If People Did Just This One Thing, There Would be Hardly any High Blood Pressure or Obesity on Earth

What’s that one thing? Quit eating salt. Eat from 65-300 mg of salt/day for your whole life, and you will probably never get overweight, nor will you get high blood pressure.

The Yanonamo have also been studied by medical researchers of hypertension because there has never been a case of high blood pressure recorded among this group in an aboriginal state. There is a simple reason for this, but no one accepts it. The reason is that they only ingest ~65mg of salt per day for their whole lives. This tribe also has never recorded one case of obesity.

Keep in mind that these are probably some of the violent people on Earth, and one would assume that their lives are rather stressful. Their lives are characterized by high levels of violence. Yet all of this “stress” doesn’t seem to raise their blood pressure one bit. So much for the stress = hypertension theory. Stress alone will not give any human being high blood pressure. It is neither necessary nor sufficient to cause this condition. It can cause it in combination with another factor though.

Another group in the Solomon Islands was found recently, a village of 3,000 people who did not have one case of either high blood pressure or obesity. However, one of the villagers left to move to an urban area where he stopped eating his village diet and lived instead on modern foods, and he became overweight and developed high blood pressure. This group also eats almost no salt – under 300mg/day.

High blood pressure is caused by excessive salt ingestion. Other factors add onto it and act in concert with that, but the bottom line is that if all of us ate less than 300mg of salt a day for our whole lives, there would be little if any high blood pressure in modern society. Nobody believes this because the “salt theory” has fallen by the wayside, but that’s bad science.

What happens is that excessive salt ingestion poisons and damages the kidneys of many modern people. The kidneys become damaged by the salt, and then high blood pressure may develop either alone or in concert with other factors.


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12 responses to “If People Did Just This One Thing, There Would be Hardly any High Blood Pressure or Obesity on Earth

  1. Jason Y

    Possibly really tasty healthy food doesn’t need salt. If modern food tastes bad, then that’s why it has to constantly be salted.

  2. Jason Y

    Modern people also have another big problem. They won’t exercise. What are the current stats on exercise. I heard few people exercise. Of course, that combined with salt is bad news. Actually, you can probably be a salt pig and still have low blood pressure, if also you exercise.

    • Jason Y

      Note some can avoid obesity etc.. simply cause of genetics. However, the genetics of most island people are not made for modern food. That’s why the skinny maidens of sailor tales all turn to BBWs once given modern food.

    • GOHDAN

      I wonder why people even bother with life. If everything we do is because of our biology, then we may as well just kill ourselves en masse. I’m prepared for death, as I wouldn’t even know I existed after I die — I will cease to exist — but I wouldn’t go out of my way to kill myself.

      I’ve tried to “develop” my capability for “free will”, but I always seem to return back to the direction I tried moving myself away from. Nothing is really worth fighting for — those things that were developed which we all cherish and love was most likely done for some underlying genetic reason. No one really does anything because they really want to. There have been studies that show that most people’s brains make a decision 3-5 seconds before a “conscious” decision is made. What does this tell us? Humans are still backwards, primitive animals with no self-control and basically live on their instincts.

  3. Jason Y

    Actually sugar, with or without salt, is just as deadly and modern food is stacked with it, along with soda pops, beer etc..

  4. I would suspect that this group have low body fat genetically (because this does vary in ethnic groups) to begin with and stuck to a very primitive diet.

    I would suspect that IQ related tendencies like impulsiveness may be part of the reason the fellow from the Solomon Islands gained so much weight.
    Blacks, for example, have less natural body fat than whites but due to impulsiveness and lesser quality food, since many who live in low income communities are surrounded by processed food, they have more overweight people. Still, it’s likely that an new reduced salt diet would lessen the chances of cardiac issues immensely though it’s effectiveness would vary by ethnic group.

    What concerning is that, sea salt in particular, contains iodine which contributes to brain processing and linked to IQ. So if a new diet would be created, taking account for risk of massive iodine deficiencies should taken into account.

  5. Matt

    I thought it was sugar that was Satan in powdered form. Is there any science behind the salt/kidneys claim? There are so many differences between the Yanomamo diet and the modern, urban, “civilized” diet that I have trouble seeing how they could easily narrow it down to one factor like that.

    • That’s one group that doesn’t eat any salt. And villages in the Solomon Islands that eat hardly any salt have zero high blood pressure either. A village of 3,000 people had zero cases of high blood pressure and obesity. Obesity is also unknown among the Yanonamo. I suspect that salt might have a lot to do with obesity too. The Yanonamo who go live in the cities and eat a regular diet definitely develop high blood pressure and obesity. And as I pointed out, the one man who had gone off to the city to live and had lived off of a regular city diet came back to the village and he was overweight and he also had high blood pressure. He was the only one out of 3,000.

      There are very few groups on Earth that have zero high blood pressure. But the ones that do always eat very little salt.

  6. I believe so. Some very famous cardiologists have been pushing it for a long time. It is hard to test in the West because all of our diets are full of salt. Bottom line is that everywhere in the world where they hardly eat any salt, there is basically zero high blood pressure.

    And yes, there is good evidence that salt in high doses is toxic to the kidneys and that this is what causes the high blood pressure in the first place.

    There’s no other explanation for it. No salt = no high blood pressure. The more salt you eat = the more high blood pressure. Look at what a problem the Japanese have with high blood pressure. It’s a terrible problem in their society and they suffer a lot of strokes from it.

  7. Sam

    “Eating too little salt may increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke claims new research”


  8. [insert bet amount] in 20 years this will turn out to be as spurious as the advice to avoid eggs and butter.

  9. Healthy at 100 by John Robbins isn’t perfect but it has a lot of good information in it. He looks at the four longest living peoples in the world, from Okinawa to the caucus mountains to the Andes. He looks at what their diets are like, their lifestyle, their attitudes and what they have in common. It turns out quite a lot.

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