Nice Theory: Latitude As Cultural Creator and Differentiator

This is a superb comment that I just received. I crap talk Indians a lot on here, but one thing is clear and that is that there are many very, very smart Indians. This is of course inevitable given the size of their population, but if Brahmins are 5% of the population and are an inbred and preserved high-IQ group (which I think they are), then there may be even more bright Indians than I thought. Even if only 1% of Indians have IQ’s of 120-125+, that still leaves us with 13 million high IQ Indians. That’s the size of a number of well-known European countries!

In addition, there are ~65 million Brahmins, and it might be interesting to see what their average IQ is. At any rate, very smart Indians are not rare at all, and I have run into quite a few of them.

I also think that the genetic potential IQ of the Indian population is a lot higher than its phenotypical result which is driven down by disease, poverty, extreme malnutrition, atrocious schooling, contempt for education, widespread popularization of anti-scientific belief systems, etc.

An Indian population brought up in the West may be able to reach an IQ of ~90. I say this because British Pakistanis have 90 IQ’s, and they are from one of the most backwards groups of Pakistanis. Pakistanis have an IQ of 82 in Pakistan, so British Pakistanis got an 8 point Flynn gain merely by being brought up in the West.

This Indian man is proposing a couple of theories regarding latitude as progenitor and conveyor of culture and intelligence levels and types by comparing Northeast Asians and Europeans in one group with South Asians and Middle Easterners in another. He includes factors such as weather, agricultural development, levels of immigration, and monocultural versus multicultural societies. He even imagines to toss in Putnam’s low-trust theory of multicultural societies.

Nice work!

And I actually think he is onto something here.

Raja Hindustani writes: I am Indian, & I have lived in England for 8 years before returning, and I always felt we Indians were much more cunning and better at manipulation than the native English, but the English seemed much more logical in their thought patterns. My personal theory has been that Northern Europeans (and maybe North East Asians) historically lived in a place which was cold with variable climate that in addition  was more or less homogeneous with similar peoples in Northern Eurasia.

Thus they had the following conditions in the ancient past with the following results in the present times:

  1. They had to compete primarily with nature instead of against other humans. Population density was lower in the ancient past, as they lived in a harsh environment that had a cold climate region with variable weather. Thus their brains were geared for planning, abstract thinking and the creation of better tools.
  2. They had to cooperate with strangers to survive at critical moments, and since genetically people were very similar with similar average natures, they cooperated with and trusted strangers a lot more. In places like Middle East and Indian subcontinent, since agriculture developed faster here due to favorable conditions of climate, populations grew faster, and this resulted in densely populated cities, a feature which reached Northern Europe much later, maybe just during Roman/Greek times. Besides, peoples from various races intermingled, as the location of this region is central in location. African-type peoples intermingled with Caucasians and even East Asians. India had Black Australoids, invading Caucasoids from West central Asia and Mongoloids from the East, for example.


  1. Humans in the South had to compete primarily with other human beings. Thus human cognition had to develop more towards cunning, swindling, cheating, arguing, survivalism, clannishness, etc. rather than developing those cognitive skills dealing with making better tools to survive against the hardships of nature.
  2. Having experienced multiculturalism and multiracialism earlier, we were enriched with low-trust natures. Supporting our clan/caste at all times while ignoring universal morality at the expense of the other was of utmost importance.

I believe the huge gains made in Ancient India in the knowledge of the Mind (meditation, complicated concepts common in the sermons of Hindu gurus) were a side effect of our cognitive abilities being channeled more towards reading other human beings and finding ways to manipulate them.

Chanakya, a cunning philosopher in ancient India, was considered a hero in Ancient Hindu India, which would never have been possible in a Protestant European country.

This is exactly why I find it strange that Whites are considered the most racist people. I think they were novices. We are far more racist, but our methods are more subtle, and we have more experience with of it than the crude attempts made by White people. But on the other hand, we were bad at inventing better tools. We did not even invent the wheelbarrow or a mere candle.

However, I have always found Europeans like the Greeks more akin to us Asians (Asians as in Middle East/ Indian subcontinent, not East Asia) than Europeans from the North, just like I feel Somalis are more like us Asians than Africans from the South.


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  1. Jason Y

    A lot of US professors are East Indians. How about East Indian gas station and hotel owners in the US? What is their IQ generally?

    • Jason Y

      A lot of medical doctors are Indians also. Seems like many are into psychiatry.

    • SHI

      It’s a caste thing. East Indian gas station and motel owners in the US originate from the “bania” (merchant) caste of Hindu Indians, for instance, the Patels of Gujarat, the Marwari Aggarwals, or the Sindhi merchant families. Some are Muslims and Sikhs.

      These people run gas stations, restaurants and convenience stores in India. So they know how to run gas stations, restaurants and convenience stores in the US, Doing what comes naturally to them because business is in their “blood” that’s what they proudly claim. The merchant caste of Indians have the experience of running stores and restaurants for at least 30 generations and no matter what country they travel to next, they WILL take to shop-keeping like fish to water.

