only pure Georgians. Our gene is in danger because of those people who look like Arabs and Jews. That’s why we are mistaken for Jews. I am disturbed because of that. I am white. Please don’t mistake me for an Armenian, a Jew, a Turk, an Arab, or an Iranian, etc.

P.S Most of those chicks are mixed. Unfortunately because of many wars and immigration in Georgia, Georgians married many Asian people. That’s the trouble of living on the border of Europe and Asia.


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16 responses to “Racial Types in Georgia

  1. Jason Y

    Georgia? Why there ain’t nuthin but porch monkeys in Gawgaa. 😆

  2. “Jews (here lived too many Jews – they returned to Israel only 30-40 years ago.)”

    The Georgian Minister of Defense during short War with Russia in 2008 had Gerogian-Israeli double nationality:


    There was many Jews in the Caucusus region that was the Khazarian Kingdom, all these revolution and hostilities toward Russia in Eastern Europe have a heavy Jewish imprint over them, Putin must be aware but he avoid to blame Jews even if he recognized that the Communist Revolution in Russia was done by a Jews.

    • Jason Y

      The Communist revolution was a case of reaping what you sow. The czarist regime had been asking to get fucked up the ass for at least a century before the revolution.

  3. jorge

    I don’t know how “real” Georgians look/looked, but I think that feel insulted for being confused with other peoples is stupid. At least, I can understand this in case of being confused with some historic enemy of your nation or something like this (like if a Turkish were confused with a Greek, or a Armenian with a Turkish, etc.), but I don’t know how is the case of Georgia and their neighbour countries.

  4. RockT

    People simply don’t know much about places like Georgia, and they don’t care to learn either.

  5. Erik Sieven

    I have never seen a blonde georgian and I have always had huge interest in this little country. Also “white” means not blonde…

  6. lysingur

    Stalin wasn’t blonde and neither was his immediate family, what gives?

  7. Raja Hindustani

    There were blonds there in the past like Cumans and Alani . I am not sure if they are related to todays Georgians but super blond peoples did exist in these areas in the past

    In East Slavic languages and Polish, they are known as the Polovtsy, derived from the Slavic root *polvъ “pale; light yellow; blonde”.[24][25]:43 Polovtsy or Polovec is often said to be derived from the Old East Slavic polovŭ (половъ) “yellow; pale” by the Russians – all meaning “blond”.[25]

    The word Kipchak is said to be derived from the Iranian words kip “red; blonde” and cak/chak “Scythian”.[30] This confederation and their living together may have made it difficult for historians to write exclusively about either nation.

    The Armenian historian, Matthew of Edessa, also mentioned the Cumans, by the name χartešk (khartes, meaning blond, pale, fair).[40]:173[41]

    The fourth-century Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus wrote that the Alans were tall, and blond:

    Nearly all the Alani are men of great stature and beauty; their hair is somewhat yellow, their eyes are terribly fierce.

    There are claims that Alanis were related to today’s Ossetians. But Ossetians are not as blond as the Romans described the Alani. So it is possible that many populations in the past were blond in the past but being close to the Middle East, were mixed with Middle Easterners.

  8. AngryRussian

    Dear Robert, you are too trustful. You meet a first Georgian and at once believe his nonsense. “True Georgians have fair hairs and pale skin” is a fantasy fairy-tale of those Georgians who are very preoccupied with Nordicism (and usually with Georgian ethno-nationalism and EU/USA favouritism) and are trying to look more “European” and “Aryan” than they are. I heard that nonsense from them many times. You will hear such fairy-tales from many MENA people from Morocco to India (and particularly from Azeris and Armenians, even if this Georgian guy says the opposite). I bet there somewhere are Mongolians or Chinese who may say such a nonsense (and I heard this for sure from Kazakhs and Kyrgyzes). I bet there even may be some crazy Black Africans or Papuas who might say this! There are no limits of people’s stupidity.
    This Nordicism makes people stupid. Why do people believe that fair hairs and pale skin are such a supreme advantage? Especially the nations who are not at all fair-haired and pale-skinned. It is just a genetic mutation of Northern Europeans, nothing else. If Northern Europeans happen to be one of the smartest people on Earth, that is not because of their hair colour, but rather of something else. And being (allegedly) as pale as some Europeans does not make your nation “better” or “advanced”, face it. In fact, all people of the Caucasus are quite swarthy people. They obviously are not as dark as Africans or Indians, but surely they are on the darker half of the spectrum, the Caucasus is a populational continuation of the Middle East, the people of the Caucasus are very related to the people of the Middle East even if the former might deny this fact. There are many anthropological researches that say Georgians and their neighbours are quite dark people. This is a fact. Contrary to that guy, true Georgians look more like dark Mediterraneans, but pale or red-haired Georgians are exceptions due to a high level of interbreeding among them and unexpected mutations are widespread there. If this Georgian guy is so eager to be “European” as much as possible he might be relieved because Italians or Greeks look the same, and one hardly can make the visual difference between them.

    Do not understand me wrong. I do not deny that Georgians are “White”. The very legal definition of “Whiteness” in the USA includes all the MENA people, and even Indians (there has been a legal controversy about this, as an American you must know it). The very racial term “Caucasian” by itself includes Georgians! What more proof is needed?

    But it does not mean either that a Georgian (“true” or not) and a Swede look similar. It is just not true! Take the two most known Georgians, Saakashvili and Stalin (Dzhugashvili). Could you take them erroneously for Italians/Arabs/Kurds/etc. or for Swedes/Dutch/Finns/etc.?

    And this Kurdish general is a Stalin double!

  9. AngryRussian

    Here is a collection of citations from anthropological works about the racial type to which Georgians and all other South Caucasic people belong. It is usually called Armeniod or Near Eastern. It is in Russian, but you may use Google. It is really strange that Americans are so anxious about race but you can hardly find a post-WWII work in English about a truly scientific classification and description of races, so you must rely upon the works of Soviet/Russian anthropologists.

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