Hispanics and Racial Self-Awareness

I am considering emigrating from the country if Trump wins, and I have a question; what percentage of non-Hispanic White people understand the difference between Mestizo (even if they don’t know that word) types and European Spanish types?

I think most Whites understand the difference. The only ones who might not might be very racist White people. The people who are the most retarded about this are US-born Hispanics or Mexican-Americans. Full-blown retards! Yes they are Hispanic and all that, but they have no idea what that even means. Morons.

I have told some of them that Hispanics are part White and part Indian, and I get these weird blank stares from them like I am speaking Greek or else I get an argument that they are all Indian and have no White in them.

Others are much more intelligent though. And if they are quite White, they are often very aware that not all Hispanics are White. In fact, Mexicans or Chicanos who are quite White are very race-hip. They know full well that many Mexicans or Chicanos are as White as I am, and they are very proud of that.

It is very common for them to feel somewhat superior to the less-White Mexicans and Chicanos. They think they are better all right. You better believe it.

I met one guy who worked in a bank, born in Mexico, who would not even admit that he was a Mexican! He identified as “Spaniard” and told me he was from Spain! Turned out he was born and raised in Mexico. He very much looked down on less White-Mexicans and especially said they spoke crap Spanish, whereas the White ones like him spoke excellent pure Spanish, straight out of Spain. Speaking the so-called “pure Spain from Spanish” is a very big deal in Mexico. I met an 20 year old illegal who dropped out of school in second grade who told me that speaking “the real Castillian” was a very big deal in his circles!

Actually the ones who have a deep connection to Mexico somehow as in they are born there or their parents maybe were are a lot smarter on this question, and that includes most if not all of the mestizos. The Indians are pretty hard to talk to, as they are rather hostile and closed-up, so it is hard to figure out how they feel on this issue. Mexican Indians around here are not self-haters at all though. Instead they seem quite proud of being Indian and speaking an Indian language.

Even the short order cook or maybe even a farmworker or working class type Mexican immigrant is smarter than the Chicanos on race, and a lot of those types do not seem very smart at all. I estimate IQ in the 80’s. Yet if they have roots or connections to Mexico, they know all about race. They know Mexicans are part Black and part Indian, that some are most or all Indian, that others are very White, that some are even Black, on and on.

Quite a few of them have openly told me that they were probably part-Indian via some unknown ancestor, but they didn’t really care about that. One man who said that was a working class mestizo from Oaxaca. One of the local illegals I hired as a part time maid had a serious drinking problem, and she openly admitted that her Indian blood may have had something to do with it.

Mestizos from Mexico are not necessarily ashamed of their Indian blood at all, but they take exception to the idea that they might be part-Black. I told one assimilated Chicano that Chicanos were 3-5% Black by blood, and he started laughing and couldn’t believe it. He was laughing about it, but he acted as if having Black blood was a bad thing or an insult. I don’t think most Chicanos like Blacks too much.

Basic knowledge like that about race in Mexico seems to be extremely common even among very poor or even rural people.


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  1. Tulio

    “I am considering emigrating from the country if Trump wins, and I have a question; what percentage of non-Hispanic White people understand the difference between Mestizo (even if they don’t know that word) types and European Spanish types?…I think most Whites understand the difference. ”

    I don’t know dude, in my experience white Americans are extremely ignorant on the whole Hispanic/Latino issue. They tend to view anyone with a Spanish surname as a “ethnic minority”. While I see someone like Selena Gomez as white(or at least 75% Caucasian in appearance), I don’t think most white Americans would see her as one of their own in the way they see someone like Taylor Swift.

    • markus


      I really don’t get it. You can hail from northern Spain, have gray eyes, brown hair and prone to sunburn, but once an American sees that your surname is “Garcia” or “Lopez”….boom — not white anymore (in a typical American’s eyes).
      It reminds me of a time I was with hanging out with a friend (white American, good person, really but quite the dim bulb). Nearby, there was a family speaking Catalan, apparently from Catalonia or perhaps Valencia. The conversation, which I’ll never forget, went like this:
      Friend whispers to me: “What language are they speaking?”
      Me: “Catalan”
      Friend: “Huh? Where’s that spoken?”
      Me: “Spain”
      Friend: “What!?! But they’re white!!”

      • Oneaboveall

        I’ve had that happen to me a few times.My family is from “northern Spain, have gray eyes, brown hair and prone to sunburn,” My father and maternal grandmother were both born in Spain (Galicia and Cantabria respectively). Whenever I tell people I’m Spanish, I get the following: “I didn’t know you were Puerto Rican!” or ,when I lived in Pennsylvania, “Are you Mexican?” I try to explain to people that Spain is here and Puerto Rico is way the !@#$ over there.

      • Tulio

        Exactly. Now on the other hand, Brazilians seem to get it when it comes to race. No way in hell someone like Selena Gomez would be seen as non-white in Brazil. In America, even someone as lily white as Marco Rubio is seen as an ethnic minority. It’s the most frustrating thing in the world trying to explain what Hispanic actually means in terms of race to Americans.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        The Alt-Right doesn’t know the difference (but racist, incoherent, Conservatives- probably not too smart; verbally or spatially)

        Tulio- You think Rubio is pure White? I’m skeptical- simply cause he does have brown skin, and Asiatic eyes.