      The key to their success is JOINT FAMILIES. Usually a band of brothers or even cousins or even several people belonging to the same “caste” will pool resources together. This allows them the UPFRONT CAPITAL needed to start a motel or a large business. These people happen to be vegetarians so will abstain from meat-eating, alcohol and any other excesses. They have a strong family ethic and will while pretending to be your best friend, if you’re not part of the “extended family”, will always treat you as an outsider. You don’t want to marry into them anyway. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to live as frugally as they do. Since they chase money all their lives, they become successful eventually but do not have the time, temperament or desire for intellectual development, adventurism or having any real hobbies. Some of them are into philanthrophy though which is a positive good they make with the money they earn. Their habits are so different from ours that it is impossible to compete with them on their turf. These people might drive a sleek BMW convertible but will still eat humble vegetarian food and not spend a dime extra than necessary. With their millions, you’ll never see them go on a shopping binge or splurge a little extra from time to time. In fact, splurging is FROWNED on in their family environments.

      To be honest with you. I find these people DISGUSTING. They have no meaning and purpose in life other than making money. While I admire genuine entrepreneurs and can see the advantage of living a humble life not doing drugs, alcohol and spending money on women, I wouldn’t trade places with these SoBs. I live among them all the time but can hardly see them as friends.

      There is another stream of Indians in the US who are extremely successful. But they happen to be academics, researchers and people belonging to other high IQ professions. These are mostly a different caste and they value education over money in their families.

      • Jason Y

        Gosh I wish my family wasn’t such assholes and cowards and would pull together some capital. I think the problem lies in the fact we are mostly accustomed to military jobs etc.. not owning a business.

      • Jason Y

        Making money does make sense though, cause you can’t survive or do anything fun without it. Would these Brahmins and merchant class Indians really be fools for wanting money so much?

        • SHI

          The point is they spend their whole lives hoarding wealth, but don’t really enjoy their money the way the rest of us know it. While plenty of Western businessmen live frugally as well, that’s nothing in comparison to these people. Even the Chinese, known for their cheapness, will not stoop to the level of curry motherfuckers.

        • AB

          As a Brahmin, I can assure you we don’t care about money that much. One of our ancient practices (which isn’t followed anymore as you can imagine) is to give away our wealth every 5 years and start over.

          Our pursuits are mostly intellectual and spiritual. I think it’s rubbed into our culture. Samples from my family – my uncle spends his time learning Quantum Mechanics (even I think that’s a crazy hobby), I spend my time with my piano, history and computers (for work), my dad is a businessman who likes to experiment with automobile prototypes, while my mom is traditional and spends her time cooking and with her scriptures. We’re well off but in a middle-class sense.

          I can’t really understand my northern Marwari (merchant) friends or my southern Mudhaliar/Chettiar (traditionally landowners) friends – who’re more clannish and obsessed with money and success. Many Brahmins are money minded, esp. overseas, but that’s because of our materialistic culture.

      • Ksytria.Khalsa

        They are doing their Dharam of amassing wealth & contributing it to their society; similar to what other Varan do.

        Are you just jealous? They live their lives in peace & with stability, while the westerners spend life well into their 30s or 40s, figuring out ‘what they are’ then having Down Syndrome Babies.

        Don’t mean to be abrasaive but the massive hatred of Indians for being successful, while at the same time being supposedly inferior for darker skin gets annoying,

  2. SHI

    The above poster isn’t the first one to advance the “latitude” theory which while applicable in the case of Europe and West Asia, simply does not hold true in the case of India, North America, South America and many other countries. I’m not sure about China though which is an interesting case that needs to be examined separately. Northern and Southern Chinese are very different people.

    EUROPE: There is some truth in the statement that Northern Europeans viz. Dutch, Danes, Germans, Polish and French may be less prone to “cunning, swindling, cheating, arguing, survivalism, or clannish” behavior compared to their Southern European counterparts viz. Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese. But this is really in reference to Europe only. Having been to Spain and Italy, I would say the locals over there are much less “crooked and cunning” compared to say, Arabs, Nigerians, South Asians and especially, Indians. The latitude comparison does not hold water because the latitudes of many places in Afghanistan and Pakistan are similar to southern Spain, Italy and Greece.

    While the greasy Wop in Naples can deceitfully add 2 Euros extra to your bill in the name of “service charges” when he returns your folded laundry, and pretend not to understand English as you argue with him, that is really the extent to his crookedness.

    There are a few scams here and there in Spain, mostly due to a depressing economy but most Spaniards are good, honest people. If you’re extra vigilant and keep your mouth shut while dealing with them, there are chances you will not be ripped off.

    INDIA: The latitude theory simply does not hold true in the case of India. Most of India’s cheats, dishonest shopkeepers and liars live north of 22 degree latitude. The problem is acute in the far north, in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and even Jammu and Kashmir. These places are full of corrupt people, crooked, liars and first-rate cheats. You’ll have to play “spot the honest man” in the crowd. While Northern Indians are friendly and nice to you, cheating is their second nature.

