IQ and Income: IQ Is Not Destiny

Rowlii writes: How can you be broke if there is a correlation between IQ and income? Do you count on lower IQ (like me) to finance your blog?

Come to France! The welfare state will take care of you.

More seriously, I love your blog.

I know a number of very high genius IQ people (over 140) who have no money at all and are low income if not in poverty. IQ is not everything, and even a genius IQ without EQ or emotional stability is almost worthless.

That said, a number of the very high IQ people I know are on disability. Two are on disability for mental illness, one has mental illness listed as one of the things wrong with him, and two more are on disability for a physical reason. I know another very high IQ person who has mental illness but is not on disability. 75% of the mental illnesses are mood disorders. Two have been hospitalized a number of times, and one has been hospitalized a few times.

One is chronically psychotic or nearly psychotic and is on anti-psychotic meds, and the other has been psychotic on occasion. Another has such profound Major Depression that they are barely function. One has listed an anxiety disorder as part of their disability. 2/3% are on psychiatric drugs, and the rest need to be but won’t take the pills. Only one of these people is even partly employed, and he works very part-time under the table. The highest income is $25,000/yr from disability and renting a couple of rooms in a house they own.

A friend of mine from high school has a genius IQ (the same score I have), and to my knowledge, he has never made any money. Last I heard he was living in Santa Cruz with some alcoholic older woman. He sent me a letter a while back asking for money because his car had broken down and he needed $2,500 to fix it. He was a heavy drug user and dealer for quite a few years, but in recent years, it was just pot. He had been arrested for dealing drugs.

He also had a tendency to go on wild alcoholic benders in which he sometimes did insane things. He sometimes got hospitalized when he went on these benders. He also acted very strange for many years. People said it was the drugs, but I knew him back in 7th grade before he had taken any drugs and he was actually even weirder then. He’d always been weird. He has all sorts of funny mannerisms and strange ways of talking.

My Mom has a genius IQ (150), and she spent her life as a housewife. She did hold a number of jobs later in life while still married. One of those was a paralegal, but she wasn’t very happy there. In recent years, she has worked at jobs like tax preparer and secretary at a community college.

I know someone with a near genius IQ (139) who has worked at menial jobs their whole life and never made much money. He was also an alcoholic for many years. He had something wrong with his leg due to the smoking and drinking but he refused to go to the doctor for whatever reason. It got much worse and the leg had to be amputated halfway up. This person has been an alcoholic for decades and they have also suffered from Major Depression for 35 years which was never treated or treated only with alcohol.

I recently met a woman with an IQ of 156. She was mostly a stay at home Mom of a seven year old girl. She lived off her husband’s income. For employment, she was trying to get a publishing business off the ground, but she wasn’t getting anywhere.

There are some people I have known who were very smart, but if I don’t know their IQ scores, I can’t list them. It’s not ok to discuss IQ pretty much ever in our society, so I do not know the IQ scores.

I do know a few people with genius IQ’s who have been fairly successful in life. Two out of three were females, and oddly enough, all had IQ’s of 143. One had made money in the stock market. Another worked for some oil company in Texas, but I am not sure what she did there. the man went to law school and become an attorney. Last I heard he was into real estate development, buying and selling mini shopping malls or whatever you call them.

Come to think of it, most of the very high or genius IQ people I have known in life have hardly been successful at all, and the only three I know who were even somewhat successful are listed above. Not including the near-genius, nine listed above or 75% have made little money in life, and five or 42% are on disability. Four out of 12 or 1/3 have serious mental illnesses. Five or 42% are on psychiatric meds, and two more or 16% need to be. That leaves us with 58% who are either on psychiatric drugs or need to be. 71% of the psychiatric conditions were mood disorders. Three or 25% have been hospitalized for psychiatric conditions. Only three or 25% have even been moderately successful, and only one or 8% could be thought of as quite successful.


