Orlando, Florida!

Good God, that is shocking! That’s got to be the worst one ever. 103 casualties, 50 dead, 53 wounded. Is that the worst mass killing since 9-11?

Everybody go buy a car full of guns, right now. That will stop the shooting for sure. The only way to stop the shooting is more guns, more guns, more guns! I am serious. People actually believe this.


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45 responses to “Orlando, Florida!

  1. Jason Y

    Make the Muslims leave. Men women and children. Don’t let them come in the US ever again.

    Anyhow, this still doesn’t make Trump the correct choice or validate the superiority of Trump supporters whom, as I was saying, are generally losers.

    • Jason Y

      Iv’e always said I didn’t trust Muslims even more so than ghetto blacks, and certainly more than regular black people. Muslims are not staying in their own neighborhoods, but are causing havoc everwhere.

      Also, compared to Latinos, Muslims are are a billion times worse.

    • Tulio

      If this shooter truly has ties to ISIS, this may be enough to secure the presidency for Trump.

      I think Hillary would be the most likely winner under normal circumstances, but all it takes it another 9/11 or some other act of mass killing by Muslims to send people toward the most xenophobic candidate.

      When people are afraid, they want a “strong man” to protect them.

      • Trump CANNOT win. I mean it is not even possible. Hillary has 237 electoral votes LOCKED before the election even starts, 5 months out. All she needs is 33 more and she has got it. And she will get that easily.

        • Jason Y

          Trump CANNOT win. I mean it is not even possible. Hillary has 237 electoral votes LOCKED before the election even starts, 5 months out. All she needs is 33 more and she has got it. And she will get that easily.

          Are u sure about that? Do you have some sources?

        • Jason Y

          People have always said Trump was a joke. He proved them wrong so far, and now is the last step to the oval office.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          The only way Trump will win is if he starts kissing ass to Hispanics and also manages to win the Rust Belt, which are two things not really compatible (I think that John Kasich or Pennsylvania Tea Party sen. Pat Toomey will be his running mate).

      • Jason Y

        Yep, Tulio is right.

  2. Jason Y

    Guns are not causing the problem. The problem lies in the fact we allow Muslims in the US at all. Anyhow, banning guns wouldn’t keep Musims from illegally getting guns or bringing in some explosives either legal or homemade.

    • Jason Y

      Oh, it was a gay nightclub. He attacked due to Muslim’s hatred of gay stuff. Still Muslims attack anyone, including a pre-school.

    • Tulio

      Huh? What kind of Tennessee moonshine are you sipping today, Jason? Most these mass shootings have NOT been by Muslims. And if you talley up the 30,000 gun deaths a year in America, only a tiny fraction are committed by Muslims.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        Thank you, Tulio.
        Jason is pretty damn politically bipolar.

        • Jason Y

          True Muslims don’t commit all acts of violence, but better safe than sorry, and Muslims are also plotting extreme stuff using WMDs etc..

          They should also go after white nationalists as, considering the Turner Diaries book, have plans for WMDs.

    • Hasdrubal

      The straight line running through all these mass shootings is the easy availability of military style small arms. I’m not saying AR-15’s should be illegal, but it should be a giant fucking hassle and cost a lot of money to get and keep one.

  3. SHI

    Apparently Donald Trump has been proven right again! it was a Muslim from Afghanistan killing homosexuals in a nightclub. What can possibly go wrong with this picture.

    Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels and now Orlando. The world is becoming a scary place.

    • jorge

      Yes, is becoming a scary place. Ask to Afghans, Irakis or Vietnamese.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      He was from New York….
      So you guys don’t trust the Jew media in everything else, but then you do trust them when they are obviously fear mongering/ looking out for their anti-Muslim Jew interests?
      It’s a legit question.

      • Exactly.

        Go and figure who has the biggest motive to demonize the Muslims and rally the world in a fight against them ?
        Who has the biggest motive to get the Muslims countries to descend into internal chaos and civil war ?
        Who has the biggest motive to add Muslims to the usurers debt slave farm ?

        Really, the people are being led around by the nose, they are just too stupid to join the dots.

        See Yinon Oded for details.

  4. SHI

    Textbook homophobia. I have said this before, Islam is incompatible with modern society. I have gay friends who happen to be very nice people. This is not right.


  5. Big G

    Yes there are people that believe that in extreme situations. There are other people that believe that a suicide shooter will give a crap about gun laws. Most people in the middle believe we have a right to defend ourselves. It’s a horrible situation that the NRA claims zero responsibility for. No matter what the Democratic party insists. Those areas where firearms are not allowed have very high numbers of violent crime.