    Ask any tourist in New Delhi railway station. It’s the ground zero for scumbags, thieves and frauds from all over India. The police is corrupt beyond measure and no stigma is attached to being a dishonest crook. They are celebrated in local music and cultural references to dacoits, goons and thugs is rife in Northern India.

    Many places in Northern India are at a latitude 30 degrees and above. Parts of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh are above 32 degrees northern latitude, similar to many places in the US and West Asia. The corruption levels are extremely high.

    The most decent Indians happen to be living in and around the Western coast – between latitudes 16’N and 22’N to be precise which is way down South. Cheating is strongly FROWNED on in this region.

    But really there is a lot of cheating and fraud in southern India, in the states of Kerala, AP, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, sometimes reaching the levels of Northern India. So maybe, there is some relevance to the latitude problem.

    USA: The latitude theory simply does not hold true for new nations like the US. There’s no sense in making a statement that someone from Florida or Texas is more likely to be a fraud or a liar compared to someone from New Hampshire or Illinois.

    AUSTRALIA: All Australians are drunks. But the impact of latitude on people’s ethical behavior does not hold true.

    SOUTH-EAST ASIA: A lot of south-east Asians are lying, cheating scum. That’s because they live close to the equator, maybe. They will always overcharge you or take advantage of you because you’re a foreigner. I have been to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and speak from experience. You simply cannot take South-East Asians on their word.

    • Raja Hindustani

      Among East Asians, the Japanese are considered to be very honest and this has been true from the times when Europeans were exploring the world in their ships. They considered the Chinese to be sly unlike the Japanese. Koreans fall in between Japanese and Chinese in morality and Southern Chinese and Vietnamese in between Northern Chinese and proper South East Asia but I may be wrong on the last one.

      • Raja Hindustani

        I would say Japan may be analogous to North Western Europe (mostly Germanics and Celts), Korea and Northern China to Eastern Europe (mostly Slavs), Southern China & Vietnam to Mediteranean Europe/ Turkey/ Iran. South East Asians like the Indonesians are the Arab-Somali of the Far East and Papua New Guinea its sub saharan Africa. I would not say it is a perfect fit but somewhat true.

    • Raja Hindustani

      As far as Indians/ South Asians are concerned, in my experience cheating is a bit low in maharastra and karnataka but now by that much. Most Marathis are quite cunning cheating types too but compared to Bihar and Utter Pradesh, they are angels. Tamils and Malayalees (South Indians from tamil nadu and kerala states respectively) are also quite shady in general. However in my experience, Sikhs are a bit better, Sinhalese in Sri lanka are a bit good too (goes against latitude theory here as they are the souhernmost people of the Indians subcontinent maybe Buddhism played a part in this, who knows) but the truly honest people in South Asia are people from places near Tibet border like people from the North East India and especially Sikkimese (Indian Sikkim state), Bhutanese (nation of Bhutan), Ladhakis (from Ladakh which is Eastern Kashmir) and to a slightly less extent Nepalis especially the Pahari Neplais i.e. Neplis living in the mountains near the Tibet/ China border. Also mountain people tend to be better than densely populated plains people, like the pahari people of mountanous Utterkhand/ Himachal state vs plains people living in places like Lucknow. The worst in my experience tend to be Biharis, Bhaiyas (from bihar and utter pradesh state respectively) as well as Marwaris/ Gujratis/ Sindhis. Biharis tend to be the most goon, thuggish type of scammers and the Gujrathis are the classic smooth clannish business men scammers. Pakistanis are extremely bad too having seen pakistanis mercilessly scam fellow Pakistanis in the UK. Bangladeshis tend to be worse than Indian Bengalis who are quite bad but not the worst. But of course it goes without saying I know of individual Biharis/ Marwais/ Pakistanis/ Bangladeshis who are quite honest. I used to sometimes wonder how my honest decent Bihari freinds survive living in Bihar before they moved out.

    • Jason Y

      I seriously doubt dishonesty in tropical nations are due to climate. It’s due to the fact it’s third world.

      I’d say at one time probably white people in Appalachia, temperate climate, would rip people off due to poverty. Actually, today they probably rip people off if they’re into drugs etc.. Also slavs probably rip people off in thier temperate climate area.

      • As far as Tropical nations go, as what I read about in Africa, dishonesty was a common trait.

        Granted, it wasn’t monolith but a common trait nonetheless. Granted in one case it was described as a defense towards getting your possessions stolen, for if you were to be honest in what you had it would likely be taken.

        Still, it was used for other purposes such as acquiring status based on wealth or trade. This likely stemmed from their areas being often rich in attainable resources, thus any means of attaining them would be necessary.

        Of course this isn’t to mean as a rule only Tropical populations do this, but rather Tropical latitude as an explanation behind frequency of a characteristic.

        • Jason Y

          Mostly dishonesty would be become more common as the influence of western culture becomes more apparent. Rural areas are generally full of more honest and nicer people. Unless of course, your dealing with drug addicts or something.

        • Jm8

          Part of it is in group/out group-related morality—depending on how the group is conceived by its members; its criteria, who belongs, etc (i.e. clannishness; one might be more honest within than outside of the group). The strength of caste in India makes prevents much of a sense of societal common good from prevailing.