        But Cruz is pure. Period. No question. Not a debate.

        • Tulio

          I don’t know who is pure for sure. I’m sure many whites who look pure have a little Indian in them. I just think if his name was Walter Smith, nobody would even be picking apart his DNA.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          but if he was “Walter Smith” he could say “I am 1/8 Cherokee” and nobody would snicker- they’d think it was plausible.

          Trump would not be calling him “Pochahantas” becaue him having Native ancestry is plausible.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        but say Rubio is 75%-25% White-Amerind his Wife looks pure so 87.5%-12.5% which is basically pure-White to the average observer and to the “American Freedom Party”….

  2. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    The entire Hispanic category is illogical because Hispanics are neither a racial nor a linguistic group. Here is a group of Americans who are treated as a racial minority based on ancestry from a Spanish-speaking country. So, a person is assigned to a racial category based on the language spoken by his ancestors. The only reason why this absurdity exists is that the US was foolish enough to let so many immigrants from a single linguistic group into the country.

    Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who look quite white to me, are classified among the Senators who belong to a racial minority. No doubt, the children of Ted Cruz can call themselves Hispanics based on the fact that they have only one grandparent from Cuba, who happens to be white. Just preposterous!

    Canada isn’t exactly rigorous with racial classifications either. Recently, I filled in a census form. For race there were 12 options: White, South Asian, Chinese, Black, Filipino, Latin American, Arab, Southeast Asian, West Asian, Korean, Japanese, Other. Does that classification make sense to you? Not to me.

    Regards. James

    • Another William Playfair Web

      I would honestly like to see an Autosomal ancestry test for Rubio. He does appear to have an Asiatic admixture around the eyes- but what it is from?

      There were/are SE Asians and Tainos on the Island.

    • Gay State Girl

      In the U.S., it’s the same. They request Latinos and Asians to specify their ancestral origin, and Native Americans to specify tribal origin, but did not ask the same of whites.

      Funny too how Pope Francis is regarded as”first Hispanic pope” when in reality he was the son of Italian immigrants who returned to his parents homeland.

  3. Yeah, this point is just exhausting; most Mexicans just don’t get it. They proclaim this whole “bronze race” thing as if we are a distinct racial group but any genetic study will reveal that Mexicans are composed of a vast range of global ethnic markers.

    I try to explain to them that calling oneself “Mexican” to denote race is like someone saying they’re “American” with the same motive. Mexican nationalism is perfectly fine, but any racial injection is delusional.

    • RockT

      Hence the organization “La Raza.” I have trouble explaining this to fellow gringoes.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        How someone who is socially and verbally retarded (the Judge in the Trump case) becomes a Federal Judge is BEYOND ME (he’s apparently in La Raza).
        Pumpkinperson once had footage of general knowledge questions designed to help identify retarded people (not sure if in Canada or the U.S.) where the question was asked to the retarded person “Why do Mexicans speak Spanish”?

        The Alt-Left should advocate IQ testing Federal Jurist candidates (along with Presidential candidates, cough, cough, and T.V. commentators/book writers). 🙂

  4. jorge

    It’s true that most part of Mexicans have some percentage of “black blood”, but is irrelevant, a very little percentage. So it’s stupid think that influences phenotype or behavior. Probably, most part of Mexicans have “black blood” in the same way that American blacks have “Amerindian blood”. Very irrelevant precentages.

    Also there is some percentage of Mexicans that actually have a relevant percentage of it, but are a small minority. And Mexican blacks are 1%, and all of them seems very mixed with Amerindians for what I saw in pictures.

    Average Mexicans are a mix, but more Amerindian than white. Anyway, “white blood” is very relevant in most part of population, and obviously exist a big white minority, but they have a relevant percentage of “Amerindian blood”.

    So, to me, average Mexicans are simply very mixed Amerindians. “Mestizos” if you want, mongrels, but I don’t like use those mongrel racial categories, I prefer “define” people to the main race into them.

  5. SHI

    I am considering emigrating from the country if Trump wins

    If you’re really serious, I can offer helpful tips and connections. Have you considered Old Europe? The cost of living is remarkably lower there compared to almost anywhere in North America. The food is very cheap, especially in groceries and supermarkets. You will never need a car anywhere in Europe because their transportatio infrastructure is so well-established. Even in Eastern Europe.

    As far as individual counrties go, Germany and Netherlands have the most stable economies and long-term future. They are amazing places comparable to the best of what United States has to offer. Frankfurt feels like New York City in terms of vibes and positive attitude. Most people in these countries, especially in urban areas are fluent in English.

    The level of fluency is highest in Norway, Denmark and Sweden but these countries suck because of bad weather, drug abuse (Copenhagen is drug capital of the world) and over-taxation. You don’t get to keep anything you earn here as the State takes away every single dime you make, if they let you earn anything in the first place. Everyone likes to be on welfare in these countries and leaving aside a few big corporations, you’re pretty much out of luck. In fact, modern Russia happens to be far more free market than the protectionist Nordic countries.

