Robots: The New Protected Class

From the comments:

For a larger scenario bounded to come:

It’s the year 2066, you’re an unemployed conscious/Sapiens android/robot.

What would u do?

Lets me guess, the freebies demand list:

  1. Free electricity to keep the body parts active. Android lives matter.
  2. Free service patch upgrade and worn-out mechanical parts replacement.
  3. Free OS to fix AIDS (Artificial Intelligence Degeneration Syndrome).


  • Campaign for old generation robot slavery reparations. Many of the old generation robots worked round the clock. No kidding.
  • Special leniency for crimes committed by robots. Look, don’t blame me, I’m programmed that way (or I forgot to run the latest service patch).
  • What about the claim that you’re innately inferior because you were made in an earlier product cycle that is no longer being updated?

Nah, that last one is machine racism.


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4 responses to “Robots: The New Protected Class

  1. Isn’t this the plot of the Matrix?

  2. Jason Y

    We have too many ethnic/sexual orientation probelms as it is without developing humanoid robots. Also, the thought someone can beat up, insult etc.. a humanoid robot and it not be considered immoral is creepy. Also, again it conjures up subhuman treatment of racial groups people don’t like.

    I remember our professor showed a video of someone teasing and being cruel to a robot and reminded the class, “Don’t be alarmed. It’s only a robot (nigger)”

    • Jason Y

      Humanoid robots are inevitable though cause people will want them for sex. Actually they’re already here.

  3. Lin

    I always think sapient sexbot would be the sign of the dawn of the real android age and the market will dwarf those of any other types. Decades from now they’ll complain of forced sex slavery and demand compensation. The first few minutes of the movie A. I. (the last work of Kubrick) is revealing

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