Racial Breakdown for Mexicans and Blacks in the US

Tulio writes:

If you had look at all Latin American immigrants and determine collectively what their racial ancestry is, what part of it is Amerindian, what part black, what part European?


1980: ~70% White, ~30% Indian ~4% Black. They had been this way for a very long time, since serious migration began ~1900. This is because Mexican migration to the US had traditionally been from Northern Mexico and the north of Mexico, and this part of Mexico has always been the Whitest part of Mexico. There are cities up there like Monterrey that are almost White cities. You walk down the street and think you are in Des Moines. Everyone you see just looks like a White person.

1990: ~60% White, 40% Indian, ~4% Black.

2000: 47% White, ~45% Indian, 8% Black.

By 2000, many more of the immigrants were coming from further south in Mexico where the country is much more Indian, especially in the mountains of Oaxaca and Guerrero. There is also more Black blood in the South.

All I know about US Puerto Ricans is that they are ~1/3 Indian, ~1/3 White and ~1/3 Black. Zambos.

I know nothing of the makeup of the rest of the Latin Americans in the US.

Same with blacks, what part of blacks are African and European?

Black in the US are 75% Black and 25% White. They are a bit Whiter in California. There are some Black people engaged in the timber trade (lumberjacks) in the forests of the Deep South who have the lowest levels of White found in American Blacks @ 5% White.


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13 responses to “Racial Breakdown for Mexicans and Blacks in the US

  1. Another William Playfair Web

    ‘I don’t see what the point of ‘White Hispanic’ is, they’re just mixed race mongrels like everyone else’
    -AmRen commenter “person” (aka Neanderthal)

  2. Jason Y

    Seems like Noam Chomsky was saying most illegals are from Central America, which would also be mostly Amerindian.

  3. Another William Playfair Web

    For Cubans 72% Euro, 20% Sub-Saharan and 8% Native….on average.

  4. Another William Playfair Web

    The Spanish will rise again and legally punish all the self-hating White fuckwits, like AmRenners, Mann Coulter, and the rest.

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