    Most of the Nords are assholes and cunts – they follow something called “Jante’s law” which is a code of etiquette where you’re supposed to be part of group behavior and not express your individual opinions freely. The Nords believe in conformance, harmony and predictable behavior just like the Chinese and Koreans. Some of them are racist assholes.

    France sucks. While it’s excellent for tourism and I absolutely love the French language, living in France can be frustrating because of their slower pace of life and very different way of doing things. Outside of major cities, you MUST know French to survive. Also the cost of living (especially accommodation) is high compared to Germany. You’ll find out that noone even in Europe likes the French, and vice versa. Unless and until you’re willing to totally forget where you came from and integrate into the French way of life, stay out.

    Northern Italy and Northern/Middle Spain are excellent places for living cheaply as a foreigner. The locals are nice and extremely hospitable. But do keep in mind the unemployment rate in these countries is sky high right now. You’ll be seen as a rich, over-pampered American tourist and they would like to kidnap you for ransom. A lot of Spaniards seem to have taken to crime, thuggery, pimping and prostitution in the wake of the economic crisis.

    If you go east, you can stretch your dollars or euros in Poland, Czech Republic Hungary or Slovakia and still enjoy a high quality of life. The level of fluency in English is highest in the cities of Poland but everywhere else, you’ll have a hard time finding someone who can converse with you. Even in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, once you step outside the downtown district, almost noone speaks English. Have to carry a phrasebook at all times. I did manage to have “conversations” using Google Translator. Just download that app on your smartphone and you will save yourself and others a lot of trouble.

    Austria, in my experience, is the most racist and xenophobic country in Europe. They just don’t like foreigners. Even you’re a rich tourist with a lot of money, they will behave as if it’s a privilege for you to visit their paradise of a country. The level of racism is unbelievable, except maybe in the capital, Vienna. I’m never visiting that “cunt”ry again.

    Switzerland is the complete opposite of Austria although they both speak German. They are a decent country and full of polite and helpful people. But the cost of living in Switzerland is the highest in all of Europe. Well, it’s the richest country on a per capita income level. There are a lot of jobs in Switzerland and the Swiss are generous, large-hearted people. don’t really mind sharing the bounties and wealth of their country with foreigners.

    Western Ukraine, despite the political instabilty in that country, actually offers a high standard of living at a very low cost. The downside is that you need to learn Russian because very few people can converse with you in English. But all the Ukrainians I ever met (though I haven’t been to that country) seemed to be very nice people.

    • Focio

      I disagree with almost everything. I find the French nice and hospitable, the Nordics stylish and unassuming, and the Austrians quite a relaxed bunch. And in my native Spain, the level of crime is still laughable compared to the United States. Anyway, I think this is the chart that should help you when choosing a new country:

      And a last thing on Nordic taxation level: according to a study quoted by Vicenç Navarro, a Spanish worker pays 83% of the taxes that a Swedish worker pays (the Spanish having also a smaller salary), while the Spanish banks and big companies pay 20% of the taxes they would pay in Sweden.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      SHI- I’m serious as a heart attack.
      could you give me your email?
      or me yours?

    • Tulio

      Interesting. Another way of looking at things is what is the total genetic composition of the USA. If you had look at all Latin American immigrants and determine collectively what their racial ancestry is, what part of it is Amerindian, what part black, what part European? Same with blacks, what part of blacks are African and European? I think this way of looking at race would show a different picture.

  6. Ed

    I have a pet peeve about people declaring that they will emigrate from the US if some candidate gets elected President. For some reason you never hear Republicans use this rhetorical tactic, but it is fairly common among Democrats. Emigration is actually quite difficult, and particularly for Americans. It was arguably easier for a Soviet citizen to migrate from the USSR than an American citizen to migrate from the US as of 2016.

    Another pet peeve is people treating “races” as something other than inventions by some bureaucracy, especially in the pretty obvious case of “Hispanics”.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      well, Ed. This is a special circumstance….if Romney or McCain got elected I had no plans to leave…but Trump, wow.
      It might not make a difference, he might just nuke everywhere.

  7. Another William Playfair Web

    The ironic thing is that I could move to any Country in Europe EXCEPT Spain and be accepted as White. The Spanish are prone to “picking apart DNA” as Tulio said.
    My G-Grandmother and G-Aunt lived in Spain. They hated it. Basically said the people were generally arrogant D-bags.

    Found this impression of a European Spanish accent;

    to be very accurate.

    • Gay State Girl

      Italians are stuck up as well. Sicilians have long been treated as second class citizens. A guy at Lake Como refused to shake my dad’s hand (he looks a tad bit mulatto though I don’t know how.) But I heard Argentina is even more race conscious.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        “Italians are lovely people, but you have to understand they don’t have their heads screwed on right”.
        -Richard Nixon

      • Another William Playfair Web

        It seems like the British are most fond of the Spanish and Germans- they share heritage with the Germans- and the Spanish were the only ones that were really their equals- ever.

