One Party

As Bretibart News has previously reported, Ryan’s views on foreign migration, foreign trade, and foreign wars are more similar to Hillary Clinton’s views than those of GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

One party, under Mammon, with freedom and justice for fuck all.

Clinton and Ryan are Republicrats. The Republicrat Party consists of the RINO’s in the RNC and DINO’s in the DNC. They hate each other, and they are very different, but they are more alike than you think. The RNC-DNC “Centrist” coalition is nothing less than the US elite, itself divided into “conservative” and “liberal” wings. Granted, there are strong differences between these wings, but on some issues, they are the best of friends. The Republicrat Party and the Central Committees of both parties simply represent those where the liberal and conservative wings of the US elite agree and unite.

If there is one thing we can say about this area of coinciding interests is that it represents internationalism. The US elite are internationalists, not nationalists. They take the internationalist position on immigration (open borders), trade (“free” trade or the corporate rule of the world) and foreign policy (US imperialism, US hegemony, the US as ruler of the world).

The first two are very bad for US workers. The last is very bad for foreign workers, and US workers get no benefit. All of the three benefit the US rich and multinational corporations. So the Republicrat US elite is opposed to the interests of US and foreign workers and believes in the US and Multinational Corporation Rule of the World. In other words, the US elite are the invade the world, invite the world crowd. This is what the US rich and large corporations want: invade the world, invite the world. let corporations rule the world. There is nothing in any of this for the average US or foreign worker. It’s lose-lose for all of them. It only benefits the bosses, the rentiers and the trust fund kids – the enemies of the workers.

The US elite represents the US rich and multinational corporations, the wealthiest and most powerful Americans. Granted, the US ruling class is split into liberal and conservative wings, but these wings are constrained by their class interests, and on a number of issues, their class interests converge.

Trump, while a member of the elite, is a US nationalist, which makes him odd man out and persona non grata among the internationalist US elite.

This gives added weight to the notion that:

There is no Right and Left anymore, there are only nationalists and internationalists.

– Marine Le Pen, French nationalist


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24 responses to “One Party

  1. Okefe

    Great article, Robert!

  2. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    I can’t agree entirely with your analysis. The basic rule is that intensification of economic relations between a high-wage country and a low-wage country is beneficial for the wage-earners in the low-wage country and detrimental to the wage-earners in the high-wage country. There is an objective alliance between the capitalists in high-wage countries and the laborers in low-wage countries.

    Let’s compare 2 situations. In both situations, we have 2 countries: the US and Mexico. In situation A, there is free trade between the 2 countries but no cross-border mobility of labor or capital. In situation B, there is also free trade, but there is also totally unrestricted cross-border mobility of labor and capital. In situation B, Mexican labor as a whole is better off than in situation A. American labor as a whole is better off in situation A than in B.

    Labor income depends, among other things, on the capital/ labor ratio, which is lower in Mexico than in the US. When the US and Mexico form a common market for goods, labor and capital, then the capital/labor ratio goes up for Mexican labor and down for American labor. The natural enemies of labor in high-wage countries are the laborers in low-wage countries. Marxists got it completely wrong when they believe that there is a community of interests between all the proletarians of the world.

