Black Genes and Black People in North Africa and the Arab World

Another William Playfair Web writes: Well the Saudis had East African slaves, but that doesn’t mean your average Saudi really mixed with them. By that logic White-Americans would be mixed with West African.

A lot of Saudis have significant Black admixture. I believe that Saudis are 17% admixed with Black on average. I have seen photos of Saudi women and some of them were quite Black. But they also had straight hair and they were very beautiful which led me to think that they were Blacks with significant White admixture. Seriously, there are Black Saudi women who are some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen.

Prince Bandar is simply a mulatto, period. He is 1/2 Black. But no one cares too much about race in Saudi Arabia because most are so mixed. If you are a Saudi and practice Sunni Islam, hopefully Wahhabi Sunni Islam, you are simply a Saudi national, and no one has anything against you. There have been some jokes about Bandar along the lines that he is a Black or “slave.” Unfortunately the words for “Black” and “slave” are the same in Arabic. I believe that the word is abd.

However, US Blacks may very well not be accepted in parts of the region. In Iraq, the Iraqis objected very much being ruled over by US Black soldiers. Iraqis were quoted saying, “It’s so humiliating to be ruled by these Black soldiers.” That was actually an impetus for much of the insurgency right there. There are some pretty Black Iraqis down around Basra though.

The Gulf in general is heavily mixed with Blacks. The figures range from 8-21%. Kuwait is 8% and Yemen is 21%.

However, I am around quite a few Yemenis, and I haven’t met a Black one yet. To me, Yemenis are just White. They are part of my family. They look like me, and it seems that they think and act like me too. There are much more Black people in Yemen (Yemen is actually 40% Black), but they are treated much worse, and there is a lot of discrimination against them. However, the discrimination is on a relatively moderate level. I have seen photos of these Yemeni Blacks, and they look pretty admixed to me, more like Ethiopians or Somalis.

The UAE is 19% Black. Even Palestinians have some of Black in them. Lebanese are 2% Black. Egypt is more Black – 13% on average.

There are definitely White Egyptians. There are also a lot of mulatto Egyptians. I dated a mulatto Egyptian for a while in the US. She was extremely admixed to the point where she had those freckles you often see in some seriously mixed mulattos.

She told me that Egyptian society was not really racist, and in fact, Egyptian men felt that Black women were “hot” as in sexy and they were widely desired at least as mistresses if not as wives. In Egypt, the Whiter women are seen as colder and more “wife material.” A similar dynamic unfolds in Brazil where the hottest and sexiest women of all are seen as the mulattos. Down in the South of Egypt, things are surely much Black. But even down there, the Blacks look seriously admixed.

There are Blacks in Libya and Morocco at the very least, and across North Africa, people are on average 13% Black. I met a Moroccan woman who was White for sure, but her skin was quite brown. Clearly she had some Black admixture, but at low levels of Black admixture, the White phenotype is not much affected and the only Black you see if maybe darker skin and more Black looking hair.

Even at 1/3 Black, many humans still look shockingly White. Further, many mulattos are barely even classifiable in terms of race. These are the people that you look at and think, “What the Hell race is this person anyway!?” If you dare to ask them, you may find that they are pure mulatto. It is not unusual for pure mulatto women to be very beautiful.

In Libya, significant Black admixture is just normal but the result is more someone who looks like Ghaddafi, who was a White man with some Black admixture. Quite a few Libyans look much Whiter than Ghaddafi and it is not rare for them to be indistinguishable from Europeans. However, pure Africans are quite discriminated against in Libya.

I met a few Africans in Libya on the Net. They told me that they were mostly Nigerians and that there were many Nigerians in North Africa, especially in Libya and Egypt. They also told me that the Libyans hated them and discriminated against these Nigerians a lot, both on the basis of their being Christians and also that they were seen as “Blacks.” There were quite a few Blacks involved in the Libyan Civil War. I believe that they came from the south of Libya and some may have even been recent Sub Saharan immigrants. At any rate, most were fighting for Ghaddafi because Ghaddafi as a Pan Africanist had been very good for the Blacks of Libya.

If you get down towards the south of Algeria, the country gets pretty Black, but your average Algerian just looks like a White person from Europe. Many Moroccans look very White. I was friends with a Moroccan woman for a while, and she as simply a White woman. She could have been a Southern European without a problem. However they were defeated in battles around Misrata, many were taken prisoner and quite a few were just executed. There seemed to be a racial component to the mistreatment.