          Also ethnic divisions there and elsewhere (parts of Africa and the Middle East for instance—and other places historically, in different periods) are another issue behind group based morality. Various (substantial/large) cultures/cultural complexes with no history of common governance or common identity, will not function well as one country, and should perhaps in many cases exist as separate political entities (ethnic/regional secession based on affinity/ cultural compatibility).

          In group morality was evident among certain European nations (or the agents thereof) in recent history, in their colonial expansions, when various unscrupulous methods were used (bad faith treaties, etc.) to acquire the lands of Africans, Amerindians, and others.

        • Jm8


          Some believe (the intensity of it) has to do with degrees of group inbreeding.

        • “Mostly dishonesty would be become more common as the influence of western culture becomes more apparent. Rural areas are generally full of more honest and nicer people. Unless of course, your dealing with drug addicts or something.”

          Well one, this doesn’t argues against or has anything supporting itself for it goes against my claims.

          Second, you do understand that even rural areas would likely be Christianized in some sense, being part of “western influence”.

          To Jm8,

          Can you give me some info on the treaties and their application on Amerindians and Africans?

          Also I don’t find your idea unappealing. While dishonesty was a vice noted even in group, it’s possible that it wasn’t observed of it occurring more often with non-members on a regular basis.

        • “cont.

          Some believe (the intensity of it) has to do with degrees of group inbreeding.”

          Possibly some gene-culture construct that occurred from resource abundances.

          As I noted, for tribes that were desert or savannah based they were at least more organized with notably higher forms of integrity.

          Overall I sure it’s somehow it stems from locality because in the past the status of “the true negro” as far as moral stereotypes go were confinded to most of the Guinea region, with other areas of Black being said to be populated by “negroid” populations such as the “Mohammedans” for the Savannah like Mandingo or Pulohs (Fulani group that was consider “negroid”, for at the time there was much confusion whether or not they were mixed or a distinct race) and Bantu, basically those of the Central and Southern Africa.

          While each still described with vices, the magnitudes were distinct to the point that they made them into different sub-races from each other.

          While I don’t exactly promote this rough model, the observations that lead to it makes me curious.

      • However as tribes went more north towards the desert and Savannah in West Africa it decreased.

      • Raja Hindustani

        No one says, temperate people are angels but if you read the works of early travellers, places from Turkey to India were always known as places of baksheesh and corruption at levels beyond what was the norm in Europa. And a lot of income inequality too. There was this French/ Dutch traveller (I forgot his name) who talks about the amazing inequality of income in Medieval India with merchant banias, kings, nawabs and thakurs all super rich swimming in gold coins while the common man lived in simple houses. India was and is a Brazil like place. And the way the politicians, godmen and the like loot the poor, it is bound to be so. Even today some of the richest people in the world are Indians like say the Ambanis who rank in the top 10 in the world but India also has the largest number of poor people in the world living in hell like conditions.
        Also the difference between the Japanese and other asians in morality was observed by European merchants 400 years ago when Japan was not a first world industrial country.

        • Ksytria.Khalsa

          I don’t know if pre-islamic invasion India was better or different but, Megasthenes the Greek & Fa-Hien plus some other Chinese travelers seem to think so.

          They described it as a wondrous place, where the common man was free & unhindered. Where the King fed the poor


    • SHI

      Found this interesting narrative on life in Russia. While it may sound like the rant of a frustrated foreigner, living in Russia doesn’t seem a pleasant experience at all.

      What struck me about this blog is that some of the frustrations that the author writes about living in Russia echoes strikingly similar to the Northern regions of India, but not the remaining country.

      There is a theory that many parts of Russia especially the Omsk-Novosibirsk-Tomsk-Krasnoyarsk are indeed very similar to Northern India culturally. After all, the ancient Aryans did migrate from the Caspian sea to northern India. At least the Northern parts of India are heavily influenced by Russian-Aryan culture to this day.

      I haven’t been to Russia but had been to Uzbekistan many years ago. Cities like Tashkent and Samarkand are almost on the same longitude as the northern Indian cities of Delhi, Chandigarh and Shimla and Srinagar. In fact, the time zone difference between Novosibirsk and Delhi is only 30 minutes.

      We all know the ancient Aryans migrated from the Caspian sea region to northern India. I found similar vibes and frustrations in these cities like in Delhi and Punjab. The Russian cities like Novosibirsk are just a further extension of Samarkand/Tashkent. Many cultures are strikingly similar to Northern India.

      To put it simply, a Northern Indian will not feel out of place in Novosibirsk, Omsk or Tashkent. Similarly, there are tens of thousands of people from CIS countries living in Northern India right now. Possibly more than 100,000. They don’t like to live anywhere else in India except the Northern region. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence. Northern Indians and Russians have recent shared ancestry, and a lot more in common than they like to admit.

      Each and every point about Russia mentioned in this article has a striking resemblance to Northern India. Let me elaborate on this.

      View story at

      1. The goddamn winter…obviously.

      Well the North of India is definitely cooler compared to the rest of the country. The winters are really chilling even in Delhi. In summer, the Northern region tends to be hotter than the rest of the country.

