Book Review: Dennis Prager, “Why the Jews?”

Not bad but describes Communism as a type of Antisemitism or Jew hatred, which is just wrong. It’s also very insulting. Most Leftists and Communists go to great, often absurd, lengths to not be anti-Semitic, and the most famous Marxists including Lenin have concluded that Antisemitism is just wrong. There is a famous speech by Lenin that can be viewed on Youtube which shows Lenin denouncing Antisemitism in the strongest terms.

The book also states that Karl Marx, a Jew, was an anti-Semite, a Jewish anti-Semite or a self-hating Jew.

One of the biggest lies of the Jews is that the Jews are full of traitorous or anti-Semitic Jews. It’s just not true, and it’s one more lie that the Jews tell their own people to keep them in line and on the plantation.

In fact, though Jewish self-haters surely exist, and I can name a few, I assure you that they are not common at all. Further, most if not all of them tend to convert out of Judaism, often to Christianity or more recently in a more atheistic fashion to something called being an ex-Jew. That is right. The latest thing that Jewish self-haters and self-critics do is to more or less leave the tribe – they renounce their membership in the Jews by calling themselves ex-Jews. So most so-called Jewish self-haters are actually not even Jews at all!

What is fairly common among the Jews or at least common behind closed doors when no Gentiles are listening or when speaking in Hebrew (After all, you don’t want to start a pogrom now do you?) is the Jewish self-critic. The true Jewish self-critic is actually one of the finest of all of the Jews, for they want nothing but good things for the Jews in trying to push the Jews to be a more moral and morally defensible people. They are often motivated by tikkun olam or the liberal Jewish credo of the Jews having a duty to make the world a better place by leading the Gentiles towards a more progressive and liberated world.

Of course most Jewish self-critics are despised by the Tribe and conflated with Jewish self-haters which is something different altogether. Jewish self-haters are a bit reprehensible to me and look not much different from Gentile anti-Semites. Yet the Jewish self-critic is truly the finest of all men.

And these, the finest of all of the Jews, are the ones denounced here and called anti-Semites by Jewish ideologue and reactionary Dennis Prager.

Nevertheless, many of the other chapters were pretty much right on, and I appreciated Prager’s attempt to objectively break anti-Antisemitism down into its various types.


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8 responses to “Book Review: Dennis Prager, “Why the Jews?”

  1. Tulio

    I first became a huge fan of Prager at age 18 back in 1994 when he had a television show about general topics. At the time he was a moderate conservative. At the time I was extremely liberal and hated Republicans and conservatives. He was really my first exposure to conservative thought and brought me around to the conclusion that one can be a conservative and a Republican and be a decent, even nice person. From about 1994-2002 he became something of an intellectual hero of mine and I listened to his daily talk show religiously. He along with his colleague black conservative/libertarian Larry Elder converted me to conservatism. It was in the years after 9/11 that Prager became full-blown neocon and extremely anti-left to the point that it was turning me off. I still had many left wing friends and the broad and sweeping generalizations he would make about anyone left of center just didn’t sit well with me. I stopped listening to him around 2004 or so. At this point, Prager is basically indistinguishable from Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and the others. He is almost pathologically anti-Obama and pro George W. Bush. He lost me forever at that point. I then began moving toward centrism and away from conservatism, at least on economics. On the cultural issues I still do lean conservative.

  2. Jason Y

    Jews are generally a scapegoat. A lot of people won’t get an education, others indulge in anti-socal stuff like drug abuse etc.., some have kids and can’t support them, Some are just anti-social assholes, and others are a combo of these groups. These people fail in life, are jealous, and need someone to blame.

    Successful groups like Jews, East Indians are hated due to jealousy.

    • Jason Y

      Generally the typical anti-semite, Trump supporter is a massive failure in one way or another and is sore loser about it. In other cases, they have succeeded, but they are still resentful douchebags, despite even being a winner.

  3. Gay State Girl

    I’ve been outta the Jew ghetto since I was eleven. There are a lot of Jews who are older, more experienced, and smarter than myself who are still confined and easily manipulated. I’ve seen Jews with genius or near genius IQs who are pretty slavish to the Jewish establishment.

  4. Another William Playfair Web

    I like Prager, if he’s ‘protecting his people’, he’s not doing it as blatantly obviously like Ben Shapiro types.
    He really talks about principles/philosophy, (at least on his youtube channel), and how could that be strong pro-Jewish advocacy?

    If the Right-Wing of this country was more like him, we probably wouldn’t be having a lot of the problems we have now.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      I feel embarrassed that I did not realize he was Jewish, until this post/ searching him on wiki just now.

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