Casual Anti-Black Racism, Los Angeles, 1962-68

This is terrible, but we were somewhat racist as young kids. I remember we had globes and we used to look up all the countries on there. We found Niger and we couldn’t stop laughing. “Look, a country called Nigger!” We always called in Nigger from then on. Then we found Nigeria and we called it Niggeria (like rhymes with diphtheria). We always called it Niggeria after that. We thought that was hilarious too.

That was simply a perfectly normal thing for young White boys (aged 5-11) to do back in those days. That sort of casual racism was everywhere and no one even commented on it. That would have been from about 1962-68 in the white suburbs of the LA area.

We had no personal bias against against Black people though because that was not ok in the circles I grew up in.

For one thing, I was raised in a very liberal household. After the Watts riots, almost all of the White teachers in that area put in transfer requests. My father was one of the few White teachers who said he wanted to go back and teach in Watts after the riots. One time, one of us said the word “nigger” at the dinner table and a big fight ensued. My father flipped out and read us the riot act. That word was not to be used at the table ever again!

One reason I hate modern antiracists so much is that I am sure that they would call my father an anti-Black racist based on a few remarks he made here and there. After all he did for those people,and they would still call him racist. That’s one example of why I want the Cultural Left to burn and why I hate modern antiracists, who are a perversion of the original type.

We weren’t even very racist either. We didn’t hate Blacks or Black kids. We didn’t even know any. Blacks were like people in the media and conversation and not like people you met or talked to. We saw Blacks sometimes at baseball or football games in LA, but we didn’t talk to them. I don’t think we had anything against them though. We had no personal animus against Black people at all. We simply didn’t know any of them.

My favorite baseball star of all time was Willie Mays, a Black guy. I think my brother liked Hank Aaron, another Black guy. I remember at a football game maybe at Hunter’s Point, I got OJ Simpson’s autograph. I was on cloud nine for weeks; I got my hero’s autograph! I do not know what he was doing there but people saw him and pointed him out. He sure was charismatic.


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31 responses to “Casual Anti-Black Racism, Los Angeles, 1962-68

  1. Jason Y

    It wasn’t the case with my dad. If I acted like nigger was bad, then he’d flip out.

    I’m pretty sure though that in liberal households, my brother’s being one, the kids try to rebel by saying naughty racist words. No I know that was happening. It was odd too considering my brother lives in an area with literally zero blacks. How can you hate something you aren’t in contact with?

    • Jason Y

      Mostly people in East Tennessee are cowards talking about niggers, calling white people, myself included, who aren’t racist, nigger. But they sure as hell won’t say it front of real blacks, at least not tough ones, only effeminate or retarded ones.

      • Jason Y

        But as is the case with any kind of racism black against white, white against black, or between other groups, it’s always cowardly commenting toward targets who can’t fight or make good comebacks.

  2. Jason Y

    Anyone who says people in East Tennessee, and the south, aren’t racist they’re full of it. It’s not about heritage. They really hate blacks, and the proof is how they make fun of them and people who side with them. They do it all the time, and especially when one of thier targets makes them angry by breaking taboos, or just pissing them off.

    So the rebel flags in the back of trucks etc.. is all a big lie.

  3. Jason Y

    One reason I hate modern antiracists so much is that I am sure that they would call my father an anti-Black racist based on a few remarks he made here and there. After all he did for those people,and they would still call him racist. That’s one example of why I want the Cultural Left to burn and why I hate modern antiracists, who are a perversion of the original type.

    Possibly real contact with average blacks might foster a positive geniune brotherly love, not the fake PC type liberals are into.

    • Truthteller

      Just the opposite: real sustained contact with ACTUAL blacks – rather than the mythologized “victims” of the leftist imagination – can only lead to a incredibly strong – and throughly justified! – loathing of them.

  4. I think in the Southwest, Mexicans are respected less than Blacks. At least Blacks can sing and throw a ball. Mexicans…we’re just short and charmless (in English)!

  5. Tulio

    Robert, since you’ve said on many occasions that you know your people very well, what percentage of whites would you estimate are racist?

    • Another William Playfair Web

      I am considering emigrating from the country if Trump wins, and I have a question;
      what percentage of non-Hispanic White people understand the difference between Mestizo (even if they don’t know that word) types and European Spanish types?

      • Tulio

        Hell, most Latino whites I’ve met don’t think they are white. They see themselves as “Latino” which I guess in public mind automatically means “non-white” since it’s highly associated with mestizos.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Tulio- It’s only the immigrant White Latinos who give a shit. If you’re raised in America, you forget that.
          It’s okay I guess in that there are less racists,
          it gonna get us all killed

    • Racist against whom? Racist against Blacks? Racist against other races? Racist like I was as a kid (casual racism)?

      Let’s put it this way. There’s this idea that we over race now and there is no racism anymore. That’s NOT SO. White people are still WAY MORE racist than that. OTOH, this SJW attitude that Whites are still fire-breathing KKK crackers is just nonsense. White racism is very subtle and nowadays it is also quite underground and it is getting to the point where it is almost uncool to be casually racist in public or around company. A lot of people will speak up or object or act offended.

