Multi-Ethnic Fascism?

Hasbrudal writes: Isn’t fascism just a kind of ultra-nationalism, the most important thing is what defines the nation, if it’s a multi-ethnic nation, the fascism will reflect that. If the nation is defined in very narrow terms, e.g. how the Croatian fascists during WW2 viewed Serbs, despite having much more in common on the surface than a Tartar and a Slav from St Petersburg, then it can get very granular. I don’t think Mussolini or Franco gave too much thought to the “Jewish Question” without prompting from Berlin.

There is no such thing as multi-ethnic fascism as far as I can tell. There has never been one single case of multi-ethnic fascism recorded in history. This is probably because the phrase is a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron. If it’s fascism, it’s not multi-ethnic. If it’s multi-ethnic, it’s not fascism. Period.

In a fascist state, when there are multiple ethnicities, religions or languages spoken, the fascists always, always, always, try to wipe out all of the ethnicities and turn them into a single ethnicity and wipe out all the religions and get everyone to speak one national language. For instance, Franco tried to turn everyone in Spain into a Spaniard who spoke Spanish. Hence he waged war on all of the other ethnicities and their languages. Mussolini waged war on all of the other languages in Italy (falsely called Italian dialects), not to mention the non-Italian languages in Italy. I think he went easy on the Germans in the north so as not to anger Hitler.

Fascism is a sort of nation-building run wild, or you can think like I do and say that all nation-building in the modern era is basically fascist, which it is. This is because all nation-building projects try to dissolve all of the ethnicities in the country and turn them all into one ethnicity and try to wipe out all of the languages in the country and make everyone speak one language.

In the case of religion, fascists would probably try to wipe out all of the other religions and force everyone to be a particular religion. The Croatian Ustashe actually ordered Serbs to convert to Catholicism or die in a similar way that Islam was converted by the sword (convert to Islam or die). ISIS is practicing this sort of convert or die Islam right now. This convert or die method of spreading Islam is very much in the Muslim historical tradition no matter how much Muslims lie and say it isn’t.

As you can probably tell, I do not think too much of nation-building projects. However, I have met people from the 3rd World who justified nation-building projects in strong terms. One man I know was an Iranian Azeri who spoke Azerbaijani but justified the Iranian government’s attempt to wipe out the Azeri language as a necessary step that Iran would have to go through in order to build a nation.

Nation-building projects are also often accompanied by mass killings. The emergence of the state of Israel, birthed in blood like so many new nations, is a good contemporary example of bloody nation-building.

Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Abkhazia, Kurdistan, Lithuania and Latvia are all modern examples of it. The first four were all quite bloody. One of the disgusting things about nationalism and nationalists is that when the nationalists are a minority in state dominated by another ethnic group, they are all about minority rights, decentralization, regionalism, federalism, autonomy, etc.

Then as soon as these nationalist punks get their independence, what’s the first thing they try to do? The first thing they do is persecute all of the new minorities in the land where they are now a majority. Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, and Kurdistan are excellent examples of this. Kurdistan is a particularly awful example, as in Southern Kurdistan only Sunni Muslim Kurds have full rights. Non-Kurds? Of course not. Kurdish Yezidis? Nope. Kurdish Christians? No. Kurdish Shabakis? No. Kurdish Shia Muslims? Nope. Assyrian Christians? Are you kidding? They are not even Kurds. Sunni Muslim Arabs? Not at all. Shia Muslims Arabs? Even worse.

In the first elections in Southern Kurdistan, everyone except for Sunni Muslim Kurds was seriously disenfranchised. I mean in a lot of places they were actually denied the right to vote. Non-Kurdish Sunni Muslims were also driven out of many villages in order that they could be populated by Sunni Muslim Kurds.

With independence, Georgia immediately said that everyone in Georgia was a Georgian and revoked the ethnic and linguistic rights of everyone else. This was the cause of the Ossetian and Abkhazian rebellions. Russia had nothing to do with either of them, especially as they started back in 1991 when Gorbachev was President.

