If You’re Mostly White, You’re White

Steve Gutierrez writes:

Just confirmed. My DNA test came back indicating I’m 20% Indian. That makes me truly of Mexican heritage and Mestizo which is that vast majority of Mexico. Embrace this completely.

Ok fine, but 20% Indian means you are 80% White. To me, this commenter is just a White man. If you’re mostly White, you’re White! But if he wants to think of himself as mestizo, that is ok too.


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15 responses to “If You’re Mostly White, You’re White

  1. Ultra Cool

    I’m probably 15-20% Indian and Black and I think of myself as White with some non-White ancestry, only nazis and dumbasses demand purity.

  2. That’s mighty White of you to feel that way my friend. White is right.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Are trans- YTs a thing?
      Will the Alt-Left accept them if they are?

      • Another William Playfair Web

        Not that I am.
        I’m White to begin with.

      • I do not know if transwhites are a thing, but I know that transniggers are. I am a transnigger myself. What do you think of transniggers. I guess to WN’s we are the ultimate White cucks.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I was thinking Allen West,
          member of a White Supremacist sympathizing biker gang.

          Clarence Thomas- betrayed by Black people at the biggest moment of their life- tries to cut back the Civil rights act anyway possible……

          you seen Django?

          The Boondocks?

          last but not least;

        • Another William Playfair Web

          his life, I meant.

        • Ultra Cool

          Was that not what Michael Jackson was LOL

  3. jorge

    To me is like this. If you are mostly white, you are white. If you are mostly black, you are black. If you are mostly Mongoloid, you are Mongoloid. If you are mostly Amerindian, you are Amerindian. If you are mostly Australoid, you are Australoid.

  4. RockT

    I think some famous WN, who coined the whole 14/88 thing, once said that white you are if you “look white, act white, fight white.”

  5. Waltem

    If you’re mostly Caucasoid and light skinned then you’re White.

    So Ashkenazi Jews are surely White.

  6. AngryRussian

    I wonder how one can get a test which would show that he is %% of something. Have there been already large scale researches that map out not only the haplogroup distribution but the entire genotypes of hundreds or at least dozens of ethnic groups? I bet this guy just got a Y-DNA haplogroup test, but in this case he cannot be %% of something. If he’s got, say, the Q haplogroup (the one that is widespread among the Amerindians), then he is a 100% bearer of that Q gene, just that, or rather all his paternal male ancestors have had that gene as well (his maternal ancestors have been most surely ignored). But he indeed may look and be classified as “White” even if his paternal grandad 500 years ago was a pure Amerindian. And vice versa, of course. The haplogroups in fact hardly say anything about a person, people today are too over-concerned with this.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      there are autosomal DNA tests which examine the whole genome.

      • AngryRussian

        But have there been massive genetic researches of the whole world population, so you can compare yourself against some sort of a world genetic data base? I strongly doubt it. You cannot say you have %% of Amerindian genes if you do not know what Amerindian genes are. I strongly doubt that there are THE Amerindian genes as Amerinds are very heterogeneous.

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