The Yanonamo: The Fierce People

Ed writes: Re: the Yanonamo. its worth remembering with these examples that about 90% of anthropology is completely made up. Its not like someone is going to check. What is most likely is that there probably isn’t a tribe called the “Yanonamo”, or if there is, they don’t behave any differently from other tribes of people living far from cities. Its best to approach these things as fables.

I would agree with this on one level, and that is that many other primitive groups are also quite violent also and the Yanonamo are not the only ones.

There is a tribe called Yanonamo, and they do live in Brazil and Venezuela. Really it is not so much a tribe as an ethnic group that lives in widely scattered villages for hundreds of square miles all over the rain forest in little villages that don’t have much contact with each other. However, they all speak the same language.

Chagnon’s book is correct. Others have gone back and studied this group and have recorded exactly the same findings that Chagnon did. The charges against Chagnon are fabricated by Cultural Left anthropologists who are upset because Chagnon made their precious non-White 3rd World noble savage choir boys look pretty bad. It is charged that he set up different men and provoked them into fighting each other, but it’s not true. There was no need for it, as there was so much violence anyway. Chagnon is one of the world’s greatest anthropologists, and it is sad that he was treated this way.


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8 responses to “The Yanonamo: The Fierce People

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  2. Stary Wylk

    I read Chagnon when I was in college, so I was interested when there was a PBS documentary on them some years later. I recall one man scraping insects into a basket to eat. They didn’t show much violence (PBS, you know), but the scars on top of the men’s heads were omnipresent.

    The Yanonamo remind me of stories I’ve heard from exconvicts about prison life.

  3. Sam

    Why are the Yanonamo violent? I believe that by looking at this small group of people we can draw conclusions about much larger groups. The Yanonamo say they would like to live in very small groups. The reason they don’t is the larger groups would attack them and kill them. In all cases the larger groups are led by severe assholes that no one likes. The assholes stay in power because they are so fierce and violent no one wants to challenge them. To stay in the larger group you have to follow orders and attack other smaller groups. A vicious circle.

    This is how Jews control so much. They are severe psychopathic vicious assholes. They slowly make their way to the top with aggressive attacks on others. On the way up they fund and promote other vicious assholes like themselves or use blackmail. When they get to the top they use their aggressiveness to keep others in line. By this method they can corrupt a whole country.

    Severe vicious assholes run the USA government and people are afraid, including me, to do anything about it because they are so vicious towards anyone who gets in their way.

  4. Stary Wylk

    Actually, the Yanomamo are practically anarchists, or at least libertarians of a non-philosophical sort. I recall how the village headman had to start pulling weeds in the village square to influence others to do the same. Had he tried to get someone else to do it, he would have faced a violent challenge to his authority, perhaps several.

    The source of the fighting seems to be a woman shortage. They practice infanticide, killing more girl babies than boy babies. They don’t see this because their arithmetic only goes “one, two, many”.

    As if that weren’t enough, they also have a preferred kinship with their male in-laws. Ideally, a man trades a sister for father’s brother’s sister. This creates a binding alliance with that cousin.

    They also practice polygamy, though it is temporary as giving someone a woman is a means of making firm an alliance between two men.

    The other way to get a woman is to kidnap one while she’s out gathering food or fuel. The standard way to do this is for two groups of two men each to go to another village area. One pair waylays a woman, sometimes more women, and drags her off to their village. The other pair waits in ambush for any pursuit.

    Yanomamo society doesn’t go very high. There are village leaders, who have no power of command, only prestige. There is no one above.

  5. Jason Y

    I wonder what they would do to internet pervs lusting after their naked women? I guess burn them alive. 😆

    • Jason Y

      I think being fierce could be a survival mechansm. Who can blame them? I mean the gentle hippie tribes are seeing their women raped and their forest being burnt down to make way for farms.

      Think about it.

  6. Nibble Dick

    Helena Valero gave similar accounts of the Yanomamo.

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