With the new fascist Nazi coup in the Ukraine, the rights of Russian speakers were revoked, and their supporters and politicians were murdered. Keep in mind that the CIA was up their knees in all of this. Everyone was a Ukrainian. No one else had any rights. Hence the declarations of independence in Crimea and the Donbass. Russia had nothing to do with those declarations of independence. Those are Russian speakers in those areas, and they despise Ukrainian nationalists who they call Nazis (because they are).

Keep in mind that Crimea never agreed to become a part of an independent Ukraine. As soon as Ukraine declared its independence, the Crimeans said they were not a part of this new country. Several referenda were held in Crimea early on, and the votes were 80-90% for independence.

The new Ukrainian state subsequently calmed them down, and for the next 20-some years the Ukraine was in a stalemate with maybe half the population supporting radical Ukrainian Nazi nationalists and the other half more pro-Russian or wanting a federal state, including all of the non-Russian minorities in Ukraine, of which there are quite a few. So Crimean independence has nothing at all do with Putin, as it started way back in 1991 under Gorbachev as with the Georgian separatist splits.


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71 responses to “Multi-Ethnic Fascism?

  1. Jason Y

    So I was say the obsession with pure race from many groups is not based on science or a real understanding of beauty, but is just part fo a fascist political agenda. Perhaps though some commenters like Phil will bring out freak-o cases where mixing race in Brazil stopped blood donors.

    Of course though people usually spot out the odd, but what fascists don’t tell you as that the odd become normal over time, with the exception of really strange stuff like trans-sexuals. Seeing a blue eyed black guy though is no big deal as that’s normal in Tennessee.

  2. Jason Y

    As Trump gains power, Republican areas could become more fascist and intolerant toward anything different. Just another reason to leave the nation. The whole idea of anyone with that mindset, anyone with proved WN approval, iin power s reason enough to leave.

    I don’t think though there will be genocide or offically government sanctioned racism though. However, Trump will eventually lead the US into massive foreign wars and institute a police state.

    Perhaps Trump might even apologize or tone down the racism after the election, it still won’t change the terrible path (police state etc..) that is inevitable.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      It’s an interesting question….
      if he is as quick on deportations as he says, that alone will make us a police state in a matter of Months. Prices will sky-rocket from the trade war, Mexico + China foaming at the mouth to ditch him, there may even be “border incidents”. They won’t pay for the wall, simply because he has no way to force them to do it (he’s going to threaten to take back factories from Mexico, or actually do it? Once he’s done it, then why does Mexico care)?

      His Apes will cheer him on, until their quality of life drops, then Congress will be free to impeach him, as even the GOP really wants to, then, I say, they start after they return from summer recess. So he’s out by fall.
      Then, VP John Kasich becomes President.

      • Jason Y

        First of all, the factory jobs returning to the US have to make up for the fact we are now the sworn economic enemy of China etc..

        Also, as you say, we are now a rogue state, so foreign natons will want to depose our president using any method possible, and with mass support from moneyed elite in the US, anti-racists etc…

        The dark side is Trump’s reaction could be to become as evil as possible, but even then, Congress could stop that, unless all the Republicans fall for him.

        • Jason Y

          Trump can’t force industry to return to the US, and even if he does, as in Venezuela, they can organize some secret crap to jack-knife the US economy, and they will.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Well, considering they gave in on the nomination, Sheldon Adelson befriending Trump, etc, it seems like the elites are warming up to him. If you asked me this question in April, there was no way in hell I would have said they wouldn’t have made an attempt to depose him.
          Maybe they know something we don’t (i.e. he’s not nuts, WHATSOEVER, it’s ALL an act).

        • Waltem

          “- Tribalism is correlated with lower IQ (a republican thing)
          – Resistance to change/lack of logical thinking is correlated negatively with IQ”

          And yet the Japanese have one of the highest National IQs in the world, while being notoriously hostile to immigration.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        When his supporters (keep in mind, their median IQ is probably not even 90), finally acknowledge he is a fraud, AFTER they lose their jobs, pay a lot more for their trailer’s window AC unit, etc., THEN the “establishment” will feel comfortable ousting him, whatever way they do that.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t know. I know an angry young male college graduate (MBA) who likes Trump. Seems to be a smart fellow but an incredible chip on the shoulder, like somebody has molested him or something.

