There Are No Permanent Suckers

People are not morons, and they are not as dumb as you think. We call those Trump supporters dumb, but they are one of the smartest Republican electorates in a long time. Why? Because they are waking up to the fact that they have been lied to by the Republican Party for decades now into voting for their elite internationalist project which has devastated the White working class.

You can only screw people so long before they finally wake up and figure out that they are getting screwed. There are no permanent suckers, despite what the aristocrats think. When you screw people over, no matter which fancy, masked, devious or convoluted magical methods you use to do it and no matter how hard you work to blind the people to what you are doing to them, it’s only going to last so long. The aristocrats would of course like to figure out a way to screw people over forever without the suckers ever waking up and figuring out they are being taken, but they haven’t figured that one out yet, and maybe there is no way to pull it off.

Sooner or later, the people you screw, no matter how dumb you think they are and no matter how hard you brainwash them, are going to figure that you are screwing them over. Then they will rebel against their former persecutors.

People like to huff and puff about the ugliness of populism, but that’s just the way it goes. Populist, slave, serf, Communist, socialist, etc. rebellions are rarely pretty. If you study populist revolts all down through history, you will be stunned by how bloody they were. Many times they resulted in the genocide or near-genocide of the ruling classes. We can wring our hands about this forever, but that’s just the way it goes. It’s nearly a Law of History: Populist rebellions are nasty and often bloody affairs. The aristocrats reap what they sow. No sympathy.


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6 responses to “There Are No Permanent Suckers

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  2. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    The German communist Karl Liebknecht once wrote, “Der Hauptfeind jedes Volkes steht in seinem eigenen Land” = “The main enemy of every people is in its own country”. That is certainly not always true, but it is true for the US today The main enemy of the American people — that is, the large majority — is the Republican Party.

    Trump is a big disappointment because, to him, the main enemies seem to be Mexicans, Muslims and the Chinese. True, it wasn’t beneficial for most Americans to import millions of Mexicans and Muslims, but their presence doesn’t explain why most Americans are experiencing either economic stagnation or retrogression. Despite large-scale immigration, there has been productivity growth, but this hasn’t resulted in wage increases. That is not the fault of the Mexicans or Muslims.

    It is impossible to be a true populist within the Republican Party, a party dedicated to serving the rich minority. Even if Trump wins the Presidency, he’ll have to govern with Republican support in Congress. A true populist party is an anti-plutocratic party, not a party that picks on minorities and foreigners. White nationalism isn’t populism because it doesn’t think in terms of the majority versus the economic elite but in terms of one race versus another.

    What makes the Republican Party such a nauseating entity is that it is a class-based party that practices identitarian electioneering. It sails under a false flag. In terms of its supporters, it is a white Christian party, but in terms of its policies, it is a plutocratic cum Zionist party. What the US needs is not somebody like Trump, but a new party.

    Such a party could be called the American People’s Party. It would favor social-democratic economic policies, be opposed to immigration, be skeptical toward globalism, and scrupulously avoid foreign entanglements. Such a party would advocate a moratorium on legal immigration and very tight measures against illegal immigration, universal health care, a higher minimum wage, progressive taxation, withdrawal of all American military from Asia and most of the rest of the world.

    The best deal for the majority in every developed country is social-democracy combined with anti-imperialism and anti-immigrationism. Keep your troops at home and keep immigrants out. The democrats can’t be a vehicle for such policies because they are too beholden to minorities, whose numbers can be increased by immigration.

    Regards. James

  3. Jason Y

    Yeah, but people are ignoring the fact the public is simply reaping the choices it made. It wasn’t forced into any of this. For instance, people know stuff at Wal-Mart is made in sweatshops. However, does it motivate them quit shopping there?

    Yourself, you mentioned how the white middle class were assholes that employed Mexicans over white workers. It seems like once white people gain even the smallest amount of money (lower middle class), they don’t care about class consciousness. They simply give over to globalism etc.., but their camping equipment at Wal-Mart etc.. and subconsicously accept the idea that real manual work is nigger work (sarcasm) and best left to people in overseas sweatshops or to illegal Mexicans.

    Basically even the smallest amount of money destroys class consiousness. People get into the elite even if it’s just the lower middle class, and they just accept this whole “American Dream” idea.

    Honestly, look at W. Bush, obviously a globalist. Do you think most southern USA whites objected to him, or stopped shopping at Wal-Mart? No, they loved the guy.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly Trump is getting some support cause Latinos are pushing thier way into vocational jobs southern whites etc.. believe are reserved for thier group. For instance, the whites cannot get into the plumbing or electrician business etc..

      That’s the only reason. Cause these same whites don’t give a rat’s ass about their stuff being made in sweatshops in Indonesia.

      The other stuff the whites are bitching about is petty, like affirmative action, or the fact whites can’t fly the Confederate flag etc.., or the fact they aren’t free to say stuff sucks or make some mildy insensitive comment for fun.

  4. Jason Y

    Most of the whites involved in some kind of revolution in the US would be uneducated types who can only get minimum wage jobs at McDonalds, Wal-Mart.

    Considering it’s so easy to get at the very least, a vocational education, it sort of makes this whole revolution thing a joke. I really think that a lot of these people just want something for nothing, as a factory job doesn’t require education, but it pays 20 times as much as McDonalds, hence why people want it.

    I don’t think the US situation can be compared to that of Russian serfs in Czarist Russia.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly the real downfall of the very poor white working class is drug addiction, mental illness or mental laziness (in as they will work hard mopping the floor, but they won’t do any challenging schoolwork.)

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