        There are also very few Spanish immigrants there- I believe there are Italians, Greeks, and Portuguese, as well as EE of course, but no Spanish.

        Argentinians are hated nearly as much as the Spanish in the Latin American community (Cubans are a close third)……………..

      • Another William Playfair Web

        My Grandmother went to Colombia the year the World Cup was Argentina v. Germany. Nearly everyone there was rooting for Germany. 🙂
        Argentinians are not well liked.
        Argentinian views on race are kind of ridiculous.
        Jorge Videla is a White Supremacist Icon because he fucked with the few Blacks and Few Jews down there.
        but, if I recall correct a “White Argentinian” is on average 22% Amerind.
        I would assume Uruguay is the Whitest, followed by Cuba (Whites 14% mixed), but 22% is still a hefty mixture.
        Robert is one of the few Pro-White figures that would consider them White…so they are foolish.

        • Argentines are 19% Indian, but that’s the whole genome, so they are throwing all the mestizos and Indians into the mix. OTOH, the place is ~80% White. I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few Argentines, and they’re just White people to me. 51% of Argentines have no Indian blood at all.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I was not aware there were people who identified as anything other than White in Argentina.

        • Gay State Girl

          More than half of Argentina’s population is not of Spanish origin. Italians alone account for nearly half of the Argentine population and they mostly arrived after WWI, so they have no possibility of Indigenous ancestry.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I’m under the impression there are basically no young Pure-Italians- they all interbred.
          I believe slightly less than half of the White genome (so a little less than 40%, is Italian)

        • Gay State Girl

          As for the Nazi fugitives…

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Tom Brady’s wife is German-Brazilian :0
          she get’s along quite well with her husband’s fellow football star, Julian Endelmann

        • Gay State Girl

          And Bob Kraft.

        • jorge

          Jorge Videla is not a white supremacism icon. Is a totalitarism icon. He didn’t fucked blacks or Jews. He fucked leftists. In fact, never, at least since 20th century, a government try to fuck blacks, because they are too few (1% today). It was certain moments when Amerindians were fucked, but more than for a racial reason, for economic reasons. If you were racially Amerindian but you have the Argentine regular culture (that can be classified as a mestizo culture), no one government tried to fuck you (even if they saw to Amerindians as inferior), the problem was if you were part of some indigenous nation. In this case, always there were municipal/provincial governments trying to own your lands for give to rich. But this is something that poor regular rural people also suffered and suffer today, no matter if they are Amerindian or white.

          Returning to Videla, economically, his regime was totally helpful to capitalism, international financial system, transnational companies, Zionism, American imperialism… In fact, American governments supported many Latin American dictatorships of that time. And obviously who played a decisive role was our oligarchy, our armed forces warked for it.

          That’s why many conservative nationalists (and also fascists, national socialists, etc.) don’t admire him. They thank him for kill leftists, but nothing more. Some other admire him because are ignorant.

          And yes, Argentines are not very popular in the rest of Latin America because our egocentrism and superiority complex, to which is added to some racism (many Argentines feel superior to other Latin American for being more white) and xenophobia. This image obviously is a generalization but exist in all the country, but especially in Pampean region, and more especially in Buenos Aires.

    • Maurice

      C T is brill, in any language. Cheers!

      • Another William Playfair Web

        this was a classic, all the way.
        The only other things I’ve seen of her have also been from youtube, and they’re all pretty good!

  8. Another William Playfair Web

    Tulio and Robert seem to be on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum with views on this.
    I believe Robert lives in Cali and Tulio in the Southeast?

    Could it be that people in Cali have their state’s history more intertwined with the Spanish, etc. While kids in S.E. just are taught about Ferdinand and Isabella?

  9. Another William Playfair

    Seems like a nice place to live to me. So if we’re not #1 anymore we just give it all up to some nut (solely observational)

    • Tulio

      ““The whole point that I was making is that if people who God puts the death penalty on die anyway, that’s not something that we necessarily need to be mourning,” he said.

      “When people die who deserve to die, it’s not a tragedy,” Jimenez added. ”

      While I don’t endorse his statements, I totally see the logic behind his sentiments.

      He believes in a god that is the ultimate moral authority. That god according to the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination and even rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. Thus homosexuality is an evil and the death of homosexuals is like celebrating the death of very evil people.

      The logic makes sense, if you have those fundamentalist beliefs.

    • Tulio

      Well, he’s right about this

    • Gay State Girl

      I wasn’t really referring to the speech itself, just pointing out more cracks in the rainbow coalition.

      Not a fan of overt faggotry myself.

  10. Tulio


    Two women are running for Senator of California. One Loretta Sanchez and Kamala Harris. Both are considered “women of color”. Both though look pretty damn Caucasian to me. While Sanchez looks a bit “ethnic” in this photo, if you google image search her, it’s clear that she’s a white Hispanic. The other woman is half black and half East Indian. I’m guessing the black parent had a lot of white ancestry and maybe the Indian parent is from the more northern part of India.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Kamala Harris has probably a super-light Punjabi mom and a highly mixed AA dad.
      Loretta Sanchez is just a Criollos.

