List of Famous Sociopaths

Enoch writes:

Robert, you seem to be very knowledgeable on sociopathy/psychopathy.

What famous people (excluding serial killers) do you think are true psychopaths?

Are or were?

Here is my list. Feel free to comment.

  1. Hitler (diagnosed)
  2. LBJ
  3. Max Hardcore (surely)
  4. Kenneth Lay (definitely)
  5. Tom Cruise (also very narcissistic)
  6. Robert Blake
  7. Suge Knight
  8. Bris Brown
  9. 50 Cent
  10. Harvey Weinstein
  11. Phil Spector
  12. Christian Bale
  13. Courtney Love (also a narcissist with Borderline Personality Disorder)
  14. Khan Tusion
  15. Steve Jobs
  16. Ted Cruz
  17. Ray Sharkey
  18. Naomi Campbell
  19. Saddam Hussein
  20. Dick Cheney
  21. Rupert Murdoch
  22. Ayn Rand
  23. L. Ron Hubbard
  24. Fred Phelps
  25. Mitch McConnell
  26. Grover Norquist
  27. Rush Limbaugh (also a narcissist)
  28. Bill O’Reilly (also narcissist)
  29. Dick Fuld
  30. Chris Brown
  31. Mitt Romney
  32. Bernie Madoff (certainly)
  33. Jeff Skilling
  34. Aretha Franklin
  35. Joe Jackson
  36. Eddie Nash
  37. Alan Dershowitz
  38. Mark Wahlberg
  39. Jimmy Saville (very much so)
  40. Al Dunlap (surely)


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17 responses to “List of Famous Sociopaths

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  2. Gay State Girl

    Old Man Kennedy didn’t make your list?

  3. Latias

    Add Videla, Nuland, and Pinochet.

    As for Nuland, I don’t know if she really believes her propaganda. In that case she is not a psychopath. But that bitch is certainly a hypocrite.

    Right-wingers want to add Stalin to list.

  4. Enoch

    Justin Bieber cry during a concert. Does not seem like the normal behavior of a psychopath ? What do you think Robert ?

    Is the number 1 the most psychopathic and the number 41 the least ?

    Who is Bris Brown btw ?

  5. Enoch

    What make you think that Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, Naomi Campbell, Mark Wahlberg,  Aretha Franklin, Steve Jobs and Ayn Rand are psychopaths ?

    Why did you chose to put Ted Cruz but not Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in your list ?

  6. Jan Bloemendal

    ‘Political Ponerology’ is an outstanding book on the mentality of psychopaths and the methods they use to promote themselves. Details here: This edition is a rather poor translation of the original Polish, which makes it harder going than it should be. But it’s a remarkable read and has a lot of explanatory power.

  7. Jason Y

    Aretha Franklin? You make me feel like a natural woman… 😆

  8. Sam

    Courtney is definitely a psychopath. Watch this documentary “Kurt and Courtney” and listen to what all the people say about Courtney.

  9. Another William Playfair Web

    Ultimately, Dick Cheney was someone who had no regard for the negative consequences his actions had on others (whatever illness that is) and was also willing to impulsively lie, invent things, to get his way (a way that also had negative consequences for many, many people, yet he did not care).

    In America, we see him as pointlessly killing many of our young men- our soldiers, and it is true that he did.
    but one must also consider, the lives lost in Iraq, the lives lost throughout the middle East via Arab Spring destabilization, and more. Largely, he could have predicted his actions would have triggered these brutal civil wars (i.e. Syria) and perhaps even that the refugees pouring into Europe would have the effect of rising fascism. He did not care, which in and of itself is alarming. The “Global Elites” may be prepared for this populist, Nationalist, and Fascist upsurge in the U.S. and Europe (or whichever occurs)- and that’s scary, scary, scary.

  10. Nancy Stowell

    Donald Trump: Narcissistic Sociopath!

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