      This postulates the theory that ancient Aryans may have chosen to settle down in the Northern half of the country. Very few of them probably bothered to go further south than 28 degrees N latitude.

      2. Distances and massive traffic

      Traffic jams and road rage is the worst in Delhi, Punjab and other Northern cities of India. People are aggro, rude and angry all the time. I did encounter road rage in Uzbekistan. Not sure about Russia but going by the disposition of Russians, it doesn’t seem like the land of polite and considerate drivers either.

      3. Corruption. It is so frequent it’s not even raising eyebrows. Everyone is looking to get a financial reward to do you a favor.

      How true. This is exactly what happens in Northern India. You don’t get anything done in that region without offering some kind of financial favors to the person.

      4. Security checks. If you live in Moscow you have to carry your passport all the time. This applies to everyone, but foremost and most importantly to people with “unrussian” looks (we’ll get there soon). The Police can ask you to show your passport at any moment, if you don’t have it they’re supposed to take you to the station to look for you in the database

      That’s one thing the evil Russkies have in common with Northern India. Each and every cop in the Northern region of India is a rude, domineering asshole who expects favors and bribes, and pulls you aside for “random security checks”. Police corruption is the worst in Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Northern indians indeed love the amazing cultural vibrancy of a police state, and a climate based on fear and intimidation just like they have in Russia. Lost cousins indeed.

      Cops are corrupt everywhere else in India too but the level of fear and intimidation is not as much. The cops in my city, corrupt as they may be, are incredibly nice people. They offer you directions, provide you a lift sometimes (I had my driving license revoked after a drunken incident and no longer allowed to get behind the wheels 😦 But, it’s really amazing that I am sometimes given lift in an armoured police van 🙂 , In most other regions of India, if you refuse to pay a bribe, the cops won’t hurt you.

      In Delhi and Punjab, on the other hand, ALL cops are perenially on a power trip. You only have to look at them in an angry, sullen way or show some “disrespect” him, and he’s going to bust your ass. You need not be guilty of anything else.

      Seems like a Delhi traffic cop won’t feel out of place if he holds a similar job in Moscow.

      Also Northern Indian cops are more likely to target you if you look like you don’t belong to that “region”. They frequent discriminate against people from North-eastern India (the so-called “chinkies”) and also from people from other regions of India.

      5. Racism. If you’re a foreigner you will always be a foreigner. Some would argue the same applies to all countries, but I respectfully disagree. It certainly is not the same in the US and in Europe, where it is common understanding that racism is a thing of past an one should be ashamed of being racist. In Russia racism is somewhat frowned upon, and that’s it, if you properly mix your racism with a dash of patriotism, you’re good to go. I can understand why one’s nationality may be an issue in mono ethnic states, but Russia goes on and on saying how diverse and multiethnic it is. Yet Russians will remind you, you’re not one of them on a daily basis in public transport, in a shop or even in hospitals. Foreigners are the universal scapegoats; whatever a Russian can’t achieve a foreigner is to blame. They take the jobs, they take best girls, they control show business and the Government. There’s a grave irony in the fact that Nationalist movements keep getting stronger and stronger in a country that defeated fascism. As a teenager I was attacked by skinheads a number of times and not only the bystanders didn’t care, the attackers would likely be unpunished even if the Police actually bothered to arrest them. But hey, you could get in trouble if you tried to defend yourself. Russia is for Russians. This motto used to be voiced only by knuckleheads, but lately it was accepted by most Russians.

      Racism against people who don’t look like you is highly prevalent in Northern India. It takes many forms, but mostly being attacked by violent thugs just like it happens with skinheads in Russia.

      Violence is endemic in Northern India because the men tend to be aggro, sadistic, frustrated and just plain assholes every waking hour of the day. Even a small traffic disagreement can spiral into MURDER in plain sight. No research has been done yet but there’s lot of depression, tension and stress that you’ll find in the Northern cities of India which you simply won’t find elsewhere in the country. People are remarkably CHILL everywhere except the friggin North.

      Rapes in India are the highest in the northern region. Women in Delhi and Punjab just do not venture out alone by themselves. Every man out on the streets is a violent, chauvnistic jackass. Yes, there are many decent men living too but they can’t do anything to stop the marauding, pillaging rapists.

      I think the Northern Indian rape phenomenon is a carryover from the Aryan migration times. The Aryans would come down, conquer a place and rape all its inhabitants in a bloody and violent fashion. Nothing much seems to have changed.

      6. Superiority complex. Russians are the only people I met that use the term “unrussian” (нерусский) in negative connotation. My first reaction to hearing that was “is that even an insult?”. It is, at least it’s meant to be. I met quite many otherwise reasonable and great Russians, who did believe that Russia is somehow superior to the rest of the planet and that it has some sort of a divine messiah mission to accomplish.

      Northern Indians tend to be the MOST NATIONALISTIC and full of themselves compared to the rest of the country. Patriotism for them is indistinct from jingoism. They simply don’t see the other person’s point of view.

      i know some people in Delhi who say they have STRONG CONNECTIONS in Moscow, something they take pride about. I’m sure they will get along excellently with the patriotard Russians.