      • TJF

        To Tulio and Another William Playfair Web:

        AWPW said:
        a highly mixed AA dad.
        Yes -see photo below.

        super-light Punjabi mom
        No somewhat darker than Kamala Harris – she was a Tamil Brahmin Hindu from Chennai.

        FWIW both of Kamala Harris’ parents were highly educated.
        Mom – Doctor Dad – Stanford Professor.

        Her father:

        Her mother (in the middle) note the appearance of her sister Maya:

        Maya Harris looks more distinctively like a person of color at least by modern US thinking. I’ve seen this phenomenon in several mixed families.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Tulio that’s a generally pretty Culturally marxist/main stream social liberal website.
      Don’t you see, it’s about ratings and baitings.

      Sanchez is a “person of color” cause she totes the line they want.
      Jimenez is a “White Hispanic” because he doesn’t (not that I’m defending him).

      Zimmerman was not a White Hispanic either- he was Black Hispanic-Anglo mix, and should have been found Not Guilty- but by reason of insanity (he was a self-hating attention seeking probably racist nut)

      • TJF

        To Another William Playfair Web:

        (he was a self-hating attention seeking probably racist nut)

        The mix of drugs (legally prescribed) that Zimmerman was taking that have been known to cause violent reactions in some people. (Anti-depressants combined with ADD medication). Although Zimmerman post trial has devolved into what would appear to be a racist reactionary – before the shooting he had been a registered Democrat that identified as Hispanic. Also apparently he had come to the defense of a black homeless man by a white guy before the shooting – not exactly what one would expect of a KKK member: http://www.bet.com/news/national/2013/05/09/george-zimmerman-s-brother-takes-aim-at-the-naacp.html

        We do know that Martin was on top of Zimmerman when he was shot.
        My guess is that Trayvon Martin misidentified Zimmerman as a Vato who was out to harass him and Zimmerman misidentified Martin as a local thug/miscreant (Martin’s mother basically said as much) – which ended in tragedy.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          It was a case of “two a$$holes meeting” and one of them had a gun.

          Yes, Martin was on top, it was proven,
          however, Zimmerman caused the whole thing by disobeying the 911 operator- a law enforcement officer- a misdemeanor, and through that caused the death of Martin.

          Killing someone while in the commission of a misdemeanor= Misdemeanor manslaughter (the crime of manslaughter is still a felony, it’s just what it is called).
          Manslaughter was the way to go.

  11. Another William Playfair Web

    Charles Murray is great!
    -Not afraid to say the inconvient Truth that Trump is a fucktard who will wreck the U.S.
    -Challenged on it by the savior of the White race crowd referencing his “Asian wife”- as the reason, responds “it’s an aversion to assholes”

    Murray having an Asian wife is such a shame cuz they dum. I’m smart! Tricky Chinks are the ones keeping me in this trailer.

  12. Another William Playfair Web

    The problem is that these White ‘Spics don’t want to admit there is one.
    -They can’t blame the Jews.
    -They can’t Blame the cucks.
    -They can’t even blame Nordicists.
    -They CAN blame Alt-Right fucktards.
    -They CAN blame the failures of White culture- not valuing education.
    Tis’ why I generally hate Whites and Hispanics BOTH.
    I for one say the world should be populated with NE Asian-Bantu hybrids- like Whites except not so ‘dumbassical’.

  13. “I met one guy who worked in a bank, born in Mexico, who would not even admit that he was a Mexican! He identified as “Spaniard” and told me he was from Spain! Turned out he was born and raised in Mexico. He very much looked down on less White-Mexicans and especially said they spoke crap Spanish, whereas the White ones like him spoke excellent pure Spanish, straight out of Spain. Speaking the so-called “pure Spain from Spanish” is a very big deal in Mexico. I met an 20 year old illegal who dropped out of school in second grade who told me that speaking “the real Castillian” was a very big deal in his circles!”

    Here in Canada I once met a white (or at least white-appearing, if slightly mixed) Ecuadorian woman who told me she was Spanish; I later found out she was in fact Ecuadorian, and wondered why she had lied. The guy who told me she was Ecuadorian was Uruguayan, pure white for all appearances, and very open about being Uruguayan. Perhaps the Ecuadorian woman was ashamed of some non-white ancestry, and so pretended to be what she wished she was, Spanish…

  14. jorge

    Robert Lindsay.

    “Argentines are 19% Indian, but that’s the whole genome, so they are throwing all the mestizos and Indians into the mix. OTOH, the place is ~80% White. I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few Argentines, and they’re just White people to me. 51% of Argentines have no Indian blood at all.”

    Not, in fact, like 56% of Argentines have, at least, one relatively close Amerindian (or “mestizo mostly Amerindian”) ancestor. And this percentage is growing.

  15. jorge

    Gay State Girl.