Black genes in the Arab World are a very sensitive. It is like it is ok to have some Black genes – maybe 1-21%, but at some point, you are just too Black, and you may run into problems. However, even purer Blacks, if they are indeed say native Moroccan Muslims, may be treated quite well. I knew a very African man from Benin who was staying in Morocco for a while, and he told me that the Moroccans treated him very well and did not discriminate against him for being Christian or Black at all. He was Catholic and he told me that the attended Catholic mass in Casablanca every week,and this was not a problem at all.

The Arab World and especially North Africa is quite familiar with Black people and Black genes. Nevertheless, the number of more or less pure Blacks in this region is not large. What is interesting is that the Blacks in North Africa and the Arab World do not behave significantly differently from the other North Africans or Arabs. I attribute this to the Superculture called Islam which significantly attenuates or even prevents many Black genetic tendencies from emerging.

It is important to note that in my HBD world, people are simply born with tendencies. These tendencies can either occur naturally or be highly magnified, but in some cases, a Superculture may suppress some genetic tendencies so much that they do not even emerge or emerge only in some attenuated fashion. This is why I am not a hereditarian or an environmentalist but I am a mixture of the two, and, sorry to insult anyone on here, but I consider both hereditarians and environmentalists to be complete idiots. The debate as degenerated badly into two opposing factions of serious idiocy with almost no one in the middle, as with so many idiotically polarized and politicized debates in the West.


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53 responses to “Black Genes and Black People in North Africa and the Arab World

  1. Another William Playfair Web

  2. Another William Playfair Web

  3. Another William Playfair Web

  4. Another William Playfair Web

  5. Rowlii

    Nice Post

    You sayed : “I attribute this to the Superculture called Islam which significantly attenuates or even prevents many Black genetic tendencies from emerging”.

    To you refer to sharia (I mean a very severe penal system) ?

  6. Onfr

    You mentioned black admixture in Yemen. Do you also know that in Yemen there is an underclass, which is said to be descended from Australoids, the first inhabitants of Yemen? Do you have any thoughts or teories on this?

    • There is said to be some descendants of the original Negritos living along the coast in the East, but there are not many of them. The older Yemeni man said he had heard of them.

      • Onfr

        I’m not sure we mean the same. I’m talking about the people called al-Akhdam or Muhamasheen. I don’t think they live in the east, my impression is that they live in the western proper part of Yemen, mostly in urban areas.

        They have similarities to the Untouchable classes in South Asia and also similarities to Gypsies. They do low class jobs (sweeping streets …) and hold the social position you would expect by the two above-mentioned groups. They are at the social bottom.

        It’s hard to find reliable anthropologic or historic information about that. But the wish is that they are Australoid remnants of pre-Caucasoid inhabitants. That they retained their distinction because there are mountains in Yemen. And because of similarities to Gypsies and low classes of South Asia.

        People look for photos where they look Australoid, for example this or this

        But generally it’s hard to find Australoid features among them. So maybe these are just partially African features. I think there is lack of anthropological and genetical info about them. But internet folks “wish” that they are an Australoid/Veddoid remnant group which retained its distinctivness up to today.

      • Oh wow i didnt know that? Is that why some east africans have pseudo veddoid features at times?

        • No, it is the Arabic influence from being a colony of Oman for centuries and centuries. Some other Arab countries.

          Some Jews actually migrated down from Israel into East Africa as well.

  7. Tulio

    In Iraq, the Iraqis objected very much being ruled over by US Black soldiers. Iraqis were quoted saying, “It’s so humiliating to be ruled by these Black soldiers.” That was actually an impetus for much of the insurgency right there.

    Lol, makes me think of this scene from Rules of Engagement:

    • About as much as you would enjoy Iraqi peasants pushing you around in your own town I suppose.

      • Trash
        I would like to know your opinion which ethnicities i can pass other than south indian? And also what race mox is more dominant in me? Australoid or caucasoid if you could please?
        Thank You,
        Akhil Tummala

  8. markus

    What do you think is the cutoff percentage for a person to look black?(I’m 13% Sub-Saharan by the way, according to DNA analysis)

    • I am not sure, but if you are 87% White, I would say you are surely a White man. Once you start getting into the 25-35% Black zone, it is not that they look Black, but more that they look rather odd and hard to characterize. You think it is a White person, but there is something odd, strange or off about them, and you cannot put your finger on it. They often do not look very Black either. With these people, you often throw up your hands and wonder what race they are.

      What is your ethnicity, by the way?

      • markus

        I’m not 87% white (sorry for being vague). The rest of my DNA is 21% Native American, with the remainder of course, being 66% white, and my ethnicity’s Colombian.
        I have been assumed to be Mexican, Central American, and at rarer instances, Filipino or Eurasian; so based on what people confuse me for, the 13% African is not very noticeable.