        • Waltem

          Blacks have a mean IQ in the 80s. They also have a habit of voting Democrat.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Not all Democrats are Black, based on the notion that they are 12% of the electorate, and Pew Research entitled “a Deep Dive into Party affiliation”, Blacks are 24% of the Democratic voting base (registered democrats)
          plus, even smarter White libs, etc. It’s irrelevant.

          Trumpkins are fucktards. Reality sucks. Hope your not going to need “safe space” after that remark. That would be ironic, wouldn’t it?

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Well, a mix of fact-free rhetoric with a few facts thrown in.
          I’m thoroughly
          “Adjusting for Whites”
          is not mentioned in the studies.

          Basically one knowledge study is mentioned it is not consistent, and countered to most other studies.

          Climate change is real. A predicted 8 degree rise in one century is not natural.

          -Tribalism is correlated with lower IQ (a republican thing)
          -Resistance to change/lack of logical thinking is correlated negatively with IQ
          -BUT, Republicans are somehow smarter?

          (actual IQ)

          You want to reference another Conservative commentator with one shitty study? Or look at the vast literature from Psychology and Scientific Magazines.

          Reality, Sucks, really badly sometimes. But you can keep going forward.
          Please provide a response worth responding to.
          you’re not in Kansas anymore

        • Another William Playfair Web

          According to your lord and Savior Jared Taylor ‘there is no difference in median intellect between men and women’

        • Another William Playfair Web

          seriously, dude, you just can’t link to one shitty study, and then greatly exaggerate it’s results.
          This isn’t American Renaissance.

          I have many more where my links come from, actual scientific journals.
          stupid people don’t know they’re stupid

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I bet he won’t respond……

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I’m thoroughly impressed, I mean.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          This type of fact denial, charming right-wind idiocy makes my blood pressure spike. I’m going to leave for a while before I get banned…

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Even though past studies show that women are more liberal than men, and blacks are more liberal than whites, the effect of childhood intelligence on adult political ideology is twice as large as the effect of either sex or race. So it appears that, as the Hypothesis predicts, more intelligent individuals are more likely to espouse the value of liberalism than less intelligent individuals, possibly because liberalism is evolutionarily novel and conservatism is evolutionarily familiar.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          mic drop

        • Waltem

          Going from how triggered you are I figure you are offended.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          No. It’s just that the Right is killing us with their fact-free bullshit. Been that way for years.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          In all fairness, based on the above referenced quote, and I believe the last paragraph, it seems like they were only measuring Whites? It’s not anti-Evolutionary for a Black to want to help their own, with welfare. So that 2/3 SD gap could just be among people of the same race.

        • Waltem

          “According to your lord and Savior Jared Taylor ‘there is no difference in median intellect between men and women'”

          And men are overrepresented on the higher end of intelligence. This among other biological factors leads to men significantly outperforming women in say, engineering.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I don’t think you understand the word “median”

        • Jason Y

          I know a lady in college studying chemical engineering and she’s pretty darn smart.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          She’s an outlier, as shown. I suppose you could be a spatial genius and not know shit about politics, and hence you could have a decent IQ and come across verbally as a brain dead neocon or Trumpkin. That’s why more Engineers are conservative/go for Trump. BUT Scientists, lawyers, etc. do not.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Her spatial IQ: around 140
          Her verbal IQ: garbage

          Am I right? I’m also surprised that it’s a “she”. I attributed some intellectuals being Drumpfkins to the “testostocracy.”

  3. Did you see the movie Starship Troopers? The movie show future earth ruled by a Fascist Military Junta, but there is no racism or sexism, men and women of all races serve together in all positions as equals, even in the showers.

    I think Starship Troopers was showing the future of the American Multicultural Fascism.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly it could be made into a thing of US citizens vs non-citizens. People who are generally Americans culture-wise vs the weird foreigners.

      It was true in Rome that the Romans wern’t that homogeneous ethnically, but instead it was more a culture thing. However, the culture thing was strong enough where they’d enslave barbarian tribes etc..