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15 responses to “IQ and Income: IQ Is Not Destiny

  1. Rowlii

    Well i am truly sorry if i hurt you. I was no my intention. If you do not feel you fit a corporate job , I guess someone with your analytical skills could make fortune in sports betting or stuff like that (for instance stock exchange …) It’s just an idea …

  2. Ken

    I know someone in their 50s who used to be part of a london gang, he currently lives in a low-income neighbourhood with his wife and kids. It turns out that he’s in mensa, or was.

    It’s possible that his parents were not as smart as him- given his working class roots. two mediocre people can have gifted children you know, much like two brunettes can have red-headed children.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if his kids have regressed to the mean ,because they’re more sporty than academic. One of them even has an illegitimate child and hes barely in his early 20s.

    On the other hand, the males in his family may have behavioral problems, like the ones you mentioned, that inhibit them from doing well academically.

  3. Tulio

    Anyone with an IQ 150 at the very least can teach himself computer programming at home and get a job making 6 figures(or at least high 5 figures) within a year. I know programming isn’t everyone’s thing, but there’s high demand for it and it would be easy to learn for someone with an IQ that high.

    • Dave Mowers

      People who are smart but not at a creative genius level always think they are the smartest people and constantly challenge those smarter than themselves. See also the Steve Jobs movie to understand how someone who is a genius takes this attitude.

      A High I.Q.-er that is emotionally unstable gets so riled-up by these kinds of people they willingly destroy their lives just to prove the point that not only are they smarter than them, but, they can hatch and execute a plan that thoroughly ruins another person’s life and that person cannot control the outcome in any way.

      For someone with a high I.Q. this is always a ‘win-win’ since you are positive you can literally do anything at any time and sometimes you must prove it is so even to your own detriment.

      Perhaps it is ego run amok but a super smart person is content in the knowledge they won even if they have to lose something to do so. How else could a president justify nuclear war?

  4. Brian Damage

    There are many layers within those IQ numbers. I feel the right combination can increase the chances of financial success.

  5. Jason Y

    Notice how dummies will mock emotionally unstable or lazy people as retarded, when in reality they might be geniuses.

    In other matters, no your IQ doesn’t always determine wealth. In many cases, simply an ability to sell, or have family and friend connections, a sexy body, or some other quark will allow a lower IQ person to make massively more money than others, some of whom have a genius IQ.

    • Gay State Girl

      These all tend to be in the upper echelons. even modeling requires a form of intellectual stamina, you have to be smart enough to hold your own in the profession. It’s not easy.

      • Jason Y

        Possibly charasmatic lower IQ people have higher IQ managers pushing them a long.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m not saying all models or entertainers are geniuses, but there is a correlation to succeed in a cut throat and ever evolving industry. You need to be conniving to outshine competition. Those who have made it, have already overcome heavy hurdles and one need to maintain an offscreen persona to convince your talent agents and managers to keep you.

          The only exception is with athletes.

        • Jason Y

          Gay State Girl,

          It depends on who you know. It’s kind of like just with scoring employment in general. Some people are born in or find positive environments, and other negative or neutral ones.

          For instance, I found out a sure fire way to make money, I mean really, no joke. Asked my 100,000 dollar a year brother for investment or even just a pat on the back. Instead he says I shouldn’t waste my time on get rich schemes.

        • Jason Y

          It might be possible for true talented athletes are born in terrible environments where they never get discovered.

          That’s one problem I have with white nationalism. It’s the ultimate negative environment. They’re always looking at the glass half empty for nearly everyone.

      • Jason Y

        In the USA at least, book learning and the like are considered sissy and mama’s boy-ish, so the vastily popular generally are not higher IQ, or at least openly high IQ (not come out of the closet).

        Some people pretend like thier stupid like Woody Harrleson. In college, he was actually wanting to get into religion, but then he turned around and became this real, guys guy, pot smoking rebel etc…

  6. Jason Y

    A lot of rock stars have a high IQ, but it doesn’t keep them from self destruction via drugs and booze.

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