Caucasian/Non-Caucasian Mixing Zones Around the World

The heavy Caucasian-non-Caucasian mixing zone is from North Africa across Arabia, and then in a belt from the Urals in the north down through the Stans to Afghanistan, Pakistan and North India in the south and all the way to Siberia and even East Turkestan in China to the east.

One can say that there is a White/non-White mixing zone of recent origin in the Americas mostly from Mexico south in Mesoamerica down to Latin America all the way down to Chile, Uruguay and Argentina in the south, with more admixture to the north and much less at the south. Mesoamerica is quite thoroughly admixed or mestized as is Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Paraguay. In Colombia, the Whites are also quite admixed with Black.

There is a White/Black mixing zone in the Caribbean and the Guyanas down to Brazil. In the Caribbean, White genes have been pretty much washed out by Black ancestry, and the Caribbean is quite a Black place. The same has occurred in Belize and to a lesser extent in Panama, both of which are seriously mulattized. Even Dominican “Whites” would probably not qualify as White to most people as they seem to have too much Black in them to be considered White. There are definitely White Puerto Ricans though and there are many White Cubans. The Guyanas are so mulattized that there are not many Whites left, similar to the Dominican Republic.

In North America, there has not been a lot of White/non-White mixing. The heavily mixed people are mostly recent immigrants from Mesoamerica, mostly from Mexico. Otherwise, Whites in the US, Canada and even Alaska have not mixed much with Indians, Inuits or Blacks.

Hawaii can be considered a White/non-White mixing zone of extremely recent origin as by this time most of the population is seriously admixed. The admixture is generally White/Asian mixes of all different sorts.

The Whites in New Zealand, Australia and even Europe are not much admixed other than recent immigrants in Europe, though there is some Asian/White admixture in the Sami. Nevertheless, I regard the Sami as Whites. Black-White mixing in Southern Europe is very negligible, despite the rantings and false science of Nordicists. Iranians are White. Turks are a bit admixed, but still they are overwhelmingly White.

There has been quite a bit of White/Black mixing in South Africa and Namibia, more than you might ever expect. The Namibian Whites in particular are quite admixed. Quite a few are so admixed that one wonders if they could be properly called White anymore as they tend to be in the “border zone” of Whiteness.


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49 responses to “Caucasian/Non-Caucasian Mixing Zones Around the World

  1. SHI

    Whites in the US, Canada and even Alaska have not mixed much with Indians, Inuits or Blacks.

    I thought all honkeys in good ol’ USA had a feather or two in the woodpile. Like 1/32 Chippewa or something.

    Seriously what’s up with those Yanks claiming descent from Pocahontas, Chief Pow Wow or Crazy Horse, despite being as pale as Paul Bettany.

    • Jason Y

      Some more than others. A real Anglo mixed person with Amerindians would look more Italian looking, like say Burt Reynolds or Cher.

  2. Maybe, but that is not significant admixture.

    I do not know about other Whites, but I AM related to Pocohontas! Or there is a 50% chance that I am. We go all the way back to the First Families of Virginia, which means we were in Virginia before 1700! If you can trace your ancestry back to the First Families of Virginia, there is a 50% chance you are related to Pocohontas. You must understand that there were ALMOST NO Whites in Virginia before 1700. Like just a handful.

    They always said the Browns on my mother’s side had Indian blood. My Mom has seen some very old photographs of some of the Browns, and she says some of them look rather dark, like they have rather brown skin.

    But I have Indian in me, it is like 1%. Basically nothing.

    • SHI

      That’s interesting. Any of your ancestors came on the Mayflower?

      Let me talk about my own family. From what I hear, for well over a 1000 years, my ancestors have always been laid-back, unadventurous, peasant-like people. None of them ever took interest in any wars and were happy and content with whatever little they had (sigh, boring!). Many of them actually thrived in poverty and had little attachment to land, money, jewels, traveling or adventures. Maybe I don’t attract enough wealth but hell, I’ve tried to be everything else my ancestors have not been. The pinnacle of their achievements was in being poets, drama actors, mystics and spiritual leaders. I’m proud of them in the sense I don’t think any of them were murderers and criminals. There were an unusually large number of drop-outs, under-achievers and hippies though — people who were so disenchanted by society that one day they just woke up in the morning with an epiphany “fuck it, I’ll just go live in the mountains or something.” And off they went, never to be heard of again.

      Thankfully, I realize by now that every man creates his own destiny just the way he wants. And should be proud of who you are. It doesn’t matter if you descended from Charlemagne or Attila the Hun or Jesus Christ himself. Noone can take your own unique place in this life.

      • Shawn

        I am related to Thomas Rodgers.

      • Yes we came over on the Second Mayflower boat. There was actually more than Mayflower boat.We are related to William Brewster, the preacher on that ship. We are also related to John and Patricia Alden, very early Puritan settlers in Massachusetts. You can read about them online I think.

        Going further back, I am indeed nearly related to Charlemagne! I am related to Eleanor of Acquitaine a French woman who become Queen of England! And before that, we go back to the Lombards in Northern Italy and I believe there is some Charlemagne connection there too somehow. After that the trail dies.

        On the other side it is more complex – starting at the end and going to the beginning – Pennsylvania (Dutch) – Rotterdam – Baden Wurtemburg, Germany – Switzerland – the Occitan Valleys of Italy – Southern France Occitan speaking region where we were part of the Cathar-like rebellions (early Protestant heretical splits) who got massacred – and finally to Catalonia, where the trail goes cold in ~1100.

    • Shawn

      Robert, do you consider Tartars White? It seems to me that the base races forming them are what you would expect based on their geography: M. Eastern, Asian, and European.

  3. I terrify my city

    Do you have pictures of black-looking White Namibians ?

    • I was talking to a Namibian woman on a dating site. In some of her pics, she looked like this totally hot White babe aged ~35. But in other pics, she just looked…odd. Then it turned out that she was part of some certain mixed White ethnic group in Namibia. Apparently many Namibian Whites are part of this group, the name of which escapes me now. She was pretty much White, but she was getting towards the Black % where you start wondering if this person is really White or not. 25-33% Black? Would that be about right?

  4. Tulio

    What about Aboriginals? Do white Aussies ever mix with them? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen or heard of any half Ab/white celebrities or anything.

  5. Reblogged this on Exposing india & indians and commented:

    There’s nothing the EUGENICS & social engineering can’t solve. These meltingpots need them most.

  6. basically, Caucasoid race spread everywhere across ASIA & Europe. And along the way, they mixed with non-Caucasoid natives of those respective regions. Even in Europe, they mixed with chubby ice-men/neanderthal types. An Armenian/pashtun is more/purer Caucasoid than average Scandinavians.

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