Is Talking to “Normal” People Boring for Someone with a Genius Level I.Q.?

I am getting sick and tired of morons conflating the definitions of genius.

This is my response to this question which was asked on Quora. Feel free to comment.

Geniuses may indeed find if boring to talk to normal people. However, not all geniuses feel this way. I can talk to most anyone, and I find that most people are interesting. However, I was in a longterm friendship with someone who had an 80–90 IQ, and I was bored out of my head with this person. It just wasn’t working out. Now you have to consider that this person had an IQ ~65 points below mine. For a person with a normal 100 IQ, that is like talking to a seriously retarded person with an IQ of 35, just to give you some perspective.

I spent many years living a beach/ski slope/party/street type of life, so I am used to dumbing myself down to fit in. However, at this stage in my life, I prefer not to.

One of my best friends has an IQ of 95. We get along famously, but that is mostly because he has filled his head with knowledge and has become smart far beyond his IQ.

Most people have something interesting to say if you can pry it out of them, and I have found that average people are a heck of a lot smarter than you think.

Or you can always just dumb yourself down and enjoy life at that simple level that the 90 IQ types live at. They do not have bad lives (actually I think their lives are often much happier than those of people like me), and it’s often fun to go to their simple place for a while to simply enjoy yourself.


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31 responses to “Is Talking to “Normal” People Boring for Someone with a Genius Level I.Q.?

  1. SHI

    Is Talking to “Normal” People Boring for Someone with a Genius Level I.Q.?

    Bloody well right.

    With an IQ between 125 and 130, I’m scoring 30-40 points above my fellow citizens of Fucksville. And that’s really not anything to be proud of but to illustrate my frustration at being stuck here. Fucksville is probably the most stupid place in the entire country and there are many more I believe but this one really takes the cake.

    Fucksville is a relatively affluent place with around 1 million citizens. They have plenty of malls, movie theaters, restaurants and of late, massage parlours. The citizens are all sleazy slimeballs, and a large bunch are sex-addicts. Nothing ever happens in Fucksville. Everyone is married by 25 (except for oddballs likeme). I’m not missing out on anything because adultery is rife in this place. 3 years back, I was in a relationship with my married female boss at a job. Adultery is rife in this town because all men here are pigs and women, sows.

    Every guy with a smartphone is a dodgy pervert only waiting to capture dirty selfies with women. Porn sales are at sky high levels. Every woman in Fucksville is an attention-seeker. They dress like tramps, colour their hair and want constant male attention. This town also a large, underground gay scene. Every male hairdresser and retail assistant is equipped with a girly voice and tries to touch you in inappropriate ways. There are a large number of transgenders in this town.

    Fucksville exists on Google Maps but noone really has heard of it, noone would care either. I had tried to escape from this shithole many many times but had to return because I don’t have a support system elsewhere. The women in this town are mad at me for not giving them the gift of my magic sperm. My relationships last between the time I change my underwears. I’m turning 34 this year but don’t really wish to sire any children in this town. I’d rather die than undergo the pain of witnessing semi-retard kids.

    Seeing that I score above the 99 percentile or higher, the citizens of Fucksville may one day ask me to run for mayor. I’ll have to pass that as I don’t fancy presiding over a bunch of retards.

    I just want to make myself angry and mad enough so that someday, I can get the hell out of here permanently.

    • 127 IQ puts you in the top 5% in the US. I have no idea where it puts you in India, but if you are 45 points above the average IQ for your city, then you are like a 145 IQ in the US, which is 1/1,000. So you would be in the top .1% in IQ in your city.

      But I am not sure if I have done the math right.


      • SHI

        Yea, it’s fairly spot on.

        Don’t get me wrong here. India has many intelligent people worth their salt. They just tend to gravitate towards academia, science and research institutions and the military.

        It’s just that my surroundings suck. The best times of my life in this town was at high school. We were all a very talented batch of students – 60 in total. All of them left Fucksville eventually except me. Some of those classmates of mine are working in R&D institutions in the US. One is/was teaching at Cornell. I’m not in touch with any of them. No, i should say they don’t want to be in touch with me. They probably laugh, “This guy has become a loser. He still lives in Fucksville.”

        I wish them well though.

        I can probably take another 5 to 10 years of this town before I’ll have had enough. But really, I should get the hell out of here much sooner.

        • You mind telling us the name of the city or would that not be ok? You live by Calcutta or Kolkata, right?

        • Actually I believe that only 1% of Indians have IQ’s over 120 or 125. But that leaves 13 million such folks in your country. You are surely in the top 1% of your country.

        • SHI

          (p.s Let me give you a HINT about my bearings)

          Fucksville is located in the only DRY STATE of India which means you can’t buy alcohol legally here, not even beer. Enforcement is lax though, boot-leggers make a lot of profit selling illegal booze. Sometimes, the police decides to crash a party and seizes everything. You get like 1 night in the jail for breaking the law but like anywhere else in India, all you gotta do is bribe the cops. And they’ll personally escort you in an armoured vehicle back to your house.

          Fucksville’s just a 4 to 6 hour journey from Mumbai which has all the interesting bars in the world. Alcohol flows freely but that city sucks for so many other reasons. I had tried living in Mumbai several times to escape from Fucksville.

      • SHI

        No, that’s where I originate from but I had never lived there. Calcutta used to be a bright place but has been in terminal decline since the 1960s. No jobs, no money and all the bright people left that place long ago.

        Fucksville is located somewhere near the West coast of India. I mean like 100 miles away from sea.

        Damn right. I’m too ashamed to take the name of my city.

        • Optimus Prime

          Modi model state??? if i am right….I think i even got the city you were referring to. Just not wanting to disclose it in public

        • Raja Hindustani

          Gujrat. Right I get it.

