The Message of Vladimir Putin

One man is fighting back.

I have been thinking about Putin a long time, and and this simple sentence is the best way that I can sum up what this man is all about. Of course, Americans, and all of the rest of Western fools, will scoff at my statement, but that’s because they’ve all been drinking the Anti-Putin (TM) Koolaid.

Isn’t it amazing that in the land of the free, the West, the Free World, where we have freedom of press (TM) and freedom of speech (TM), that every single time the Western states and media go on a foreign policy propaganda campaign against the Designated Enemy du Jour, that the overwhelming majority of Westerners in every single Western country fall right in line, the party line, like good Germans, with the state-media propaganda?

What’s so free about these people? What’s so free about their speech? What’s so free about their press? What’s so Free about their Joke Free World?


Nothing is free about it. Look around you. Every single time the West goes on a foreign policy propaganda campaign against one its made-up fake joke enemies, look what happens:

The vast majority of the people fall in line. I think 80% of Americans support the propaganda crap about Russia and Venezuela. Canadians are slightly more intelligent, but not much. Only 73% of Canadians support the propaganda campaign against Russia. I want you to show me one other Western country where the people have stood up and given the finger to the propaganda campaign. One. I want you to show me one. Just one.

100% of the media falls in line. Show me one MSM outlet anywhere in the West that has gone against any major Western foreign policy campaign in recent years. One!

100% of the politicians fall in line. This is true. The number of major US politicians who ever goes against any Western foreign policy campaign is usually zero. I think we have one single Representative complaining about Syria. One! Out of 435, we have one.

And this is the truly amazing thing about Donald Trump. Trump is not only the only serious Presidential candidate, but he is the only serious politician at all, in recent memory who has actually stood up and given the finger to US propaganda foreign policy campaigns. Now I do not like Mr. Trump at all. But in this sense, his moment is a watershed moment, the first crack to appear in the bipartisan foreign policy consensus repaired after it broke in Vietnam.

Forget Bernie Sanders. Sanders is great on domestic policy, but on foreign policy he is a joke. He goes along with 100% of the US foreign policy propaganda campaign. Show me one way he’s different. One! In other words, Sanders is a typical American politician.

So the West is a place where when the Deep States of the West go on a propaganda campaign, 100% of the media, nearly 100% of the politicians, and 75-80% of the suckers, I mean people, fall right in line.

What makes you think you are free? What makes you think you have free speech? What makes you think you have a free press?

Really, looking at the way Western politicians, media and populations fall in line and obey whatever the foreign policy propaganda campaign of the day says, I would say that Westerners are about as brainwashed as North Koreans. Because Western politicians, media and even people react about the same way that North Korean politicians, media and people do to government propaganda campaigns.

The West is so pitiful. You fools think you’re free, but you’re as brainwashed as a North Korean! You’re pitiful! You’re a joke! You’re a laughingstock!


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12 responses to “The Message of Vladimir Putin

  1. SHI

    You do realize that Russia isn’t free in any sense of the word. That makes any comparison with the current situation in the West totally pointless.

    Maybe the Russians have always preferred it that way but for last three centuries, that entire expanse of land called Russia has settled for nothing but one strongman dictator after another. From the autocratic Tsars to tyrannical leadrers like Stalin, Krushchev and Putin now, if you’re a child growing up in Russia, you have not known freedom the way a Western child does. There are exceptions though, Gorbachev and Boris Yelstin broke away from Russian iron man traditions and tried to be benign leaders but their short-lived experiments failed.

    There is no disputing the fact that Vlad the Putin is the biggest autocratic tyrant at the moment, not very different from Gaddafi, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Assad or Pinochet. This man oppresses his own people. Given a choice, most Russians would want to escape their country but they can’t as the State still puts a restriction on emigration. If you were born in Russia, you simply can’t defect to another country unless you’re married to a person over there. That is why the Russian mail order bride business has always been booming.

    Why do you think the Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian and Hungarian people like to distance themselves so much from Russia? Not only are their countries most active NATO members but the people themselves are anti-Russia. Why do you think Ukrainians want to escape the shadow of Russia to merge with Western Europe and the Schengen region? While Britain can’t wait to escape from EU as the overall sentiment over there favors Brexit, the former countries of the Soviet Bloc can’t wait to join the Western Hemisphere.

    Thing is, people in the West take their freedoms for granted. They simply have no concept of what it feels like to raise your child in a tyrannical, dictatorial regime. There are things like internet censorship, forced incarcerations and murders that you take as “normal”.

    Maybe the recent US elections seem like a complete joke when you find that your Final 2 happen to be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But that’s a problem that can be fixed within four years. If you were born in Russia, you don’t have that choice in the first place. You have to put up with your autocratic government day in and day out. And so will your children.