      7. The media. There is only one pre-approved, pre-censored opinion on Russian television and it is echoed on every channel. And television is the predominant source of information. The smaller bastions of freedom of speech that existed on the Internet keep being shut down leaving for that one opinion to be repeated over and over again. There was a time when you could go to Internet for some alternate takes on current events, but new laws that can jail you for a Facebook status, seem to take care of that.

      India does have freer media compared to Russia but there are small pockets of government interference in press freedom. You do get jailed in India for your Facebook status especially if it’s anti-government. Russians would endorse such state-sanctioned tyranny. It’s pretty cool.

      8. Constant wining about the West. a) The West is always plotting something against Russia; b) if you think the West is not plotting something against Russia, see point ‘a’. I’ve seen these consequences of Cold War both in Russia and the US, Remember how every bad guy in Hollywood action movies used to be Russian? Somehow the good-humored Russians, who used to laugh at these stereotypes for many years, turned paranoid themselves. Even this very article may be a another Pentagon or Obama plot against Russia.

      Like the Russians, Northern Indians claims to be the CUSTODIANS of Indian culture and values and frequently turn to anti-West rhetoric in their patriotic fervour. Despite eating out at McDonald’s and dreaming of living in the West, they will lash out at Western nations in political speeches blaming Westerners for all the ills in the country.

      Indians from other parts of the country, are very chill in comparison and are mostly pro-West.

      9. The ridiculous prices. You keep hearing that London or Paris are expensive, well you haven’t been to Moscow. Not only it is more expensive, people get paid significantly less too.

      Delhi is the most ridiculously expensive city in the whole of India. The prices of food, transportation, accommodation and everything else is mind-blowingly expensive. The fact that the residents of the city are first-rate scammers who will take the very shirt off your backs to recover what is owed, makes the whole place absolutely horrendous. You just can forget about living peacefully.

      10. The drinking. Yes the drinking is a problem. It starts in schools and lasts a lifetime. It is uncool not to be able to drink shitloads of alcohol, so kids start prepping in middle school. The task is not that hard, because most shop and especially numerous kiosks will sell alcohol to an infant. Every attempt to fight alcoholism has shown little or no results. I guess the reason is, that most Russians are proud of drinking a lot, and they have success stories and anecdotes to share.

      What a coincidence. Northern Indians happen to be the HEAVIEST DRINKERS in the whole country. Alcohol is a part and parcel of their daily lives and they really can’t handle the booze either. Northern Indians will drink themselves to death just like the mad Russkies. Just the difference lies in choice of beverage. While the Russkies love their vodka, northern Indians are high on anything from home-made hooch to a big glass of “scotch” (which may be adulterated) with double the amount of carbonated soda and ice.

      • Raja Hindustani

        North Indians being racist ofcourse it is true, especially after the Delhi incident where e Africans were attacked by Indian mobs and they were shouting Bharat mata Ki Jai which translated to Victory for Mother India? Racism mixed with nationalism just like Russia.

        • Raja Hindustani

          But South Indians do not want to be left out of the game

          Check out how the Indian politicians repeatedly deny racism in India. One guy, Satish Eashar says calling this racism will open a Pandora’s Box. Remember these were the same guys crying rasim when indian students were attacked in Australia and were asking the Indian government to take a firm stand. But check out the double standards now.

          More racism

      • Raja Hindustani

        Your post on Russia is the best proof of the Aryan Invasion Theory.

      • Cheez121

        I think you are stretching it a little bit. If you want to make s comparison between Russians and Aryans you should pick afghans or Iranians who are much more similar, especially Pashtun afghans (they even look similar to Russians-look at Omar Mateens father). Besides North Indians like Sikhs are not like that. The worst are north central Indians from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, madya Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan…very much the worst. But those are also the poorest states of India, more than Africa. Severe poverty has a big impact; just notice the difference between mainland Chinese people from villages and the Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia, etc
        Also Pakistanis are not as cunning/tribal as Indians, I think…

        No one has mentioned telugus surprisingly.? They are the most cunning South Indians.

        • Raja Hindustani

          Wow I never knew Telugus (from Andra Pradesh state for those who do not know) are the most cunning. I have come across quite a few cunning Tamils (Tamil nadu state in the south) and Mallus (Kerala state in the south).

      • Cheez121

        Also Russians have always been communist/serfdom traditionally, they live in an authoritarian society. India is one of the most liberal countries of Asia and a democracy, compared to the rest of east Asia and the Middle East. Even North Indians are relatively more peaceful than Russians

        • Ksytria.Khalsa

          India did not colonize Africa, did you ever think the appaling behavior of Africans causes these reactions?

          Some nigger whistling at Indian girls on subway? Lucky it was not Sikhs, they don’t act this way around us even in West..

          They know result, all ‘races’ know results; don’t harass women when Sardar Ji is around||


      • Ksytria.Khalsa

        That’s nice but, AIT has been thoroughly refuted & Caspian Sea was called Gilaki Sea before similar to nearby Gilaki Plain.

