How White Do You Have To Be To Be Considered White?

Ultra Cool writes: Best post ever. No point in excluding non-Euro Whites from our Caucasian family, down with Euro-elitism and Nordicism! Caucasian Pride forever!

All Caucasians are in, as long they look Caucasian, even if they have a lot of non-Caucasian ancestry, maybe even hardcore wannabe Whites can get in, Nazis and Stormtards are out because they exclude 90% of our family.


I would say that if you are 75-85% White or Caucasian, then you are White. Latin American Whites (on Stormfront!) say that that is the metric used for being White in Latin America. More than 25% non-Caucasian, and it’s possible that you might not look truly Caucasian anymore.

If you look White and you act White, you’re White!

I know that Indian groups in the South who have a lot of Australoid in them do not really look White anymore. I do not know what they look like, but it seems like some of them look a bit like Aborigines!

From the Urals east in Russia you have mostly White-Asian mixes. Most of these people are so admixed with Asian that they are either simply Asians or they are sort of Asian-White “mulattos”. Here in the US we call them Amerasians, but we do not have a good name for Asian-White mixes worldwide. I know that the Mansi, a fascinating looking people from the Urals, are about half Asian and half White, and they have a very interesting look about them.  Some have blond hair, blue eyes and Asian eyes! Amazing looking people, but I don’t think they are really White.

In the Stans, most people are Asian-White mixes, but they seem to be thoroughly admixed, and the vast majority of them do not seem to be White. Whatever they are, they’re not White people, even if some of the women are very beautiful.


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55 responses to “How White Do You Have To Be To Be Considered White?

  1. Onfr

    I heard that the Kazakh and the Kyrgyz are the most Asiatic of the Stan peoples.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      I believe the National Geographic Study referenced higher levels in Iran (further east) than Armenia, etc (further North) so I would be skeptical of Khazakhstan being so.

      • Onfr

        But Armenia and Kazakhstan are on different sides of Iran.

        To me it makes sense. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are distant from Caucasian peoples of the Iranian plateau, so they are least mixed. Uzbeks and Turkmens are probably more mixed.

        I met a man from Kazakhstan and he looked almost like an Eskimo, so there 🙂

        • Another William Playfair Web

          In terms of sheer exposure- landwise i.e. Central Asian steppes, I was still a little bit surprised.
          Certainly many Kazakhs do have a Mongolian/Siberian look.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          exposure to Mongoloids of course.

  2. Klipper

    I’m half-Greek and half-Lebanese. The Greek side is Pontic, and the Lebanese side is Christian. Am I white?

  3. Waltem

    Since we’re on this subject, the White Genocide meme is silly. The only definition of White that holds up in light of all the research on the races is “non-brown Caucasoid.” And there’s no shortage of those.

    So I wouldn’t worry about Syrian men having kids with Western European women. They’d still be White.

    • To be honest I was never a fan of the term since, while most associate it with europeans generally, go to a few forums or blood and that alone wouldn’t satisfy people. Others would still claim that darker Europeans weren’t really white nor European.

      I would just classify people by continent/ culture of association/ sub race to capture comprehensively who they are.

    • not “blood” but blogs.

    • Tulio

      Most those refugees aren’t Syrians though. They’re opportunists from all over the MENA. Besides, if I were German or Swedish I still would not want to be invaded by foreigners with a radically different culture and religion, white or non-white. Especially when those people are low-skilled and will be tapping into the welfare state.

      • Waltem

        “Most those refugees aren’t Syrians though.”

        I didn’t say they were.

        “Besides, if I were German or Swedish I still would not want to be invaded by foreigners with a radically different culture and religion, white or non-white. ”

        Maybe they’ll fire up the men.

        “Especially when those people are low-skilled and will be tapping into the welfare state.”

        That’s Neoliberalism for you.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Finally talking a little bit of sense.

  4. Gay State Girl


    What would be the best way to purge Vanguardists from alternative political movements or convince leadership to do so? They really ruin the movement especially to social media trolls only provide ammo and validate claims made by SJWs and neocons.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      They are the movements.
      Just say screw the Alt-Right, that’s pretty much them now.

      I think it’s too late and you have to leave the movement(s).
      But I’d like to see what Robert thinks.

      • Gay State Girl

        I’m only align with altright because I hold very moderately conservative economic policies, yet am utterly repulsed by Republican Party of the last 20 years and the neoconservative movement and globalism.

        • Dave Mowers

          Are you saying you were NOT a Goldwater Girl?

        • Another William Playfair Web

          They seek the destruction of your people.
          And most (but not all) seek it for mine as well.
          Just identify yourself as a Pat Buchanan Conservative.

          It’s the Alt-Right without the ‘Gas Bernie’ or ‘Gas Ben Shapiro’ memes.
          I for one like a watered down version of the Alt-Left.

        • I for one like a watered down version of the Alt-Left.

          Why don’t you form your own Alt-Left wing then. We have a big tent and it’s sort of like everyone can form their own little micro-wing of the movement, which I think is really cool and unbelievably grassroots and democratic too.

        • Gay State Girl

          I prefer to think of myself as a Nixon conservative. I know this will open up a can of worms…

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Well…I don’t want my own blog or anything like that (not the greatest writer)…I thought I’d just piggy-back off of this blog- since it seems to be the most racially progressive of the Alt-Left, which I like.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I like Nixon’s views on race…………..(the secret tapes).

        • Gay State Girl

          My views are probably more inline with European conservative parties than American.

        • Gay State Girl

          I have nothing good to say about Pat Buchanan, he’s just a loudmouth and a hypocrite (deriding Iraq and WWII as jewish wars but being the greatest cheerleader for Vietnam), but I don’t personally feel threatened. His views on segregation are more reprehensible than anything he ever said about Jews.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I literally agree with almost all I’ve heard on this tape.