      • Jason Y

        I have noticed that American people, regardless of color do look down on foreigners to some degree. However, white racists obviously are the worst, but maybe not. I knew this Asian/Black girl and her family shunned her mom due to her being Asian.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Blacks and Asians don’t seem to like each other. Other than some Black-Hispanic tension, it seems to be the most tumultuous of the three non-White relationships (Black-Hispanic, Black-Asian, Hispanic-Asian).

        • Gay State Girl

          Where do South Asians and Middle Easterners fit in there?

        • Another William Playfair Web

          South Asians are, even if East Indian, considered Asians.
          According to the census Middle Easterners are White, but they’re not really a “major” thing like I was talking about.

      • Jason Y

        Actually I don’t see the big deal about showering with naked women. It would be more like nudism as you won’t find all of them attractive anyway. Plus under the stress of being in showers, as well as fear of causing a scene in a military environment, you’d probably just keep your eyes to yourself, unless you were sure you couldn’t get caught (peeping).

    • Ontg

      Starship Troopers is a great movie, thanks for bringing it up. I actually saw it yesterday. There is a great depiction of fascism in the movie. The common military shower scene is one of the best depictions.


    You forgot about Brazilian Integralism, Robert. There were mulattoes, Whites, and Blacks in that fascist movement. Brazilian Integralism also had an anti-Jewish ideological segement.

  5. Ed

    Like GOHDAN, I was going to point out the very real phenomenon of Brazilian fascism (and they have just taken power again!) which is a single example that pretty much blows all the conventional theories of fascism out of the water.

    This is another case where the Marxist approach (which is that fascism is what capitalism does when the capitalists get into trouble, is basically militarized and mobilized capitalism) is correct but we are not allowed to just say that.

  6. jorge

    Not, probably you don’t know about Brazilian Integralism, that was a quasi fascist movement of 1930s that had people from all races present in Brazil. It has influence of national socialism and Italian fascism, but without racism. And some where anti-Jews but another, not. It was anticommunist.

    And today there are some few nationalist gangs formed also by people of different races (and most part are skinheads.). They are antiracist but also anti-left and hate homosexuals for exaple, in fact they killed one or two homosexuals.

    This is one of those gangs.

    • Jason Y

      Hey, there’s Phil in that top photo 😆

      • Another William Playfair Web

        I thought Pardo (far more common than Black) and even Black Braziliians were quite mixed. That guy’s quite dark.

      • “Hey, there’s Phil in that top photo 😆”

        Is this how you get your sick kicks Jason? I suppose this would be a resort from you since you never really won in a debate with me.

        • Jason Y

          It seems like William has thrown ep-gah off the blog.

        • Actually I’ve talked to epagh outside of the blog, he’s says that there was an issue with his internet recently.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          It’s about Left-Wing versus Wrong-Wing. Is there a reason, that everything shifts left? Yes. Because as humans progress, we move to the left. That’s why a vast preponderance of evidence shows median Leftist IQ > Median Conservative IQ. roughly Tribalism->Kingdoms->Constitutional Monarchy-> Capitalist Democracy->Democratic Socialism->Standard Socialism-> Communism


          if Blacks are so stupid, you could equate them to a Cripple. You don’t, as RL says, “push a cripple into the gutter”

        • Another William Playfair Web

          “It seems like William has thrown ep-gah off the blog.”

          Question, always question. Don’t give ’em a free pass. “Never stop, never settle

        • Another William Playfair Web

          There are of course merits to HBD, I mean, as more evidence comes out, the more we see their are DNA ways to classify people by race. However, I believe that the main theories, that people with more exposure to Cold Climate in their ancestral past, etc., is a broad theme.