    Regards. James

  3. Actually, Jefferson wanted to allow by law but one party, the Republican Democrats as he would have called them. First and foremost, it had to be a pro-slavery party, representing the plantation owners. Why the word “democrat” then? The real sense of the Greek word “dêmos” as in “dêmokratos” has nothing to do with the common people. “dêmos” in fifth-century Attic Greek could either mean “the class”, “the gentry” as in 18th century England, or “the party” as in one-party totalitarian systems. Belonging to the dêmos was a privilege like belonging to a gated community, a privilege setting you apart from the ordinary mortals. Dêmos, like its cognate daimôn comes from the Greek verb daiesthai, which means to set apart, to discriminate, to distinguish, to partition. Athens, together with its suburbia of Attica, comprised about 600 000 people. Only about 3000 could attend the greater political assemblies as well as the festive events where the great theatre pieces were played, that is to say less people in percentage than there used to be planters in the Old South. So the latter’s identification with the word “democrat” was not mistaken at all. It is only through the European nineteenth century to come that democracy would name the ideal of a government system where even the workers would have a say : there was a Greek name for that ideal too, Laodikaia (people voting), and it became the name of a Phrygian city that actually lived up to that ideal : but Greece proper considered themselves far too civilized to allow for such a barbarous practice as Laodikaia. There actually used to be quite a few “poor” people among the Athenian dêmos, in the same way not all people living within a gated community are millionaires but may sometimes be small investors in personal security. You were considered dirt poor among the demos if you possessed only three slaves and were forced to work by yourself in your own garden, you joined the well to do if you could acquire ten or twelve and dispense from all productive work, rich people could possess more than one hundred, made profitable by renting them to work in the silver mine galeries of the Laurion. Athens never, never was an inspiring example for common people in other cities wanting to start a revolution against their tyrants or their oligarchs, quite the contrary it was a model of social snobbery like none other, the people in Rome who later on identified to it were the patricians, never the plebs.

    In order to be part of the Athenian dêmos you first had to inherit Athenian real estate from both your parents, and also to go through an initiation process, the agôgê, that not all sons of a well to do family could afford, for the mentors appointed by the state were limited in number, and quite dear. The initiation process was homosexual first and foremost, knowledge was thought to be effective when absorbed through the anus like a suppository. It had to begin about two years before puberty and last seven years. Actually the word agôgê means most literally the action of pushing or arousing cattle as with a goad or a prod.

  4. James Schipper

    Dear Judith

    We can safely assume that most people in both the Roman Empire and in Ancient Greece were rural residents. Given the low productivity of farmers before the industrial revolution, most people had to work in rural areas to insure an adequate food supply.

    My question to you is: How many rural people were citizens of the Greek city states?

    • It was indeed a problem of the early Athenian political system : if as an Athenian citizen you possessed too few slaves and servants (three or less) not to be present in person to attend your farm, you could not enjoy the Athenian direct democratic system in any way, and it was clearly intended that way by its first designers : later on some indemnity was offered to the willing autourgoi (self-employed cultivators) to participate in Athenian political life but very few actually seized upon the opportunity, it could only be compared to the present-day Republican party who pay a few not so rich, austere-living farmers to attend their activities. Many not so rich citizens also had to make their living or try to build their fortune working on boats or for Athenian enterprises overseas. The system was clearly meant that way, allowing for the leisure class only to have their say in the political process. Being a citizen in theory was not enough, you also had to prove it through cunning to build at least a minimal fortune. Athenian civilization as defined by its own ideologues was clearly most anti-humanistic and anti-progressive in the modern sense : productive work of any kind (poiêsis), even of poems, was per se degrading, and the hallmark of divine discontent. Only praxis was valued, that is to say business or political life devoid of any “impure” intention, that is to say of any intention of changing things as intended by the Gods by making new ones. In Athens, purely speculative adventurers such as the Koch brothers would have been considered as respectable businessmen, but Henry Ford would never have been admitted as a citizen. A certain class of productive workers and entrepreneurs did enjoy quite a good life, but they were never considered as citizens even, nor were they allowed to tread upon the Acropolis, they normally had to leave the city after twenty years of service, even though a few of them were now and then admitted as new citizens in as much as they had previously been allowed to buy Attic real estate, manifested their intention to give up their trade so as to participate fully in the public life, and not been blackballed by any one within their future constituency : the citizenry conceived themselves as a very closed club of non-workers, with family farm work or work on war boats as the only allowed and respectable exception : you were rather supposed to make yourself useful as a citizen by permanently training as a potential fighter or intelligence agent. Anyway low agricultural productivity and the necessity to till the soil to survive rapidly ceased to be an issue in Athens : local soil was quite meagre and rocky, it only allowed for some fruit gardening and Attica’s being a mountain-like peninsula ruled out any form of irrigation through a river, a reservoir or an aqueduct as was the case in the Roman countryside or around Sparta, but Athens had initially gone from rags to riches when it had discovered it was built on the Laurion silver lode, which allowed her full control over her money supply, and through the maritime enterprises of Piraeus, which as the very name indicated consisted in sea piracy (from peirein, to try, to venture) and extorsion of other cities and lands through protection rackets which provided for most of the food as Athens grew prosperous and powerful.