        • Wow interesting mix. I took DNA Test and i think i scored something like 40-50% asian (australoid) and 50-60 caucasian (west asian)

      • Tulio

        I think Blake Griffin is a good example of what you mean:

        Although he’s not 75% white. He’s half and half. Here are his parents:

        It’s usually assumed that any black/white mix will automatically take the black side in features. But I think we often forget how much it’s the opposite as well.

        • Tulio

          My niece(sister’s daughter in this case) is also half white and half black, but looks about 90% white. She really doesn’t look like she has ANY black in her. You’d think she was Armenian or Persian or something.

        • To tulio,

          if you don’t mind me asking, what did her parents look like?

        • Tulio

          Her father is just an ordinary looking American white guy with sandy medium brown hair. I don’t know what more to say than that. My sister is a light skin black woman. Even though we both have the same parents, I’m dark. I’d compare my looks to Kanye West. My mother is light skin, my dad somewhat medium-dark. I’m way darker than my mom, and a bit darker than my dad. There’s dark and light people on both sides of my family, so something of a genetic stew I guess. I’ve always wanted to get a DNA test to see my admixture, but haven’t gotten around to it.

        • You said you were from the south, therefore I say that you’re likely in the Ballpark of 20% non black.

          Both of mine are dark but I only came up to about 14-18% white with a dab (2% roughly) of Native American.

          What state was it?

        • by 20% I mean that’s the highest I would suspect you of being.

        • Tulio

          I live in the south, but I’m not from the south. I’m from the Philly area originally.

        • Tulio


          Didn’t realize you were black. Or maybe I’m just extremely forgetful.

        • Philadelphia Blacks, from my memory, were part of the earlier expansions from the South to the Urban Areas.

          There’s still the likely hood that they would be, on average, only around 10% I would guess.

          BTW, I misspoke when I said my parents were dark, both were actually rather light skin though I’m about below average for Admixture. Both Came from South Carolina, being among the Groups of African Americans with the lowest amount of admixture along with Georgia.

        • Kareem

          I think redheads are pretty much super whites so they have more dominant genes. Explains why bake Griffin has so many caucasian features with a blacker than black parent.

        • Tulio

          Red hair is a recessive trait.

        • Tulio

          A picture of Kanye West and his baby girl. The baby looks way more like Kim than Kanye.

      • Hey Robert,
        Could you please classify me? I am south indian and I would like to know what race i fall into? I will post a picture with my link. I dont know if I look like a mixed australoid or like a dark skinned caucasian.
        Thank You,

      • Hey robert do you think i am white? Im just asking because many indians on average graze around 20-25% australoid.

      • Yeah thats the case with us south indians and HOA.

      • A-Man

        If you had to pick the dominant race mix Robert? What would it be:Australoid or Caucasoid? I linked my pic here:
        Thank You,
        Akhil Tummala

        • Australoid. You are a nice looking guy though. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being Australoid actually. It’s a rather archaic race, but so what?

        • deSPICable Me

          ROBERT from what I hear South India is much more cleanly.

          It would be preferable to live there among the Australoids as opposed to the more Aryan North.

        • A-Man

          Oh thanks robert! I appreciate it!!

    • I think you have to be 75% or more of another race to be considered that race. If you are in the range between 25-75% you are mixed/intermediate.

  9. A-Man

    Hey robert i realize a similar thing happening to south indians kind of like HOA and north african where like average south indians have around 20-30 percent australoid which is kinda like north africans and east africans. But their facial structure is caucasoid with the exception of darker skin, sometimes wider nose and that mixed wavy to curly hair texture that many HOA,North africans and Dravdians have due to their negroid and australoid admixture.

    • A-Man

      Like when i look at gulf arabs,dravidians and hoa they have predominantly caucasoid skull shapes but i can tell there is some non caucasoid admixture like negroid and australoid. Which makes me think ” what race are hoa,gulf arabs and dravidians?” These types look really unclassifiable. They have predominatly caucasoid body types but theres something about them inside that makes them look like they are black or australoid mixed. Like you can darken a persian or pure arab with no black but he still wont look like hoa,dravidians and gulf arabs. Dravidians to me look like an ancient mix or link between australoid and caucasoid. HOA looks like a link or ancient mix of negroid and caucasoid to me. And gulf arabs are just arabs with some HOA

  10. A-Man

    Is this a right assumption?

  11. I’m really surprised Robert that mulatto groups between congoid/Australoid and Caucasoid like south indians and HOA although they have a lower iq present themselves really good. Other than being more impulsive in my opinion which is the only congoid/Australoid manners I observed, most of their mannerisms are similar to white&&Arab people.

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