        • Raja Hindustani

          The truth is in India, I have not met any smart chicks. Or even the smart chicks here are into the same B.S like Bollywood and IPL (Indian Premier League, the richest premier league in the world of Cricket where even Australians, South Africans, New Zealanders compete for getting a place in a local team) and go out with the same rowdy (the middle class rowdies) types and speak the same stupid lingo and are bitchy and gold diggers.

          I never understood how Robert got the idea (in one of his earlier post) that Indian chicks are into intelligent guys. Maybe few are but the fact is Indian girls are very smart when it comes to marrying the right guy for status. India does not have welfare support for women and India is a very very status conscious society. Everybody is bragging about his car, mobile phone, job, their kids (my kid topped his class in school, my kid is the VP in HSBC India) nonstop.

          It is all pretense and scam. Everybody scams everybody rich do it, the poor do it, city dwellers do it, villagers do it. Everybody is cheating and swindling. And they are proud despite their scamming.

          Just the other day I was reading about a guy in Bangalore forced to take a rickshaw (taxi) as it was raining. The rickshaw driver took full advantage of the situation and quoted Rs 500, while the real fare would have been Rs 100. The poor guy had no option but to agree. On the way, the guy tells the driver that such scamming is no good, this is not good behavior. The proud rickshaw driver took offense to this the kicked him off the rickshaw in the rain cussing him as he drove away.

          The fact is Indian girls are just smarter than White chicks. Indian girls fuck around in college with idiots and rich guys (with no careers except taking over the Dad’s business), and when the time for marriage approaches, she chooses an engineer working in a good company who perhaps never had any sexual experience as he was a loser nerd.

          So she gets the best of both worlds, acting like a bitch in college and getting the high status husband later on. And let’s not forget the army of beta orbiters around every average to attractive girl. India has a gender imbalance after all, it is a sausage fest. Indian girls have thus learned to be snotty bitches even they have horrible demeanors and looks than the typical White or East Asian girl.

          Of course you do get super smart homely type girls but they are normally ugly as hell and perhaps super prudes. The truth is I have trained myself to act dumb and become just like anybody else (even tho I hate the local popular culture) to get a social life and score girls. And my city is one of the better places in India!

    • Gay State Girl

      I don’t know too many low IQ aside from the domestic help or workers in my family’s factory, but have only observed them from afar. I would estimate that most people in my town had IQs in the 110’s or 120’s.

      • Gay State Girl

        The only person with an IQ of ~ 60 I met was a Gambian health aide who looked after my grandparents and nearly burned the house down.

  2. Jason Y

    Even a genius wants a mental break with some good porn or some type of drug or alcohol intoxication.

    No, I don’t think a genius is bored with the normal. It’s just like how sometimes adults can enjoy time with children.

  3. Gay State Girl

    Would you classify someone with an IQ of 122 as normal/boring?

    • SHI

      Of course not. That’s a very bright person. And very interesting too.

    • Probably not. I had a gf with a 115 IQ for a long time and we got along great. My best friend these days is a 27 year old woman with an IQ of 121. We get along great.

      And if you are referring to yourself, of course I could get along famously with you. Your intelligence is quite satisfactory for me to converse with.

      • SHI

        Have you dated women of similar/higher IQs. Professionally they tend to be nuclear physicists, radiologists or highly experienced doctors.

        Most men can’t handle anything with >140 IQ. Such women are extremely smart individuals. They have a real personality. You can talk interesting things with them all day and there’s a never a moment of boredom. But yes, they tend to become picky, bossy and fastidious.

      • Gay State Girl

        Yes. I don’t see myself as particularly smart because I’m surrounded by smart people, many who are much smarter than myself.

        I know people who are much smarter and more educated than myself who are still easily swallowed by the herd mentality, I don’t know how I evaded it.

    • Another William Playfair

      GSG- you live in Jewish town\mainly know Jews?
      that would perhaps help to explain those numbers..

  4. matt

    Can be. I’m probably high average, but I find small talk intolerable, and I’m always ready to dig into some deep, hairy topic. It is quite offputting for many people, I know. ANd when I do meet someone capable of holding an intelligent conversation above the level of the merits of McDonald’s new value menu, it is almost pathetic and embarrassing how I will chase them down and cling to them. Often these are people much more intelligent than I am, so they probably view me as pedestrian and boring, lol.

    • Perhaps not. as you go up the IQ scale, SD has less meaning in terms of socializing.

      From what I heard, if you’re above 110 you could pretty much communicate decently with those of 120 or even 130.

    • Probably not. High normal is 110-120. I am 27-37 points above that, and based on your posts here, you seem like you would be a great conversation partner for me.

      A lot of people like you are smarter than their IQ scores I think because they have filled their head up with stuff, which I think you have done. And somewhere along the line, you have obviously learned to think critically too. Not sure where you picked that up, maybe at a university.

  5. Rowlii

    Nice post

    In your opinion, is there a correlation between daydreaming and intelligence?

  6. It’s hard to say. I know one woman who tells me she daydreams all the time, and her IQ is 121. A lot of very high IQ types are considered to be off in their own world or distracted or not with the program. I guess this means their minds are on other things.

  7. Rowlii

    Thanks for your answer.

    Is there a “high iq” behaviour ?

    • I can tell you from experience that daydreaming is a common thing for me and I have an IQ of about 120 or so based on SAT conversions. I would say that for high IQ people daydreaming occurs when they are bored easily and just ponder off into constructing imagery and/or simply pondering ideas. Lower IQ people would likely just be distracted and simply think about thoughts that please them.

      There are indeed trends of behavior that high IQ people have such as typically having better self control, foresight, planning, etc. though as far as personality goes it could vary.

  8. Rowlii

    Well no. I am french (colombian half).

    Yes it would be a pleasure.

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