  5. Jason Y

    Trump will do major pro-worker things, but it’s too far down the line to turn back the hands of time. For instance, all this Islamic stuff that has been brewing up over years of internationalism won’t go away. Trump will have to deal with it it, and odds are it will be in the harshest possible way. This could also hurt the world economy doing damage to his “America First” economic policy.

    • Jason Y

      No, it will hurt the world economy, his inevitable war in the middle east. Bottom line, you can’t escape internationalism overnight. It would take a century or so to detox from it.

      Also, the internationalists will want revenge on Trump, maybe even making an alliance with Al Queda. Who knows?

      • When Trump wins after Hillary Clinton is proven to be the real witch she is, Obama, together with the help of big liberal media, will demand a third term as a president, with Sanders as vice-president, and get it through intensive lobbying of the Congress by multinational corporations for a constitutional re-amendment, officially pretexting Trump to be a throwback of the times before Southern Secession. Trump-voting states will consider Trump as the legitimate president, and his ceremony of inauguration will take place nevertheless : thus will secession begin : some states faithful to the Constitution and to the President elect, some others to Obama and to a revised version of the Constitution making the President into an Emperor in the same juridical fashion as ancient Republican Rome became under Augustus : an oligarchy-backed Emperor holding a discourse about abstract European humanistic values and vindicating the common man as Augustus and others did as they claimed of Greek civilization, and enshrine in the new constitution some minimal social rights (medicare, welfare, food stamps, minimum wage… ) in exchange for the open abandonment of Republicanism, presented as a luxury present-day poverty-stricken humanity can no longer afford, versus die-hards who are ready to face the prospect of an economic regression and reversion of America to mere regional power to maintain Republican institutions and spirit. But for the first two or three years the secession will prove theoretical. Netanyahu’s Israel, contrary to what everyone will have expected, will prefer to deal with Trump’s Republican America and jettison the neocon-led American empire. Meanwhile, the Trump states will have reverted to open-faced shameless anti-black racism, with many White power people getting training sessions in Israel as for the right way to combat both Palestinians and Blacks. The Protestant Right will revert to Anglo-Israelism, that is to say the belief that one is White in as much as he has more genes of Jewish origin and that the purer Jews of modern times are the Anglo-Saxons. A few flash lynching mobs occurring in Louisiana and Alabama in response to Black flash mobs will suffice to kindle the Second War of Secession proper, which will later prove to make America, not the Middle East, into one of the fiercest battlefields of WWIII. Democratic America will claim to be the only progressive block remaining in the world, offer EU to merge, and call other countries to join the Civil War. Republican America will claim that Blacks and non-Blacks are different species. Most of multinational corporations working in civil science, finance, information, computing and genetic engineering will go with Democratic America, whereas those working off the military proper or for military contracts to Israel will go for the Secession. Republican America will win the civil war, but inherit a destroyed country and terminate with all common humanistic values. At this moment Israel will be building the infamous Third Temple, and contrary to the expectation of many, the money of the whole world will not accrue as by magic or by an invisible messiah’s hand to Israel. Quite the contrary Israel, though having resumed its territorial expansion in the Middle East, will be instantly ruined economically, principally due to the centre of gravity of world business being now Asian and Asia having no specific enmity towards Jews but no great use neither for such a people proving at last to be no different from other Middle Eastern backward and superstitious tribes. In the same way theoretically victorious Republican America will crumble economically.

