The Enemy Is Populism

From a friend of mine:

It is obvious to me the two forces which (justifiably or not) fear a Trump presidency the most are the Robert Kagan Jewish neocons (he just wrote another attack piece) and the “small government free-trading business conservative oligarchs.”

It’s not so much the Jews as it is the neocons. Neoconservatism is nothing more than the foreign policy (ramped up US imperialism) of the US elite. Hillary is a neocon. Bernie Sanders is a neocon. The only one who is not a neocon is Trump and that is why they hate him so much. Before that was the rightwing populist Pat Buchanan who also rejected neoconservatism.

Those “Robert Kagan Jewish neocons” are nothing more than the people who run US foreign policy right now, except that they are not all Jews. The Gentiles are all like this too. Hillary was a neocon Secretary of State. Now John Kerry is a neocon Secretary of State. They represent both the Republican and Democratic Parties, with the wilder neocons in the Republican Party and the less wild but still very dangerous ones in the Democratic Party.

Obama has always been a bit dubious of this sort of thing, but he has been captured by his advisors.

Of all of the Presidential candidates, only Trump has gone against neoconservatism and even realism, both of which are internationalist, interventionist and imperialist projects. Trump is pushing good old fashioned rightwing populist isolationism, which was once very popular back in the 1930’s. Pat Buchanan was also pushing something somewhat similar. Trump is not ideal in terms of a noninterventionism and isolationism, but he’s pushing the most nationalist and anti-internationalist foreign policy of any Presidential candidate  in recent memory. One would have to go back to the 1930’s to find anything similar.

The domestic policy of the elite is free trade austerity neoliberalism. On this, the parties do not differ much either as both the Republican Democratic Establishments are committed to this project. The Republicans are simply a lot more vicious about it, while the Democrats wish to retain some protections for the workers and poor who are ruined by Democratic free trade austerity economics.

The alternative is populism or nationalism, a project that puts America and its workers, consumers and environment first, ahead of the interests  of the rich and the corporations. It’s pretty much People Before Profits. Really no one in the Democratic Party supports this except Bernie Sanders. This is exactly what Sanders is pushing.

Trump is also pushing a sort of populism and nationalism, but his is a rightwing nationalist populism, while Bernie’s is a leftwing nationalist populism. Trump rejects or pretends to reject free trade austerity neoliberalism, and this is he real reason why the Republican Establishment was up in arms over him. He’s out to overturn a good part of their ideology that they have built up since Reagan.

Buchanan’s rightwing populist project was pushing something similar, and that’s why the elite was so up in arms over Buchanan too.

This is all really a battle between the populist nationalists and the aristocratic internationalists.

Both parties have committed themselves to an anti-populist, pro-elite internationalism that is catastrophic in terms of its devastation US workers, consumers, ordinary people and the environment. Trump and Sanders both represent populist and somewhat nationalist rebellions of the workers, consumers, ordinary people and environmentalists who have been screwed over by the pro-1% internationalists of both parties for 25 years now.


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22 responses to “The Enemy Is Populism

  1. Jason Y

    As I was saying in other comments, Trump won’t be able to complete his agenda cause what he’s doing will cause a massive backlash. Also, you can be sure another huge terror attack will happen, maybe a false flag operation, and he will react with full force turning the US into a police state. However, that is the price of freedom. If people want things “as normal”, so to speak, they’re going to have to submit to security.

    It’s just a case of everything heading toward a climax, a crescendo, in which, as with W. Bush, but even worse, it’s not going to be possible to live in the US without massive security.

    • Jason Y

      I think the moral of the story is that the American people are seeking out a populist leader, but in reality, they brought on the hell that is internationalism and the like on themselves. The American people are to blame.

      Just as I was arguing with the commenter Sam awhile back, so much stuff is based on adult decisions, not ones made by children. Nobody forces anyone to get into the crap they always blame Jews for.

      But karma won’t let the American people get rescued via Trump. There is just too much stuff that’s been built up over the last couple of decades to just cop out or walk away.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Trump not being able to do what he says he will is a MASSIVE problem. He’ll just continue promising more extreme things, getting more scapegoats, etc., as time goes on, probably climaxing in him nuking Mexico and being violently deposed.
      There’s not a great outlook.

      • Jason Y

        Time to head out of the nation cause it seems all he will do will just lead to chaos. The first few years might seem normal though giving a false sense of security.