    “More than half of Argentina’s population is not of Spanish origin. Italians alone account for nearly half of the Argentine population and they mostly arrived after WWI, so they have no possibility of Indigenous ancestry.”

    Not, a person can have both origins (Spanish and Italian). The majority of population have some Spanish ancestor.

  16. Ultra Cool

    What the hell is a hispanic?

    If you are from Latin America and you speak spanish but you aren’t mixed White-Indian, are you still hispanic?

    If you speak spanish and you’re mixed White-Indian but you but you aren’t from Latin America, are you still hispanic?

    If you are mixed White-Indian and from Larin America but you don’t speak spanish, are you still hispanic?

    If you are from Latin America but but you don’t speak spanish and you aren’t mixed White-Indian, are you still hispanic?

    If you speak spanish, but you aren’t mixed White-Indian and you aren’t from Latin America, are you still hispanic?

    If you are mixed White-Indian but you aren’t from Latin American and you don’t speak spanish, are you still hispanic?

  17. Another William Playfair Web

    if I’ve been told I most resemble http://a4.files.biography.com/image/upload/c_fill,cs_srgb,dpr_1.0,g_face,h_300,q_80,w_300/MTE5NDg0MDU1MzY3ODEyNjIz.jpg

    “a younger Bernie Sanders”,
    and when Trump wins I want to go to NORTH Mexico (simply because I don’t want to be kidnapped in the South as “Rich YT”….
    will be safe?
    How dark are “North Mexican Mestizos”?
    Do I need a tan?
    I had pretty much a full blown epicanthic fold as a child but now it’s less pronounced? Will I survive?

    Robert is the anthropologist and grew up near North Mexico so it’s mainly directed at him?

    • Another William Playfair Web

      I honestly have no idea what just happened. But look at the first picture, with the link.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      it will be too hard to get into Canada at that time, I’m sure.

    • Northern Mexico is the Whitest part of Mexico. Monterrey is for all intents and purposes a White city. And you would blend right in, especially that first photo. That first photo would be perfect for that part of Mexico.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        now, I’ve seen in movies that the border guards from the Mexican side at crossing stations basically let anyone into Mexico (at least from America that is, they want the Guatemalans out:) )

        Is this accurate?

      • Another William Playfair Web

        they figure Americans can’t do any harm, that is.

      • Another William Playfair Web
        • TJF

          To Another William Playfair Web:

          A friend of mine who looks very gringo (Red hair, blue eyes) traveled by car to rural Baja for 7 years at stretches that generally lasted up to 6 months. That said his car looked like a piece of crap and he dressed in ragtag clothing – eg it appeared he had little of value to thieves or the police (the difference between the two is not that great).

          The area you are outlining above is a Narco highway – you may get hassled by both the police and traffickers – or you could have zero problems. If you are travelling in a 2013 BMW expect to get a lot more attention than if you are travelling in a 1986 Toyota. If you are not familiar with Mexico and nor fluent in Spanish, then I wouldn’t advise using your own car. Travel by bus or fly to your destination. Most major Mexican cities have decent public transportation.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          thanks for the advice. I’m going to try to woodshed “study very intensely” Spanish, I’ve had exposure to it, for a good time, and took classes in middle and High School.

          I also would like to ask, do you know how easy it is to get into Mexico? Do they really watch their Northern border at all?

          It could be useful if Balkanization is expedieted when Trump is elected. I want a quick getaway.

          I suppose floating to Cuba is another option,
          1. I suspect security around the Island is still strong.
          2. They’ll send you back to the U.S./realize you are there
          3. You might not make it.

    • TJF

      To Another William Playfair Web:

      I want to go to NORTH Mexico (simply because I don’t want to be kidnapped in the South as “Rich YT”….

      There are Mexican citizens with those phenotypes all over Mexico. Kidnapping gangs generally target people who are known to be rich (generally wealthy Mexicans) not just because they have a Southern European appearance. Also not all of Mexico is dangerous – the state of Yucatan has a murder rate lower than 90% of US states including your home state of West Virginia.


      “The state with the lowest murder rate is Yucatán, the Gulf of Mexico state known for its beaches and Mayan ruins. Its murder rate of 2 per 100,000 was comparable to Wyoming and Montana.”

      If you avoid border cities (Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez for example) and use the same common sense that you would in the US you should be fine. Don’t carry a lot of cash, don’t wear expensive jewelry, and don’t wear obviously expensive clothing in lower income areas.

      Note that our national’s capital has a murder rate 4 times higher than it’s counterpart in Mexico:

      “Washington, D.C.’s murder rate is nearly quadruple that of the Mexican capital, Mexico City. Washington’s murder rate was 31.4 per 100,000 people in 2008; Mexico City’s rate in 2009 was 8.”.

  18. TJF

    To Another William Playfair Web:

    I also would like to ask, do you know how easy it is to get into Mexico? Do they really watch their Northern border at all?

    Not like the US but you still should enter lawfully which is a very easy process. Any Mexican police officer has the right to ask for your ID and initiate a deportation process if it is determined you entered Mexico illegally.
    Also I would avoid discussing or participating in Mexican politics (American politics are fair game). US citizens have been permanently expelled from Mexico because they participated in a demonstration for indigenous rights.

