Is Putin a Fascist Like Everyone Says He Is?

Every time you hear people talk about Putin the Nazi and Putin the New Hitler and all of that, keep in mind the reality of Russian politics and especially culture.
The real Nazis inside of Russia are all with the Ukies, and they hate Putin for cracking down hard on them. I have seen their webpages on Facebook. Their pages are full of posts raging at Putin and talking about all of the Nazis he has put in jail. During the war, all of the Russian Nazis were with the Ukies who the Russian Nazis said were true blue, real Nazis. In fact, many Russian Nazis went off to fight for the Ukies during the war. Nazis came from all over Europe to fight for the Ukies.

The Duginites that all these idiots call Nazis are not Nazis at all but instead are Russian nationalists. They believe in the concept of a multiethnic Russian empire. These people are 100% with having a Tuvan (essentially a Mongolian) as Defense Minister of Russia. They don’t give two damns about race mixing or even the White race very much. They don’t think like that.

I remember an interview with some Russian nationalist group which had a paramilitary branch that had sent volunteers to fight in the Ukraine war. The interviewer asked if you had to be White to join. The leader was taken aback and said, “Oh no! We are not Nazis! We hate Nazis. We kill Nazis.” He then said that in order to join, you had to speak Russian and practice the Russian Orthodox religion, and that was it. he then pointed out some non-ethnic Russian members of his group around him, including a couple of rather Asiatic-looking fellows. The leader noted where they had come from and pointed that not only were they not Russians but they were not even really White.

I have no idea if Russian nationalists are fascists or not. One thing is certain and that is that they are not racist fascists (Nazis) Personally, I am dubious that they are fascists because they have made an extreme alliance with monarchists, Russian Orthodox culturalists, and Communists. I doubt if there is any real true-blue even Mussolini style (nonracist fascism) fascism in Russia. The Russian nationalists are pretty sui generis.


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19 responses to “Is Putin a Fascist Like Everyone Says He Is?

  1. Another William Playfair Web

    The only people I have seen comparing Putin to a Nazi, are the Alt-Righters, who do so as a compliment.

  2. Hasdrubal

    Isn’t fascism just a kind of ultra-nationalism, the most important thing is what defines the nation, if it’s a multi-ethnic nation the fascism will reflect that. If the nation is defined in very narrow terms, e.g. how the Croatian fascists during WW2 viewed Serbs, despite having much more in common on the surface than a Tartar and a Slav from St Petersburg, then it can get very granular. I don’t think Mussolini or Franco gave too much thought to the “Jewish Question” without prompting from Berlin.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Franco was supposed to have harbored escaped Jews from France. He himself was rumored to have Jewish blood.
      Mussolini also, from what I’ve heard, resisted deportations of Jews from Italy to Jewish camps. He thought he could survive the war, and was looking for his legacy/to keep power afterward.

      • Matt

        Pretty much every Spaniard you’ve ever heard of has Jewish or Moorish blood, including St. Theresa of Avila and Tomas de Torquemada.

      • Jason Y

        Franco was a big Catholic. He only went a long with Hitler cause of anti-Communism Otherwise, he probably just saw him as some kind of satanist / pagan, which he was.

        Persecuting Jews was of no use to Franco or Mussolini. They only probably did so out of peer pressure from Hitler.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t think your typical southern Euro or Latin American fascist gives much thought to Jews unless they specifically are supporting Communism. Anyhow, Hitler had a special chip on the shoulder against them cause of World War I and it’s aftermath.

      • Jason Y

        Anyhow you can’t tell the difference between white Latin Americans, southern europeans and most Jews by just looking at the face.

  3. Noneofmany

    Russian Nationalists. The worst of both worlds.

    It’s like they decided that they admired the conservatism of fascism but rejected that it should actually conserve anything racial, cultural, artistic, or aesthetic. Just as long as it’s orthodox and not gay.

    At least Hitler had a consistent set of values and culture in mind when he selected people to replace the populace he killed.

    These guys want to eliminate their enemies and replace them with a completely random set of second world mongrels.

    They must be the only group of people on the planet vile enough to make Hitler AND Marx role in their graves.

  4. There’s a lot of neocon types who paint Putin as a fascist/Nazi so its certainly not limited to the Alt Right. Meanwhile there are elements of the Alt Right (albeit probably a minority) such as Greg Johnson and Colin Liddel who despise Putin and frankly Russia too. However, some Nazis such as Andrew Anglin support Putin.

    As for “Russian nationalism” is such a profoundly fragmented movement that it barely makes any sense to talk of it as a unified whole.

    Here are just a few of the more prominent factions:

    State nationalists: Rogozin, significant part of United Russia elites, ultimately quite tame. Think Russian Breitbarters.

    Eurasianists: Dugin et al. USSR-2, Left-wing nationalism, largely a-racial as Robert said.