        • Gay State Girl

          Yeah the tapes were refreshing. He made a lot of derogatory remarks about Irish Catholics in regards to the Kennedys but that didn’t stop him from marrying one.

        • Gay State Girl

          I hope his grandson marries a Jewish girl. That’d be sweet.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          He didn’t dislike Jews,
          he just didn’t really trust them.

          If anyone was a caricature of a scheming Jew it would be him (he looked like one, and was always scheming).
          Considering his flip-flopping and continuing integration, and those above things, some WNs think he was a Jew.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Well, if the Italians are apparently voting for Trump in droves, then yes, Nixon is correct, they are openly voting for the droves of either Nordicists, and/or people who think names like “Adruezzi” indicates one is a “spic”.
          I knew an Italian lady who was bashing Trump in front of a Trumpkin who was told “your people just don’t get it”.

        • Tulio


          Buchanan is right about Iraq. The Project for a New American Century laid out the groundwork for the war. That organization is heavily Jewish and was highly influential over GWB. AND closely aligned with Israel’s hawkish elements. Sorry, it is what it is.

        • Well…I don’t want my own blog or anything like that (not the greatest writer…

          Don’t you already have one? You linked to one the other day and said support this site.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          It has not been doing well (although it’s been like 18 hours)- it’s had 14 views a few of the mine?

          That was a ‘pro-Middle Eastern Culture’ blog, not really political.
          I’m going to start using catch words to try to direct internet traffic their- if it doesn’t pick up a little I might just ditch it.

        • Another William Playfair Web


        • Another William Playfair Web

          “14 views- a few of the mine”
          I’m becoming a hypocrite “practically incoherent” is my insult.

        • Another William Playfair Web


        • Another William Playfair Web

          I’m thinking of an Alt-Right parody blog….

          “Illegal immigration is deSPICable”
          “Orange is the new White”
          “Trump is Jesus- and Trump isn’t a Jew” #biblelies
          “H1B visas give us smart people? It’s all a lie- non-Whites aren’t smart- the Jews rigged the IQ tests in favor of Asians”.
          “Trump will make sure there aren’t any cracks/Chinks creeping up his wall”

          It would be beautiful.

        • Gay State Girl


          Actually I was referring to his comments in regards to the first Gulf War

          I never denied who GWB’s handlers were, nor did I make any attempt to defend them…

          I only pointed out Buchanan’s hypocrisy regarding Vietnam (which he himself successfully evaded due to an STD 🙂 ). I thought you’d have recognized the difference.

          But Buchanan, as the self appointed spokesman for the traditional right, is as polarizing as he is ineffective.

        • Gay State Girl

          ““Illegal immigration is deSPICable””

          YEEEEEE. Me like!

          Give the blog time to pick up.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I really shouldn’t even have to do this stupid blog, it’s just that Trumpkins are fucktards.
          Gag me.

          I found that the MRCA method I used on my DNA test results may not give an accurate sample of results (i.e. more people in a certain region take the test), so I used mutations on the Y-Chromosome, which should reflect all over the genome. Know I got;
          European: 100%
          The UK: 47%
          Ireland: 21%
          France: 11%
          Italy: 05%
          Belgium: 03%
          Hungary: 03%
          Spain: 03%

          The Alt-Right and the daily stormer crowd can blow me.

        • Jason Y

          Nixon was against abortion, unless it was a black and white union,. OOOOHHHHH 😆

        • Gay State Girl

          No he was fully in favor, as it reduced the criminal underclass he later stated.

        • Jason Y

          Isn’t it funny how politicians like Nixon can shout off thier mouth among friends, but if an average person does it on Facebook or in another public venue they get labeled a big cocksucker. 😆

          Well, people didn’t really know the real Nixon, if they had they’d hate his ass simply cause of his mouth.

    • I do not know except to agree with AWPW that the vanguardists actually ARE the movement in the case of the Alt Right.

  5. Another William Playfair Web

    The left will stop this SJW nonsense once they are shown the really scary Alt-Right basement crawler- especially if Trump does become President, they will be shown;
    Something other than their shadow, they will show them fear in a handful of dust

  6. Another William Playfair Web

    Alt-Righters, riddle me this;
    If ANYONE was supposed to have been God’s chosen people- who gave us the European/”White” faith, and was then prosecuted for it,
    who would that be?

    The Norse?

  7. Another William Playfair Web


  8. Jason Y

    A lot of Cherokee ancestery in people where I live (East Tennessee). Many kids have brown skin. One girl I knew in school even looked sort of eskimo. My own father looked like an Amerindian. However, this is sprinkled in a population that mostly is scotch-Irish/German so many people have blonde hair blue eyes etc.. The number of black/white mulatto kids is also increasing.

  9. M M

    Anybody interested in this post will find chapter 6 of Tom Wolfe’s Back to blood, titled “Skin”, interesting as well.

  10. Ultra Cool

    I couldn’t care less about genes, I say when your phenotype is 75%-80% White, you are already White.

  11. Ken

    In the UK people seem to think that i’m iberian, so i ‘pass’ despite only being 50% anglo:

  12. A-Man

    I feel like most arabs are your definition of white. South asians are kind of borderline to me. Latinos can be mostly white but some are borderline between native american and european.

    • A-Man

      Also robert these are the groups to me that are mixed:
      1.North Africans (some of them plot black(negroid) in charts)
      2. East Africans
      3. central and south indians (most ppl in southern and central india plot between or in the quadrant with oceanians)
      4. Hispanics such as brazilians and dominicans. I think most mexicans can be considered white to me especially the ones in the north, but in the central and south they are mainly native americans kind of like what happened in india.

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