    It could be useful if Balkanization is expedieted when Trump is elected. I want a quick getaway.

    I’d be very surprised if Americans were restricted from leaving or countries that had previously allowed emigration from the US started denying access. It could possibly become harder to become a legal resident alien. (The right to work, etc..) But Mexico currently has no problem accepting your gringo dollars as a tourist and I doubt that will change.

    I am still of the opinion that Trump will lose by at least 5% and likely more 10% to Hillary Clinton but the BLM crowd is not helping things. If continued “teachable moments” translate into multiple riots in August/September whites will be more motivated to A) Vote B) Vote for someone more authoritarian.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      I, and super statistician Nate Silver were very sure that Hillary would win (odds about 4 to 1) and by more than Obama (Silver predicted every state correctly in 2012, and 49/50 in 2008), and uses some form of comprehensize anaylsis not given (but it works 🙂 )

      Since the email curfufle her chances have gone from 80 to 65.
      She’s up by 3 in recent polls.

      This terror thing in France will give Trump a further bump.
      He’ll be ahead for a few weeks (or tied),
      the debates are the saving grace.
      She’ll roast him (in a non-low IQ GOP setting, and just one on one, where he has to be more substantive, and have more interaction with the moderators, it won’t go his way).
      Is he going to call Judy Woodruff a “Bimbo”?
      won’t go over well.

      Hillary will win, but it’ll be quite close for comfort.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        Bernie, was leading, even as the loser on the Dem side, Trump by 19 points in hypothetical matchups.
        Surely he would have gotten another boost after all of Trump’s insanity recently.

        Bernie would have gotten 60%+.

  19. Another William Playfair Web

    The problem with a more permanent immigration thing- is that I’ll be 19, and have the issue of not yet even having an Associate’s degree… not really any skills.
    I am also dead tired of Ameriproles. The Democrats dumped the White working class because, no matter how they tried to show “Reaganomics will harm you”, etc., they wouldn’t do it “cuz Blacks, cuck”.

    • Gay State Girl

      Hah I did not realize you were that young.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        I think the problem with that is that so many people- disproportionately ethnically and racially different, will be swarming Canada, and hence tensions will emerge there.

        I decided I’d just make a clean go for it and hit Mexico………………………………

      • Another William Playfair Web

        because by definition Latin American Jews had fled the inquisition and were forced to give up their faith- the records may be sketchy, so it’s hard to look for Sephardic Ancestry to get “apology citizenship” in Spain or Portugal…………………………

    • Jason Y

      Why is it that people seem so old when the write? I’m nearly middle age myself. I was thinking William was some grandfather type. I made the same mistake on this other forum.

      I can’t even remember when I was 19. So much exciting stuff happened since them that it makes the whole time a blur. People ask on social media about old times in high school and it seems another life in the Hindu birth/rebirth cycle.

      • Gay State Girl

        How old do I seem?

      • Another William Playfair Web

        well, I’ve always been legally an adult (18+) when I commented here……………………………………………………………………….never a “kid”

      • Another William Playfair Web

        I’m already having an existential crisis……………….

        I just can not comprehend that so many people are just so evil…. willing to kill and harm people for something they can’t change- their ethnicity/race. Many of them are similar in personality, because things are distributed in a bell curve, things are not absolute.

        I used to always mock racism, because I thought it was one of the silliest things in the world.
        But apparently so many people are racist….
        are they waiting in line with you at the store?
        are the driving next to you when you’re on the freeway?
        What caused them to think this way?
        Is it justified?
        it makes it worse that there are at least some reasons to keep these people “out”, although varying segments of HBD applying to varying ethnicities- as Robert has shown many times, is just silly (Syrians, basically any East Asians, White Hispanics, etc.)

        I have also developed a deep seated hatred of the General Anglo-Saxon American populace (not ALL, but in general, and hence it is ironic that I denounce racism then say this). They have obviously shown that they can not satisfactorily look out for their own economic interests, abandoned the Democrats just because they didn’t like the Size of someone’s nose and made them turn to the non-Whites and bring this absurd immigration.
        and now they blame the Jews……………………..

        The Jews are a people with whom I have tremendous respect, and although I don’t agree with Israel’s crazy expansion/related policies- I’m a proud Judeophile to the utmost degree.
        Some Sephardic Jews fled the Spanish inquisition to Latin America…so I may have some ancestry, and I would be honored.

        You must teach me to hate my enemies

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Although I still identify with the left, because actually that does benefit the economy as a whole and hence the upper and middle classes,

          I honestly could not give two shits what happens to the Proletariat, specifically the White proletariat generally speaking.
          Here’s Why;

          My dad used to tell stories of how when he was Vice President of his local labor union, that during the 1984 elections, he was floored at how many of his fellow Union Members were voting for Ronald Reagan, many people would say they were voting for him.
          My father would say “Why are you voting for a man who disavows unions themselves- who has made great efforts to destroy them?”. To which they would just blink stupidly.