          The notion that Mongoloid IQ > Caucasoid IQ > Black IQ (when you are presented with one, it’s most likely) does not justify ‘deport the spics’ or ‘hope more of the Arab migrants’ boats sink’ or ‘European Culture is the best’. Just think about it…what possibly suggests that, other than one’s opinion? It’s all part of the subtle intellectual incoherence of the Alt-Right itself disguised by the fact that they exaggerate the facts, which in turn no one questions.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          What research of Phillipe Rushton supports Hispanic inferiority to Whites? They are mongoloids after all.

          think about it!

          what research of Phillipe Rushton supports Arab inferiority to Whites? They are Caucasoids after all!

          what other Biological research has been done? to continue bashing the Alt-Right;

          Syrians are White. Very little difference between Arabs and Europeans;

          Oh yeah, that inbreeding shit, please give some evidence. Hint: There is none, it was just pulled out of some Alt-Righter’s ass). YOU’RE BEING PLAYED. I’m honestly done even empathizing with these people anymore. It’s a con-job to the nth degree. It’s a joke. There is no scientific basis for White Nationalism. The Alt-Right needs to stop lying.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          look at this fucking MUD;

          He’s so much darker than this REAL European beauty. Who’s mother is probably forcing her to sleep with Black Guys. DISGUSTING.

        • To William,

          Rushton’s theories mainly pertained to averages on the Macro level, not the sub race level.

          As Robetr has pointed out into the past, there are some group even in the Caucasian and Mongoloid races that differ from other, basically resembling in a sense “old versions”. I’m unsure if it is a perfect analogy, but it pertains.

          Using that in mind, Native Americans and Hispanics (those who are of such descent specifically) belong to groups called paleomongoloids (at least that how Robert describes them).

          In any event, they are different from standard neomongoloid stereotypes that we immediately think of.

          A similar thing can be said of Middle Easterners, them (depending on region) being I think a mixed being a population closer to older Caucasians/ West Eurasians and new newer versions.

          Plus, both groups lived in hotter climates than counterpart in Northeast Asia or Europe.

          With that said, you could even find variation within subgroups and eventually between individuals within an ethnic group or community.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I suppose the “Paleo-Mongoloid” thing with Amerinds is true.
          However, based on the Autosomal population(s) study, I linked to above, I can’t help but think the “non-White Syrian invasion” is pretty much bullshit (nearly as “European” as the current inhabitants of Europe).

        • Jason Y

          William is still a massive racist despite making anti-HBD comments from time to time. Not saying being a racist is bad, but he goes toward being a chauvanist. For instance, the use of the word mud etc..

          He doesn’t respect a lot of non-white races or mixed people that much, so how is his talk any different than ep-gah, or is William just trying to be a bad boy? Even Phil, despite his strong pro-white and HBD stand, doesn’t use disrespectful words about non-whites or mixed people.

        • Jason Y

          The banned Swank was the only guy who came across as a reasonable liberal on this blog. Unfortunately, according to Robert, he lied about scientific facts etc.., but what facts were they, and did people look at the situation enough to draw a good judgement on Swank?

        • To William,

          Funny enough Syrians and Lebanese from what I hear are among the light of Semitic race because I believe they can from Northern Iraq (Syrians I read at least). I think Robert made such argument on them being “whites”. I honestly don’t like the term, not that identity shouldn’t be allowed but because of it’s lack of consistency by those who use it as an identity to more nationalist levels. I’ll just say this, just go by ethnic group based on continent, in other words Italians and Greeks are Europeans.

          BTW, here’s evidence of inbreeding in Muslim groups compared to others

          and in Syria specifically

          You can read here other posts, clearly not an Alt Righter.

          To Jason,

          “He doesn’t respect a lot of non-white races or mixed people that much, so how is his talk any different than ep-gah, or is William just trying to be a bad boy? Even Phil, despite his strong pro-white and HBD stand, doesn’t use disrespectful words about non-whites or mixed people.”

          Well that comment of me is certainly a change of pace of when you accused me of being racist against mixed people and saying their ugly and violent.

          Second, William is obviously being tongue and cheek about and trying to satirically imitate his views of White Nationalists and racists by using common language of them.

        • To Jason,

          His arguments and assertion hanged on scientific papers that suggested that there was no genes or polymorphism found linked with IQ and Behavior, let alone race.

          Well Now that wrong

          I believe he’s still hangin around at pumpkin person’s blog but I’m unsure if he’s still at it.

          Regardless, while he has decent debating skills he’s still obviously biased.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          “William is still a massive racist despite making anti-HBD comments from time to time.”