  6. Gay State Girl

    Pst Buchanan must be deeply conflicted…

    • Tulio

      I know right! I just read that another terrorist plot was just foiled for the Los Angeles gay pride parade. I was thinking that hardline conservatives must be torn.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      he may have more of a strong opinion when he finds out that Marco Rubio’s whereabouts are still unknown………
      it was “Latin night”

  7. Robert are Indians hated anywhere as bad as Muslims? I think Americans confuse them on sight.

    • Nah. Indians deserve to be hated way more and Muslims way less.

      • Gay State Girl

        When have Hindus ever committed terrorist attack against Americans?

        • Jason Y

          That’s the kicker. They don’t commit terrorism against anyone, except their own people, but nobody cares about that. Only if pampered westerners get attacked. That’s the only thing that draws attention.

          Looking at the Jim Crow south or aparthied South Africa, nobody really cared about that stuff either, except Jews, who though perhaps for selfish motives, did something about it.

  8. Kareem

    I feel like this benefits Hillary more than trump. People have been wanting stricter gun laws for the longest.

  9. Jason Y

    One Al Queda plot involved nuking Las Vegas. The idea being they would gain more sympathy worldwide cause supposedly the city was an area of sin and wasted money.

  10. SHI

    In other interesting news from Europe, English soccer hooligans meet their match in Russian neo-Nazi thugs. The Battle of Marseilles in the pretext of Euro soccer tournament 2016, saw only dozens of tough, manly Russkies beating the living hell out of hundreds of English nancy-boys.


    England has become totally undeserving of its glorious past. This was a country that had a global Empire 70 years ago, spanning one-third of the world. They now take a beating from the Russkies and run home to mommy and daddy.

    Read the comments in that story. Hilarious.

    • jorge

      I don’t know how many of English fans that were in the stadium, were hooligans (part of some firm of some club) and not only normal supporters.

      In the pictures, most part do not look like hooligans at all. English hooligans maybe are the most controlled of all (even they have problems to leave United Kingdom).

      After all, Russian ultras are stronger than English hooligans today, but at least, it would have been a fight more evenly.

    • Jason Y

      Seems like some people have to fight even if there is no war. But be high testosterone.

      • SHI

        @ Jason

        As a Yank, you really have no grasp of how crazy they can be about soccer in Europe and South America. For many Europeans, it’s more than a sport but a life-and-death thing. The very reason of existence.

        Check out this movie called “Green Street Elite”. It’s fun to watch if you want to gain an understanding of the phenomena of soccer hooliganism in Europe.

        (WARNING: Unintelligible, working class British accents).

      • jorge

        Violence of football fans is quite common in many places.

        I am a football fan and I can’t imagine a life without football and without my club. Hell, I love my club like I love my mother. And I’m a quite quiet person and I think that I have a good general knowledge, at least for Argentine standards. But if I am walking in the street and someone insults my team (in a rude way), I can go really crazy and I want to have a fight with him. Obviously many times I have self-control, but at least I have to insult his club as minimum (especially if is someone with I can’t fight physically, like a women, a kid or an old man). And obviously alcohol make things go worst.

        For many people, football is part of life. Yes, can be stupid, but is something out of reason, like fanatism for some music band/artist (but real fanatism, not stupid teenage fashionable hysteria). Really is passion. Even many football fans sometimes see to “non-football fans” as “cold” people, especially if they are from our same “environment”, where affinity (not “extreme” fanatism) for football is common. By the way, there are different levels of affinity, but here almost always there is some kind of affinity to football. And there are a lot of non-violent passionate football fans.

        Maybe you (Americans) can see something a bit similar in fans of your main sports.

        • Gay State Girl

          Oh definitely. A few years ago, we had Sox fans igniting cars with New York license plates.

        • SHI

          Check this one out fellas. England vs. Russia, just came in. There’s nothing on this scale in the US.

          This is a real battle.

  11. jorge

    Gay State Girl

    Well, this is definitely vandalism (called hooliganism if is made by football fans).

    Maybe the difference is that it’s a lot more frequent and violent in football (“soccer” for you), but also happens in other sports obviously.

    Most common troubles are between fans of different clubs/countries, or against police, but sometimes this carry to general riots. Or sometimes riots start simply because some fans of a club are angry (for lose a final or get relegated to a lower division) and start to do vandalisn in stadium or outside (sometimes they go breaking everything/ransacking shops when are returning to their neighborhood).

    In 2014, after Argentina lose against Germany the final of FIFA World Cup in Brazil, riots started in Buenos Aires. After each game that Argentina won in those world cup, people went to streets to celebrate. In this occasion, many people went to streets (not celebrating but drinking), and probably riots started because there were drunken fans bothering cops. But this carry to general riots in downtown of the city. There were many opportunistic thieves.

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