Neoliberalism Kills


Gee, it only kills 850,000 per year every single year in the US. What’s so bad about that? Now you see why some of us hate capitalism so much. The prevailing view is that it is ok to kill 850,000 people/yr. in  the US just so we can have more money and more stuff. In other words, let’s kill a million people a year so I can have more stuff. But wait! What if we don’t do that? What if we say, no, it’s not ok to kill a million people a year so you guys can have more stuff? Let’s put in some policies that at the very least lower that rate, ok? How about that?

Oh no! We can’t have that! If you kill fewer than 850,000 people/yr., then I will end up with less stuff! You cannot kill one person less! That means I won’t get as much shit!

You capitalist supporters think it is ok to out and out kill almost a million Americans a year so the rest of you get more money and more stuff.

Well…screw you.

You know what? That’s not a moral system. I am queasy about the notion of killing even one person so I can get more shit. I know 90% of the population says we have to kill all these people so we can have more money, but I might just object. Or if I go along, it might be reluctantly.

Now capitalist society makes great claims about being the ultimately moral society. This is because in capitalism, freedom = morality. Never mind that capitalists don’t even believe in freedom in the first place. No one believes in freedom less than the capitalist. He’s quite a totalitarian fellow. And capitalism as an ideology is damned undemocratic. True, it’s not as undemocratic as slavery or feudalism, but when the only good thing you can say about your system is that it’s better than being a slave, I’d say you have a pretty lousy system.

Capitalists have a very twisted, dishonest, hypocritical and ultimately nonsensical attitude towards freedom. In capitalism, freedom is defined as the right of the capitalist, business, corporation or investor to do whatever the damned Hell he wants to without interference from the state. Anything less that, the Heritage Foundation insists, is somehow “not free.”

See that factory dumping all that polluted water in that river? That’s called freedom in capitalism. See that government passing a law to force the corporation to spend lots of money so it pollutes the river a lot less? That’s called “unfree.” Hence, in capitalist ideology and the media, “free” countries and the joke called the “Free” World are any countries that let the capitalists do whatever the Hell they want. “Unfree” countries, dictatorships or autocracies are defined as countries that try to regulate business by placing limits on the profits of the capitalists.

So the next time some politician or media organ starts going on and on about “freedom” or criticizing some regime as “not free” or a “a dictatorship,” keep that definition of freedom in mind. That’s the sort of freedom they are talking about.


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2 responses to “Neoliberalism Kills

  1. Jason Y

    Killing people is just fine with Nazis because they think the Earth has too many people, and most of those people are inferior, a threat to civilization.

    Even the lame attempts by Nazis to oppose abortion is really phony cause they just want to increase the white population which they claim is reduced by this Jewish abortion thing (scheme).

    Yeah, as far as regular libertarians are concerened, they don’t really care about human life because they think the price of freedom is some people will have to be weeded out.

    • Jason Y

      Always the argument given by libertarians and Nazis is that capitalism would work if and only if the Earth’s population was reduced. Of course, racists would add the argument that the population of inferior races should be reduced in particular, as they are the primary culprit in the problem.

      However, there isn’t any way to reduce a lot of those races short of using a WMD, and how could they accomplish that without killing their own race. Nazis though, if given power, might figure out a way. It’s a scary thought. They hate non-whites so much probably they would murder most of them.

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