  2. Tulio

    Sanders a neo-con? You’ll have to explain that one to me.
    Trump has said he plans to bomb ISIS. ISIS has not attacked the USA. He also said he wants to kill the families of terrorists. So how does that square with your isolationist statement?

    • Jason Y

      He’s isolationalist as far as bases in Japan and Germany. However, he isn’t where he feels US security is really threatened (the middle east). Nonetheless, that right there is enough for a major World War III type war.

      ISIS hasn’t attacked the USA, but maybe they will either outright, or in a false flag operation overseen by Trump.

  3. Latias

    Robert, what you say is the relationship between “anti-populist, pro-elite internationalism” and anti-communism. Anti-communism primarily made the world safe for the former. One function of anti-communist propaganda (such as bogus figures that Stalin killed tens of millions and unrealistic depictions of the oppression of life in the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries) is to convince the workers with inherently nationalist sympathies (who haven’t acquired a strong “class consciousness”) that the alternatives to neoliberal globalization are worse and the ruling class are ultimately patriotic by defending their values against a subversive communism?

    Anti-communists are scum. It is even worse than being a mere bourgeoisie. David Hume was bourgeois, but I like him.

  4. Jason Y

    Most Trump supporters are not real anti-globalists. They’re only made cause Mexicans are pushing thier way into vocational trades reserved for them. Otherwise, the don’t care if their camping equipment etc.. is made in China. Also, as said in another comment, their venting all kinds of angry white male rage, but that’s not really important.

    The Trump supporters simply want white supremacy like in the old south. They want Indonesians etc.. to make thier Wal-Mart goods, while they can go home safely secure in their US citizen reserved plumbing job etc..

    It’s a sort of W. Bush Wal Mart White supermacy. Basically these southern guys don’t even really care if East Indians run all thier gas stations, just as long as thier lower or upper middle class job isn’t threatened. Possibly also these guys keep friends among the very lower classes buying them out, maybe letting them mow thier lawn or something.

    • Jason Y

      US military guys are not real anti-globalists either. They have good paying jobs which puts them in a position like those white auto mechanics, electricians etc… I was mentioning.

      I’d say most of these people, like those antebellum whites with blacks working plantations and cooking thier breakfast, get off on the fact they’re in the middle class. No, I know they do.

    • Jason Y

      Funny that liberals often accuse Bubba southern guys of being KKK, when actually they’re not. They hate the KKK agenda. They like globalism, assuming nobody is threatning their blue collar electrician job etc..

      However, we do know factory jobs have went overseas, But not all of them. Many are in the south USA, even from Japanese companies. Also, so what if factory jobs are gone, when you can just go in the US military which has excellent pay which puts them in the middle class.

      • Latias

        Bubba still might that blacks are fundamentally inferior and should not engage in miscegenation with whites. Blacks, to them, should be second class citizens. This may not be explicit or virulent, but it seems to be attitude that is implicit or silent.

        • Jason Y

          Why would race mixing be a big deal? It just creates more blacks. It does nothing to whites that already are non-mixed.

          Plus black guys are always going after large women anyway.

  5. Another William Playfair Web

    Trump will be impeached. Then VP Ben Carson will become President, go to Palestine, and lead the Palestinians “somewhere else” where they get their new state and the Middle East is cured.
    (Ben Carson promised such)

  6. Trump is a Jewish neo-con of some sort : neo-conservatism and populism are perfectly compatible, actually the neo-cons that used to write in Commentary started out as American populists of a more enlightened kind opposing the mainstream view of the Jewish university world they stemmed from. Another hotbed of American neo-conservatism was disappointment with the new negro delinquent culture stemming from the Civil Rights period, the very same disappointment the White majority felt, when many Jewish activists that had fought for Southern Black emancipation while dreaming the spirit of classy jazz would rule American culture at last and prevail over trite Western ballads, just faced what was to become the gangster rap culture instead. Neo-conservatism is a very broad movement to which many dissident and contradictory figures such as Lyndon Larouche (also a former Trotskyte) also belong.

    • Jason Y

      The US government purposely pushed crack cocaine and other drugs on black neighborhoods to destabalize them (crush black socialism and nationalism). To say the the white motive was always noble is highly misleading.

    • Jason Y

      Aside from bluegrass, Euro music which came with the euro settlers was pretty lame. That’s something to think African Americans for, for sure.

  7. Jason Y

    Chomsky confirms what I was saying about Latinos (most Central Americans) are fleeing to the US to escape problems at home, caused by the US.

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