      Nevertheless, IT’S THERE ALL RIGHT. In a lot of people, it takes more the form of “Whites are the superior race” versus “I hate the other races.” These types even date and have sex with non-Whites, but they’re still “White supremacists in a sense.” They just think we’re better, that’s all. These types are not White nationalists at all. You can’t think of them that way, and they sort of hate those people in a way.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        The internet is an echo chamber. You have these fuckwits running around doing their dumb shit- but I really don’t see that in the real world.
        I’d say maybe 40% of Whites agree with these 4 things;
        Blacks and Black culture are to be mocked.
        Hispanics are OKAY if they speak English, have good personality, etc.
        Asians are cool (cool culture).
        Whites- stale, boring, etc.
        My impressions of the REAL WORLD, not the internet echo chamber.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        do you have an answer to my query?

  6. Joe

    Some black African (immigrant) parents outright tell their children not to befriend black Americans.

    • Tulio

      If it weren’t for black Americans and the rights they fought for, they wouldn’t even have been allowed to immigrate here in the first place.

    • Tulio

      Besides, it’s not like you can’t find your share of black Africans behaving horribly. From crime, corruption and scamming in Nigeria, to albinos being killed.

      If the Africans are talking about black Americans who live in projects and sell dope and pimp women, then I have no issue with that. I wouldn’t want my kids around them either. But that has more to do with a certain underclass of people, not the entire ethnicity. Every race has some sort of underclass people up to no good. Unfortunately when it comes to black Americans, we tend to be defined by our worst elements. Whereas people tend to not do that with other groups. Nobody defines whites on the whole by trailer trash and outlaw bikers cooking up meth.

      • jorge

        I read a little about this. The thing is that black African immigrants are from middle-class and upper-class, and they have the idea of underclass blacks, that always was showed in movies, series, etc. as gangsters or, at least, violent people. But maybe are not all, and, I don’t know, but maybe those who fear blacks, also are afraid of Latin Americans/descendants of Latin Americans for example, especially if they don’t look white.

        Obviously they have all kind of bad things in their countries, but this will not cause them not to be afraid of “bad people” from United States. In addition, there may be a significant percentage of them that, in their countries, live “locked” in private neighborhoods or areas with less contact with the lower classes precisely because they fear them.

      • To Tulio, hell many blacks in Africa still don’t like other black ethnic groups from the same nation.

  7. Gay State Girl

    In 1950’s South Africa, my mother grew up singing “eenie meenie miney moe, catch a n****r by the toe.”

    • Another William Playfair Web

      have you seen “Cry of Freedom” the movie?
      I definitely understand other perspectives (HBD), but my ‘Step-Mother’ was East-Indian South African and they were against Apartheid.

      • Gay State Girl

        I’ve known South Africans of Indian, Malay, and Chinese descent but never really bothered to ask about their experiences under apartheid or how they felt of the turnover. Various Black African regimes haven’t treated them particularly well either. Chinese South Africans had to fight for their status as coloreds so as not to be subject to the same quotas as whites.

        When did your step mom come over? Does she still maintain the same attitudes about the South African government?

        • Another William Playfair Web

          well, not thrilled, but
          “At least it’s not Zimbabwe” is the big talking point.
          Ironically her dad retired to Detroit 🙂

      • Jason Y

        Awesome movie, as is pretty all the other anti-aparthied South African movies including the one with that guy from Shawshank Redemption, playing the true believer white police officer.

        Nonetheless, there is always an amount of bias, as it probably wouldn’t have shown any real black crime that would make the system seem justified. Nonetheless, I’d say there was massive black crime, but there wasn’t enough to justify aparthied.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      when did your mother come over?

  8. We also made fun of the nation of Niger and sung the “Eenie meenie miney moe” song. But we also had Po-lock jokes, that we told everyday, too. So when I realized that many people were saying that ” You can’t ever say that “N” word” with fear in their eyes, I often wondered why that was any different than saying that “P” word. Why? I soon realized that it was because Blacks seemed to have some kind of automatic “this is the end of the world” violent reaction over their derogatory term, basically every black!……but not the Polish kids, or Italians, etc. So it really made all of the white kids I knew TRULY racist because to see a group react in this overboard “we can’t take an insult- or we will kill you” kind of way was not acceptable.We all took insults of all kinds, ( personal insults, ethnic group membership insults, etc.) and none of the other groups acted so hostile over their being insulted like the blacks. Taking insults and slurs for your group was part of not being a woos and because they had hateful violent fits over it we al thought of them as violent woosies, not like us at all!

    • Jason Y

      Not so sure. A lot of whites go into a rage if you crticize them Don’t think so try it. Go on Facebook and make fun of them, insult them. See what happens.

      But what’s the big deal? I mean, it’s a poltical view, or freedom of speech. I tell you. They will crucify you as much as blacks would, at least in East Tennessee.

      • Jason Y

        There’s a whole new group of whites, I suppose they’ve been listening to David Duke, who think they’re the victim and practice tribalism on the level of blacks. You cannot joke around with them about race, or criticize thier race seriously.

        Maybe it’s a new group, or maybe it’s always been like that.

      • Gay State Girl

        Yes but liberals don’t get bent out of shape over dumb Pollack jokes or drunk Irish jokes or Redneck jokes.

        • Jason Y

          OK so I get it. They’re resentful when somebody makes fun of them, cause if somebody makes fun of blacks then they’re dead meat.

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