          Although he’d grown up in what was basically a Majority Black area, and had disliked Blacks up until that time, he began to see that Blacks can vote for their own interests, and it’s not that hard. He hence stopped hating Blacks.
          and now, despite their dumbassery, they have the audacity to look everywhere for blame but themselves.

          I do not trust them to actually keep America on it’s tracks. I have basically gotten to the point of “the Establishment is smarter, they beat the Proletariat. It’s all for the best”.


  20. Jason Y

    Of course Mexicans, like Filipinos, are prejudiced against blacks, though of the type as Tulio said, of where they’ll work for Michael Jordan but otherwise always have something negative to say about blacks.

    Of course prejudice on the level of Mexicans would be an abomination among whites and make them look like heartless, mean monsters.

    • Jason Y

      If anyone says rebel flag raising yahoos in East Tennessee are less prejudiced against blacks than Mexicans are, then they’re incredibly misinformed.

      It’s certainly about hate not heritage.

    • Jason Y

      Sometimes the so called rednecks in East Tennesse try to pretend ike they’re not prejudiced, but it’s so fake that it’s comical. Like one of these dummies posted some photo showing black and white hands holding in wake of the recent shooting. But come on ??

      This guy is always saying nigger in private life, and also he’s always posting far right crap on his Facebook page.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        “Fed up Whiteperson” the fairly large facebook community, was actually run a Black troll.

        It started off with some blatantly racialist stuff then devolved into an appreciation forum for Black celebrities-
        very bizarre.

        It just goes to show, racialists, or at least Anti-Nam racialists (who probably still hate the other groups) are generally not too bright, to fall for something like that.

  21. Jason Y

    I think smart types might be meaner than dumb types in regards to racism You take some smart racist prick at a college or university adn they can be much more a terror than some racist blue collar guy.

    They seem like trolls on a campus constantly saying mean things under their breath to liberals always grumbling. So many times a liberal would like to smash in their face with an iron bar or something. It’s worse than being trash talked by Muhammad Ali.

  22. Another William Playfair Web


    “Why do Mexicans speak Spanish”? is a question on the retard test, and keep in mind, IQ tests (or at least Weschesler) are designed, maybe because of limited multiple choice options- so that the average test taker gets 75% right………
    Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks are hence retarded.
    I always knew 98 was a b.s. number for Americans.

    Asians are the future

  23. William

    So this guy, who spoke at the RNC convention, is apparently half-Costa Rican, Half-Argentinian.

    I was under the impression both were pretty much White countries;

    but this guy looks like a stereotypical “Mexican”

    • TJF

      To William:

      So this guy, who spoke at the RNC convention, is apparently half-Costa Rican, Half-Argentinian. I was under the impression both were pretty much White countries; but this guy looks like a stereotypical “Mexican”

      I’ve been to both countries, Argentina has a substantial number of Mestizos and Castizos, with the latter basically being a dominant phenotype outside of the wealthier areas of Buenos Aires and some of the other major cities. Costa Rica, by my observations from one trip, is even less white than Argentina with a black population in some of the cities on the Eastern coast. I doubt anyone in either country would bat an eyelash if this man were walking down the street. What the two countries lack, in contrast to Mexico, is much of a remaining indigenous population or culture that isn’t heavily mixed outside of some isolated rural areas (Similar to the situation in the US).

  24. William

    So apparently there is a “TMM” visa upon entry to Mexico, which allows individuals to stay for up to 6 months, and “it can be renewed indefinitely”.

    I take it you can not work with this visa?
    It seems mainly for retiree types.

    So I assume one could really not do much, if it’s not for retiree types they could just live in some schitty motel “indefinitely”

  25. Jason Muniz

    Yeah Chicanos are their own thing. Mexican immigrants and usually first generation Mexican Americans(although the degeneration begins with them) have a more “relaxed” mindset, they tend to be more individualistic(in the “fuck you I’m going to care for myself” kind of way) whereas chicanos seem to be stuck in the past and have a very superficial collective identity.

    I’m so sorry to hear you had an encounter with a hispanista “hispanic”, those who think they are more Castilian than the Castilians lol. Those poor souls are probably unaware that their Spanish grandaddies were poor southerners with an accent(Andalucian and Extremaduran particularly) and were probably not descended from Nordic Visigoths lmfao but short and swarthy meds. Same goes for indigenists with their childish dislike for anything that is from the Afro-Eurasian landmass.

    I can bet we have more in common with these types of spanish people: https://youtu.be/yvuauL-gaoQ

    Than with these natives:https://youtu.be/fCPa5vG1x9g

    Or this piece of shit: https://www.google.com/search?q=rey+felipe&client=ms-android-metropcs-us&prmd=niv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwit9ciRuNzQAhVIyGMKHel2CnoQ_AUICSgC&biw=320&bih=440

  26. Andalusian ancestry is common in Philippines as well.

    South Americans and Cubans seem to claim ancestry from Northwest Atlantic Spain (Castro, Che, Pinochet) while Mexicans from the South of Spain.

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