    Liberal nationalists: Navalny, etc. Ethnic nationalists “Stop feeding the Caucasus.” Very West friendly, support Ukraine.

    Nazis: Tend to be dimmer stormfag characters. While most did indeed support Ukraine, a lot of them have become sort of disillusioned since it became clearer and clearer that Ukraine wasn’t becoming some sort of Aryan Reich 2.0 anytime soon.

    White nationalists (White as in the enemies of the Reds in the civil war and Russian Empire fans, not the racial sense): Part of the Sputnik i Pogrom phenomenon. Educated hipster nationalists. Share many positions with liberal nationalists, with the major exception that they are categorially anti-Ukraine and rule out any concessions to the West.

    If we are to speak of Putin, he is very friendly with state nationalists (almost by definition), reasonably friendly with Eurasianists, neutral towards White nationalists, and persecutes Nazis and liberal nationalists. However, it is a huge stretch to call Putin a nationalist himself. He is a strongly a-ideological personality who draws from and caters to many different thinkers and movements. If I had to put numbers to it, I would say he is 40% nationalist, 40% liberal, and 20% leftist.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Putin has not accepted many, refugees. Alt-Righters believe he is a racialist, while the far more likely explanation is that he does not feel obligated to burden his country cleaning up the mess(es) of American Neo-Cons.

    • AngryRussian

      Dear Anatoly, I like your point that “‘Russian nationalism’ is such a profoundly fragmented movement that it barely makes any sense to talk of it as a unified whole” and I agree on that 100%. And your classification seems legit. But after having read you for some years, I think you are heavily mistaken about Putin.

      Putin indeed is a-ideological, but he is an a-ideological comprador chief and a clown puppet of London and Brussels. You have been deceived by Putin’s perfect play. I think that you, after having spent so many years in the UK and the US, have become too alienated from Russia to see things in their real light. It is just too easy to live in California, praise Putin and believe in “everything is OK” propaganda by the Kremlin.

  5. Putin is the last hope against the Judeo-American Empire.

  6. Jason Y

    Putin the Nazi and Putin the New Hitler

    No, Trump is. ha ha.

    • Another William Playfair Web


      • Jason Y

        No, not really. Most Latinos don’t want to make the southwest part of Mexico, that is, until Trump totally alienates them from the United States via tough and what they percieve to be racist policies.

        Trump could very well start a race war. Already most Latinos don’t like him.

        • Jason Y

          The reason being is that Lations know Mexico can’t hold much of a civilization so they’d rather parasite off the US one. Also, BTW, most illegals are from central America not Mexico, and these illegals have no love for Mexico.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Mexicans aren’t inherently violent people…

          They are just intent on living in abject poverty, which does lead to crime. Plus it makes everything they touch seem slummy, even if it is only slightly more dangerous than your average White neighborhood.

        • Jason Y

          Maybe it’s different standards which to them don’t seem bad. For instance, a Filipino family will gladly live in a wooden shack and use plastic furniture. the kind white families reserve for the patio, on the inside of the home. There is no attempt to paint the house etc… They only want electricity, a TV, and a toilet. They might use a community well for showering, but of course, with clothes on.

  7. AngryRussian

    Dear Robert, the problem is there is no such simple and plain thing as “Russian nationalists” per se. How many are Russians, so many are their versions of Russian nationalism.

    Just to name a few: the “narodniks” from the 19th century; the pro-Tsar Orthodox “Black Hundred” from the 1890s-1900s; the Social-Revolutionists (SR) from the same era; many versions of the White movement during the Civil War; the interwar emigre societies, including the true Russian Fascist Party or Trubetzkoy’s Eurasianists; the Russian wing of the Communist Party which was largely wiped out during the Great Purges in the 1930s and in the 1950s (the so called “Leningrad Affair”); the “pochvennik” intelligentsia of the 1970s; the neo-Whites of Perestroika; the real Nazis of the “wild 1990s” (the RNE); the National-Bolsheviks (Limonov’s party), the DPNI (“the Movement against Illegal Immigration”) of the 2000s and so on.

    They all have called themselves “Russian nationalists” (except for the Russian Communists, maybe). So the “Duginites” are not the sole representatives of the Russian nationalist movement, but only a very small minority group and they are most probably backed and funded by the Kremlin compradors.

    I think the most sensible current of all contemporary nationalists is of a Russian philosopher Dmitry Krylov and his unregistered “National Democratic Party”. Unfortunately, he writes only in Russian (his blog is, but it is not surprising as his target audience are Russians, not foreigners. There is as well the web site “Sputnik i Pogrom”, more youth oriented, but they often go too far, even openly trolling.

    They lack some respectability, but they have made many good points, and they are very popular. They all back the newly created “Committee of 25 January” headed by Strelkov. I think all this three groups are the real representatives of the Russian nationalist movement, not Dugin or Putin. The latter is just a comprador chief, but the former is no better, Dugin is most probably slightly insane literally (many of his texts look like written by an insane person).

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