        Gill Gotra descends from Krishna Ji||

        Women like masculine men,


      • Well I agree with most of your points, but we Mallus drink a lot more than an average North Indian. And we (Keralites) are no better than North Indians when it comes to racism. Even in our movies they make fun of people whose skin is dark in color (in some of the movies they use the word Negro). It seems that we all have prejudices against others.

  3. Ed

    “While I admire genuine entrepreneurs and can see the advantage of living a humble life not doing drugs, alcohol and spending money on women”

    Then what on Earth should you do with your life if you don’t do these things? I’m genuinely curious.

    • Raja Hindustani

      You will not believe this but traditionally people like Marwaris/ Gujrathis etc… i.e. the super mercentile Indians would just hoard wealth, maybe spend on lavish weddings and gold ornaments to make the others in the village/ town jealous. Thats all, that is the aim of their lives. Hoard more and more wealth and worship that wealth (gold bars and currency notes in their house lockers) Hindu style with Diya (Earhern lamp) and incense. Thats is all.
      When the British wanted to build the Indians railways they first looked to raise local capital locally but the local merchants were not interested in investing their hoeared wealth and thus the British Indian government had to turn to London to get the capital. Also even though India had its own traditional banking systems in the past, the whole concept of modern banking did not exist before the British government because most Indian merchants from the above groups just wanted to hoard gold and keep it in their lockers. The merchants would then worship the gold as if it were god. Only with the British or Dutch or Portuguese or French did the concept of modern banking come where people could deposit their gold in a place called a bank which would give loans on the basis of that gold, loans that could be used for starting new ventures. Besides a lot of India’s gold were held by temples and were now the property of the Gods (Tirupati temple for example), tons of gold in temple vault outside mainstream economic circulation. Indeed the present Prime Minister of India Modi had asked many rich temples in South India each having tons of gold to use that gold for the economic progress of India but I dunno what happened of it.
      So the aim of these people have traditionally been to hoard wealth and not spend any of it as much as possible.

  4. Raja Hindustani

    Also India has the curious case of the swindling Godman.
    This guy Sanal Eramaduku is a rationalist and spaeaks a lot about how Hindu Godmen cheat swindle the common masses in India who are really quite idiotic for fall such cults in such huge numbers. And guess what the Catholic church of India got in the act too.

    And how high IQ hippie Westerners got fooled by the more cunning Indian gurus and their disciples.

    How these godmen have become more powerful than many politicians and run entire states. And how qualified doctors support them to the end.

    What happens inside the Art of living scam run by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    How conman Deppak Chopra is scared shitless in front of a smart rationalist clear thinking British scientist, just check out his body language.

    Chopra tells his followers to give up material goods for the spiritual and goes and drives one of his many Mercedez cars home.

    India truly is the land of scams. Yeah there are cults and scams throughout the world nowhere is this so extreme as India.

  5. Raja Hindustani

    To give some background on this video

    The Godman asked 400 guys to go through castration and after doing that they will experience god through him, the Godman. 400 guys castrated themselves and after not experiencing any diving took a case against him in court. In India a lot of such fake godmen run scams fooling millions of Indians as well as hipplie westerners and other foreigners. The video above is a discussion about a comedian who was arrested for mocking the godman, how politicians and rich businessmen have crony relationships with such godmen and basically many of these godmen are above the law. Murders, rapes, illegal land grabbing goes unpunished and even after all that, their devotees consider them living gods and are ready to die for them, millions of devotees. These godmen take money from the millions of poor and middle class Indians and become billionaires (in US dollars) and then they come together with the secret Indians elites of celebs, industrialists, government offcials and politicians to make plans to make even more money from the stupid gulliable masses. There are perhaps 10000s of such fake godmen roaming all around India with their 10s of millions of devotees many of them top doctors, accountants, eminent scientists and engineers. Strange but true.

  6. Raja Hindustani

    Jason Y
    June 19, 2016 at 2:24 PM
    “Mostly dishonesty would be become more common as the influence of western culture becomes more apparent. Rural areas are generally full of more honest and nicer people. ”

      Nope not true at all, having actually worked in remote villages in India, I can say with certainty that village people are more cunning and political (they have more time sitting around schemeing things against people), it is just that they are very helpful to each other when calamities strike. They go out of their way to help others when say there is a auto accident or the like but innocent they are not.
  7. Raja Hindustani

    Check this out, Middle Eastern/ South Asian clannishness and racism exists in Islam too. They are not following proper Islam. Islam could never finish off the clannishness of the Middle East and South Asian. Many White and black Western converts are finding this the hard way. A great watch.

    • Ksytria.Khalsa

      How many rice bags to convert mallu?

      Quran itself says Arab muslim is above non arab & many wahhabi preacher back this up.