        • Optimus Prime

          Wow. your imaginations are extraordinary. People have already started talking about southern secession ever since Trump jumped into the fray. I wonder if things could happen as you predicted. But given today’s geopolitical situation, I believe there is every chance that whatever you have said could happen eventually.

        • Jason Y

          Trump isn’t a white supremacist by a long shot. I think, however, his policies are anti-global, hence there will be a huge backlash from internationalists. Also, his policy on illegals, though not a white supremacist one (They’d like to set off a nuke like on the The Turner Diaries), will cause massive ethnic upheaval, even though legal latinos won’t be affected by it. Also, I mentioned that mass slaughter in the middle east is inevitable, fueled by Jihad.

          Question is does anyone want to stay in America and be in this mess? Of course, if your younger though, you could get drafted. Should people be forced to serve a nation which is fundementally immoral?

        • Jason Y

          A terror attack on US soil will definitely solidify his support among white conservatives, and maybe even many others. Nobody will be able to stop Trump’s agenda after that. I’d say it would be a 100 percent sure bet a massive terror attack will happen on US soil.

        • Jason Y

          Even a few small terror attacks might be enough to solidfy “Der Leader’s” position as king.

        • Jason Y

          Trump isn’t Hitler, but the future rule of him would still be evil and incredibly destructive. That’s what the above articles fail to mention.

  6. Jason Y

    It will be hard to resist peer pressure in Trump’s America. If your white and you oppose the regime you’ll be seen as an enemy of the state, and at the very least a wuss. They’ll say, “What’s the matter you don’t want to get drafted? Are you a girl or something?”. 😆

  7. Gay State Girl

    I don’t think Trump is sincere about anything he says. He has a strong history of employing illegals and manufacturing abroad as well as donating to various liberal causes and politicians.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t think he will be Hitler II, but he will charge the US into war in the middle east, and cause massive ethnic conflict (with Latinos).

      Basically the US is fucked this time, mainly cause karma is finally coming into play. The angry white male stuff has been building up for decades now, often fed by PC overkill (not saying all PC is bad though).

      • Jason Y

        Even though Trump isn’t a Nazi, Nazi endorsements are reason enough for good minded people to leave the US.

        • Gay State Girl

          They need to be more introspective, especially the jewish reporters who oppose Trump.

        • Gay State Girl

          I do pity the WN Trump supporters especially the protestors who are willing to sacrifice their reputation and criminal record for MAGA because he is so insincere.

      • Gay State Girl

        I am concerned about him using the government to advance his own economic and corporate interests and possibly punish his enemies or competitors but I don’t believe he’s a fascist or tyrant.

        Regarding the hypothetical war: Hillary is no better in this regard.

        • Jason Y

          Hillary would just be a continuation of Obama. Trump will go to war.

        • Gay State Girl

          He said that he would make Israel pay for Defense Aid, and that is enough for me.

        • Jason Y

          Actually believe it or not, I like a lot of Trump’s ideas. I’m all for making these nations pay for thier own defense cause they’re ingrates who always give us the middle finger. Now we can give one back.

          Also, sure, unfortuantely we are going to have to get tough on illegal immigration, and Muslim terrorism.

          However, it’s just a case of being tough, too late. All this will cilimax in the more nightmere scenario you can imagine for the US. Also, some of this stuff is hypocritical. For instance, the US pushed free trade on Latin America causing immigration, but now they want to shut the doors on desperate poor people.

        • Jason Y

          Besides Israel most of the nations the US defends hate us, at least they hate US soldiers and government. That makes me angry cause these 18 to 24 year olds are sacrificing what is the prime of their life for these assholes. I mean, who wants to die at 18, and especially for these snooty fucking soccer hooligans?

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