When a Psychopath Enters Your Life…

She’s in Parties writes about the difficulty of diagnosing psychopaths:

You don’t notice them until the damage has been done.

I am afraid that’s about it.

Over and over again, reading stories of those who have seen the damage of the psychopath up close and personal, you see a tale that looks something like this:

A psychopath is like this charming tornado that doesn’t even seem like a tornado that worms its way into your life, whirls you around and about in what you think is a dance but is really a shakedown and a beating and then quickly whirls away, never to be seen again.

You are left dazed and surrounded by destruction, and it finally occurs to you that a massive tornado just hit you, but it somehow hit so fast or sneakily that you did not even realize it until after it was gone. You are standing there, dazed amidst the ruins, wondering what hit you. You look outside at the shadow of the human Trickster/Twister worming and shapeshifting its way towards the horizon.

“What the Hell was that?” you wonder.


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4 responses to “When a Psychopath Enters Your Life…

  1. Jason Y

    Psychos can be a problem in sexual relationships,in school, in your family, or on the job. In those situations it can be difficult to get away from them.

  2. Sam

    “The Psychopath Code” by Pieter Hintjens. An extremely good reference to identify psychopaths and what to do about them. A free copy at,


  3. markus

    I have experienced this first hand with someone I thought was a friend, and it has cost me. I kicked this person out of my life before any more damage can be done.

    This is something I do not advertise often, but I am on the Autism spectrum. If people with perspicacious social skills fall into their traps, then someone like me (who is simply awful at reading others) is like a free all-you-can eat buffet for a psychopath. I’ve become distrustful of glib, charming types for this reason.

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