      You have converted this is not problem, If you do not re-convert we will kill you & send you to re-birth to pay for this;


  8. Raja Hindustani

    “Quran itself says Arab muslim is above non arab & many wahhabi preacher back this up.”
    Am not sure if the Quran said that but for many centuries during the Umayad Caliphate period, Arabs treated non Arab muslims including Persians (No wonder Iranians hated Arabs) as second class citizens. They were called ‘Ajams’ (liks a N word of its time) and the Arabs lived apart from the non Arabs. They looted non Arab muslims, raped their women and had a system of aprtheid, hell it seems it was worse than Aparheid South Africa. Except that for a Persian perspective it was was more like blacks ruling Afrikkners. Primitive desert Arabs ruling over civilised Persians. This was a major reason why the Umayad was overthrown and the Abbasid caliphate put in place by non Arab muslims.


    The Umayyad state is remembered as an Arab-centric state, being run by and for the benefit of those who were ethnically Arab though Muslim in creed.[12][31] The non-Arab Muslims resented their marginal social position and were easily drawn into Abbasid opposition to Umayyad rule.[14][15][27] Arabs dominated the bureaucracy and military, and were housed in fortresses separate from the local population outside of Arabia.[6] Even after converting to Islam, non-Arabs or Mawali could not live in these garrison cities. The non-Arabs were not allowed to work for the government nor could they hold officer positions in the Umayyad military and they still had to pay the jizya tax for non-Muslims.[31][32][33][34] Non-Muslims under Umayyad rule were subject to these same injunctions.[35] Racial intermarriage between Arabs and non Arabs was rare.[7] When it did occur, it was only allowed between an Arab man and a non-Arab woman while non-Arab men were generally not free to marry Arab women.[8]

    Conversion to Islam occurred gradually. If a non-Arab wished to convert to Islam, they not only had to give up their own names but also had to remain a second-class citizen.[13][33] The non-Arab would be “adopted” by an Arab tribe,[34] though they would not actually adopt the tribe’s name as that would risk pollution of perceived Arab racial purity. Rather, the non-Arab would take the last name of “freedman of al-(tribe’s name),” even if they weren’t a slave prior to conversion. This essentially meant they were subservient to the tribe who sponsored their conversion.[13][36]

    Although converts to Islam made up roughly 10% of the native population – most of the people living under Umayyad rule weren’t Muslim – this percent was significant due to the very small number of Arabs.[12] Gradually, the non-Arab Muslims outnumbered the Arab Muslims, causing alarm among the Arab nobility.[31] Socially, this posed a problem as the Umayyads viewed Islam as the property of the aristocratic Arab families.[37][38] There was a rather large financial problem posed to the Umayyad system as well. If the new converts to Islam from non-Arab peoples stopped paying the jizya tax stipulated by the Qur’an for non-Muslims, the empire would go bankrupt. This lack of civil and political rights eventually led the non-Arab Muslims to support the Abbasids, despite the latter also being Arab.[39]

    Even as the Arab governors adopted the more sophisticated Iranian methods of governmental administration, non-Arabs were still prevented from holding such positions.[7] Non-Arabs were not even allowed to wear Arabian style clothing,[40] so strong were the feelings of Arab racial superiority cultivated by the Umayyads. Much of the discontent this caused led to the Shu’ubiyya movement, an assertion of non-Arab racial and cultural equality with Arabs. The movement gained support among Egyptians, Arameans and Berber people,[41] though this movement was most pronounced among Persian people.

  9. GulliverFredrich

    I don’t agree with the OP that Indians did not invent the wheelbarrow or wheel which is just absolutely bogus; because you would logically need the wheel and stuff like it to construct civilizations like the Indus Valley civilization (the largest population civilization in Ancient times of all the Ancient civilizations known at the time); and there are Ancient megalithic monuments all over the Indian sub-continent (AND SOUTHEAST ASIA LIKE ANGKOR WAT, WHICH WAS ORIGINALLY BUILT BY THE HINDU’S OF INDIA), that are constructed w/ mind boggling sophisticated engineering and precision that baffles the mind and still puzzles scientists/engineers to this day as to their time period (like Pumapunku in Bolivia); that not using the wheel or wheelbarrows would just not be feasible or within the realm of plausibility.

    That being said, the vast majority of modern Indians that I’ve met have been shitty and low-quality people in general with a few exceptions; so maybe civilization is dysgenic in a sense that it creates shitty people in general and select for people who are manipulative and sly, so that it becomes a recurring trait over generations of successful people within civilizations, like the elite ruling the current Western world….

  10. Well, according to some articles I have read (and by borrowing words of one my teacher), we Indians (and all other countries which lie close to Equator) will never will be able to be as brilliant as the people from West. It is mostly attributed to our climate. According to some studies, warm climate doesn’t help humans to think properly (no wonder why we are easily conned by God men).

  11. courtneyfromalabama

    His comment towards the end where he lumps Greeks closer to Indians than Northern Europeans, reeks of insecurity that is typical of Indian nationalists. Not saying he is one, but that particular comment is too typical of one. It is their way of seeking revenge on Northern Europeans for our past colonialism, by gloating about how we have no ancient civilizations of our own. Sorry my friend, but you aren’t more closely related to a Greek than I am. Perhaps a Turk, Armenian, or Lebanese person is, but not a Saudi and most certainly not you, an Indian.

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