          It was an attempt at satire (the face of Syria is lighter than that European woman). I jokingly refer to myself as a mud, even.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          “He doesn’t respect a lot of non-white races or mixed people that much, so how is his talk any different than ep-gah, or is William just trying to be a bad boy? Even Phil, despite his strong pro-white and HBD stand, doesn’t use disrespectful words about non-whites or mixed people.

          Applying the only semblance of a strategy to fighting the Alt-Right (the neocons, of all people, have embraced this); expose the sheer nastiness of the alt-right.

          Muhammad Ali just died. I feel genuinely bad.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Jason – I’ve been attempting to prove the Alt-Right is demented/delusional; i.e. The Syrians are White. I like Hispanics. I like Black humor. Do I respect Blacks? I suppose one likes Phil, hell probably the vast majority, but not all. But does that mean I am any less of an advocate for people of color (which I really am, more than you)? No. Although I am White, I am not always accepted as White, especially by the Clinically impaired Alt Right, so I feel I have the right to SATIRE them.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Reasonable? I’m too mentally ill 🙂 Mental illness is what made Whites more creative than Asians, blah, blah, blah.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I suppose I use ‘non-Whites’, as ‘pawns’, in my ideology….but does that make me any more racist than Hillary Clinton :)?

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Jason and Phil-

          The thing is, there may be genes, but the main ones so far (brain size) has really not explained the entire gap, even in AAs, certainly in Africans (Pumpkinperson conceded that was only responsible for about half the gap).

          The “Alt-x” movements need to admit;

          1. The genetic gap is conservative (between White and Black IQ).
          2. The “White” race is far more broad, and this Syrian refugee stuff is a joke (how much of a difference did inbreeding make – I mean it would seem, not doing any Math, they’d have to be pretty inbred (I haven’t read those links yet).
          3. White fucktards with high levels of Neanderthal ancestry are dangerous too.

          Am I racist, Jason?

        • Another William Playfair Web

          RL could call Afrosapiens, Swank and the other one the “three stooges”, but Afrosapiens and Swank are quite, quite bright.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Since I’m such a Chauvinist, I’m doing this only because I find Hispanic and Syrian/Palestinian women super hot.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Jason- Phil has given some reasons, genetically, why race mixing is a concern, however, I mean how much is theory- I mean, I’d rather have our mixed race President with his finger on the button than the two likely big-party nominees (largely pure White) :), so how much is it genetic, or simple genetics (probably multiple factors, not just ‘Cro-Magnon versus Neanderthal ancestry).

          My views, Phil’s response.

        • To William,

          Of course, the genes don’t explain it all but my point was ti proves and existence.

          Now in terms of race mixing, technically yes it can be achieved and create decent results through years of good selection or some aid but what we need to understand that races haves specifically adapted different biological traits such as diseases, traits relating to psychology, and even how race interact within themselves.

          Therefore, if race mixing on a large scale is going to work one must figure out a way to pick good selection for the population to adapted readily.

          If that link goes to the previous discussion on this then my points shold be noted.

    • Jason Y

      Pentecostals in the US are anti-racist, but they hate liberals, homosexuals etc..

    • Jason Y

      Are you kidding me? Those black people in those photos are slaves of the other people. They just be thankful they were allowed to be in the photo at all. 😆


    I would support a multi-ethnic nationalist movement here in the UK if it doesn’t centre its activities around violence and intimidation. I know many Blacks and South Asians (Muslim and Hindu) who would join such a movement optimistically. Many of my Black (British) Carribean friends have discussed a kind of multi-ethnic nationalism before, and a few of them have served at least 12 years in the British Army.

  8. Matt

    Not all fascist or quasi fascist movements persecute other races or ethnicities, but none of them have the motto, “Free to be you and me.” Usually, if you belong to a minority group, you had better at least be willing to assimilate to the dominant group in pretty much every way.

  9. Waltem

    “I don’t think you understand the word “median””

    Neither do you know what the “higher end” is apparently.

    “I know a lady in college studying chemical engineering and she’s pretty darn smart.”


    • Another William Playfair Web

      point is…the fact that Hillary Clinton has disproportionately female supporters does not influence the median, as was discussed, when I said that, in response to your “study” which referenced the middle values, not the extremes.

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