ISIS: Made in America


I have probably read hundreds of pages on this matter recently, and I still do not know what to make of it. I think this whole “War on ISIS:” is fake.

ISIS is armed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. The US shovels weapons to those three countries and then they give them to ISIS. ISIS is also supported by the UAE. The weapons are stockpiled in Turkey and then driven across the border to ISIS. Also I believe a lot of weapons are shipped to ISIS via Jordan.

The US knows full well that its own allies are supplying ISIS with weapons and that its ally Turkey is the main stockpile for the weapons. It knows that Turkey ships the weapons and supplies across the border to ISIS. Erdogan’s brother was the man running the ISIS oil smuggling out of Eastern Syria. The oil was smuggled out of East Syria to Turkey where it was then shipped to Israel. The Turkish government was neck deep in this. Erdogan’s sister was running a hospital that took care of wounded ISIS fighters.

If the US is fighting a war against ISIS, then why isn’t it stopping Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Turkey from supplying ISIS? Why aren’t we bombing the ISIS training camps and supply depots in Turkey. Last November, a German photojournalist shot video of a column of 100 trucks heading over the Turkish border carrying men, supplies, weapons, etc. going directly into ISIS territory.

Conclusion? We are not even fighting a war on ISIS at all! If we are, why are we not targeting their supply chain? The whole war against them is fake.

We must be keeping ISIS around for some reason. Probably we are keeping them around as a noose around the neck of Assad. ISIS is a great way to bleed Assad on the battlefield and threaten his regime. At the same time, if you hit Syria, you also hit Iran and Hezbollah. Iran and Hezbollah are also getting bloodied on the battlefield in Syria. So ISIS is a great way to bloody, weaken and threaten Assad and to bloody and weaken Hezbollah while possibly threatening them in the future (Al Nusra is already fighting battles with the Lebanese military and Hezbollah in Northern Lebanon.) ISIS is also useful to bleed and weaken Iran and its allies like the Yemeni Houthis.


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4 responses to “ISIS: Made in America

  1. Tulio

    I’m far from an expert on internal Syrian conflict, but it may be difficult to distinguish who is ISIS from who are rebels. There are many factions that don’t get along with each other. Some rebels are fighting ISIS and Assad. Assad fighting ISIS and the rebels. It’s a messy situation. What I can’t understand is why we are hellbent on bringing down Assad. Our government has never made a case to the people why we should want him deposed or why he’s a threat to America.

  2. Rowlii

    Nice post.

    Do you think that ISIS is usefull for Israel ?

  3. Raja Hindustani

    Check out Assad

    He seems like a decent sensible guy.

    unlike this scum

    Translated in English
    .. It wasn’t just the status quo politics. We have always been treated this way by certain artists, media organizations, NGOs. You know that saying of theirs “can-headed belly scratchers”, this view is not limited to today, they’ve seen us, the people of this country this way for decades. (This elitist saying is often used by nationalists to depict “unwashed lower classes” and often Kurds) According to them we don’t know anything about politics. According to them we don’t know anything about art, theater, cinema, paintings, poetry. According to them we don’t know anything about aesthetics, architecture. According to them, we are an uneducated, ignorant, lower-class mob that needs to make do with what they are given, in other words, a black mob. Believe me, they have always seen it this way. And today, they still view us with the same gaze, same eyes, same mentality.

    Calling someone an Armenian is an insult according to this racist pig.

    who is also very comedic

    It seems he put some bird feed on his head which led to a greedy bird landing on his head to feed. This according to the Turks is seen as an omen that he will be the new great Caliph.
    Turkey seems like a whiter and smaller version of India.
    Why does the USA and Britain always (ALWAYS) support scum over sensible guys is beyond me.

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