    It might sound cliched but the US is indeed a free society. Just check the annual rankings of Freedom House. There are other freedom indices including the UK-based Democracy index, Canada-based Fraser Institute’s “Index of Freedom in the World” and Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters without Borders. Countries like China, Russia and Islamic counrties are consistently scoring “not free” in every independent assesment each year the rankings are prepared. Just check this year’s Freedom House map, noone really emigrates to any country that isn’t marked “blue”.

    • Latias

      Turkey and Israel are free? Ukraine is free with its anti-communist and anti-Holodomor denial laws? I couldn’t tell if Rwanda is free under Kagame; it is too small.

      Show me how Gaddafi and Pinochet are similar. One them has truly brought prosperity to all of their country, while the latter only has propaganda claiming that he did. Gaddafi did not torture so many people.

      If Assad is repressive, then Assad is like an Abraham Lincoln, who similarly suspended civil liberties and was re-elected in the course of a civil war.

      “Just check this year’s Freedom House map, noone really emigrates to any country that isn’t marked “blue”.”

      There are some Salfis that want to live in the Islamic State.

    • You are right but now freedom in the West, though more or less preserved as a way of social management, has now gone most opposite to eleutheria as the Greeks called it, not so much the freedom to choose as per Milton Friedman as essential manly dignity, the very quality that makes up a free man rather than a slave in mentality. We scoff at the fact that the ancient Spartans fought to death for an eleutheria that was incarnated in their eyes in the freedom of a city of otherwise most authoritarian nature, rather than of their own persons, but the reward they felt in fighting for such a freedom was real, far more real than the reward felt for instance as people feel when the go parading for Charlie in Paris. In the West you are in theory more free to choose than ever, you may for instance choose any thing you want to hear on Youtube safe for maybe 1% no more, but the problem is that your opinion doesn’t sell if it is not mainstream, your Youtube just costs you precious money and gives greater latitude to the greater number to puke you out of any living, at best you spend your life in Mom’s basement and if your Mom also disapproves of your opinion you end up in a tent city or as a slave flipping hamburgers. The price to pay for exerting your theoretical freedom for real in the West is the loss of all dignity. At best it is monacal isolation of a kind dourer than at any epoch of the feudal times. You then just miss, I would not say a totalitarian state, but a rather authoritarian one with one leader or a close-knit team strong enough to oppose a sharp no to mainstream opinion and have his of their personal views prevail over those of the general consent, for by obeying more faithfully than the general public to such a leader or ruling team you do manifest a strong though not perfect freedom towards the hardest tyrant of all that is the general consent, a general consent that is always manufactured. By obeying to Qaddhafi and militating for him people in Libya exerted far more real freedom in the face of the world than now they may under Hillary, now that that witch has said “we came, we saw, he died”.

    • siberiancat

      Hm… “This man oppresses his own people. ”
      Should be very easy to look at the political prisoners, and see the stats of who they are, how many there are, and discuss the facts.
      I know about some, and they seem to have participated in bona fide illegal activity. For example, Limonov’s party members.

    • Jake

      The Polish and the Lithuanian people distance themselves from Russia out of spiteful hate. Nowadays it’s all the rage in those places to claim that Russians were the biggest oppressors in WW2 and they’d be better off under Nazi rule — and if you think that isn’t fucked up, I honestly don’t know what else to tell you. Sure Soviets had done their amount of dumb shit but come on.

      As for your ‘freedom ratings’ and lovely blue colors map… Russia is actually the second biggest immigration destination in the world, so you’re pretty wrong on that. Plenty of people migrate to China as well (more than India, for sure). And South Korea being somehow more ‘free’ than Russia or whatever is funny; they’re as much of a plutocratic sell-out corporate-owned bullshit country as they come, but I guess since a new president is re-elected every term it’s all fine and dandy and who cares if the presidents are largely inconsequential while all true power is concentrated in the hands of corporate families.

      In what ways does Putin oppress his own people, by the way? I hear that line a lot but never see any actual examples of ‘oppression.’

  2. Jason Y

    Trump should make peace with Putin. However, it won’t stop a huge middle east mess from brewing up sometime later in his term.

  3. Ed

    “Just check the annual rankings of Freedom House.”

    Wow. Did the US State Department just re-brand itself?

  4. I also admire Putin, I think he has the power to defeat the Jewish NWO.

  5. Tulio

    Putin stands for nothing other than being a strong man and a patriarch figure who supposedly fights against anything Russians are afraid of. That is playbook that Trump is playing off. Trump doesn’t have any concrete ideology. His selling point is winning people over at the gut level by shows of hyper-nationalism, machismo and strength against whatever his constituents are fearful of. Mexico, China, losing their jobs to trade, ISIS, gun control or whatever is on the typical paranoid American’s boogeyman list.

    • Matt

      If it hasn’t already been done, I’d love to see an evolutionary psychologist take on the Trump phenomenon. I think even many people who cl,aim to hate or dislike him find themselves drawn to the image he projects, in spite of their better judgment.

    • Stary Wylk

      It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you.

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