No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


What an ingrate!

If you ever want to know why men hate women, it’s because of stuff like this. Well, let’s say we hate women who do this sort of thing. And we sort of hate women who defend this sort of thing. But when that gets to be hating way too many women, which it usually does, we forget it and let it slide.

Let’s put it this way. This sort of behavior by women really pisses men off, and we don’t like it one bit! We wouldn’t necessarily hate her. We might just say, “Oh well, typical dumb bitch,” and let it slide. But we have a pretty low opinion of this sort of thing. If you women want men to like you (an open question) please do not engage in this sort of behavior.

Note that the people most likely to defend this sort of crap are SJW’s and feminists anyway, so if you don’t want to be one of those, don’t condone this.

Men have a pretty low opinion of women using the word “creep” anyway because usually it just means “a guy I am not attracted to is showing interest in me.” Let’s say that at my age, if I show interest in just about any female on Earth, I guess I am being creepy. Whereas when I was 23, it was the opposite. At my age, I am not allowed to have any sexual feelings towards just about any women (except for a few outliers), and if I do, I am simply a creep. So at my age, if I have a sex drive at all, I am a creep.

It’s worse than than that. If I ever try to talk to just about any young women and quite a few not so young women, I am apparently a creep. Because I guess I am not even supposed to talk to women anymore. Because, you know, if I am trying to talk to a woman, that obviously means I am trying to fuck her, right? More retarded female thinking. Keep on creating your own rejection, you dumb bitches. We men have a right to our low opinions of you. They are very well deserved, and you have earned them very well.


P.S. if any of you commenters start defending this sort of behavior by women, I might just warn you and then ban you. I’m justified in banning on that. We are pretty MRA on here. No White knighting, no Captain Saveahos, no male feminists, or if in the unfortunate case that you are one of these things, you need to keep quiet about it. Some people are just the enemies of us men, and we need to start standing up to them for once and quit being so pussywhipped.


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35 responses to “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

  1. Jason Y

    Some of the creep-o-phobia by women is justifiable. For instance, a lot of women work as waitresses and whatnot and the last thing they want is a stalker coming by. This would be especially true if they were at Hooters or maybe a strip joint.

    In other arenas, a professor who comments on the beauty of women in class can sound pretty dorky, and that’s just not feminism brainwashing my mind. So wouldn’t it not be suprising when this angers some women?

    • Jason Y

      Actually a lot of waitresses want big tips and especially regulars constantly tipping 2 dollars or more. However, you gotta know how to do it right without coming across as a creep.

      • Dave Mowers

        I once walked home from the Long Branch in Raleigh N.C. My house was an easy six or seven miles away but I was drunk and decided to do it just to see if I could. On the way, there used to be a Courtney’s Restaurant at the corner of Six Forks and Wake Forest Rd and I stopped in to get a late night breakfast.

        They were packed. I waited twenty minutes just to get seated and by then my buzz, along with my drive to walk, was wearing down. There was a young girl, maybe 19 or 20-ish, who waited on me and she was disheveled and unnerved because it was her first night. Her customers were a bunch of drunk rednecks and teenagers who did everything from pestering to hitting on her to making fun of her to her face.

        It pissed me off. When she finally got to my table I told her, “I’m ready to order and if you get my food to me in fifteen minutes or less I’ll tip you one hundred dollars.”

        She smiled and laughed, couldn’t believe it, saying as much but told me she’d try her best.

        My bill was eleven bucks and change…

        The smile on her face when I handed her an extra hundred dollar bill?


        There was an entire table next to me of teenage idiots gawking and talking about the size of the tip so loud everyone stared at me as I walked out. I walked out too fast for her to say anything or refuse the tip. That girl has a story she will tell for the rest of her life.

  2. Jason Y

    Robert is sort of right. A lot of the young women are bitches nowadays, and you can’t even say something like, “Did I miss quiz in class” or something. Also, they’re hypocrites demanding feminism, but then making fun of the disabled, as well as possibly being racist (as indocrinated by dad back home)

    • Dave Mowers

      All while crying on dating sites endlessly about how there are no available males in the 30-45 year age bracket to date anymore….

  3. Gay State Girl

    There are a few things that men do that really bother me and I know to avoid certain locations, but there is no need to get bent out of shape.

  4. Stary Wylk

    You may have seen the video titled “Why Men Don’t Ask for Directions”. It shows a man going up to a well-dressed youngish woman and she Maces him.

  5. Tulio

    “t my age, I am not allowed to have any sexual feelings towards just about any women (except for a few outliers), and if I do, I am simply a creep. So at my age, if I have a sex drive at all, I am a creep.”

    I don’t think this is true. If a 55 year old guy shows interest in another 50-something woman, I don’t know anyone who would call that creepy. I think it’s if the guy is coming on to a woman young enough to be his daughter. It also depends on the guy’s vibe. George Clooney and Lenny Kravitz are in their 50s, I don’t think any woman would find it creepy if they had a sex drive and approached women.

    I do agree though that “creep” has very little meaning these days other than a label women put on men that they find undesirable. It used to mean the kind of guys that might be peeping Toms or pedophiles. Now ANY guy can be “creepy” for any reason a woman chooses.

    • Jason Y

      It’s hard though sometimes to tell if an older guy is older. Some look younger. Also some women don’t mind older guys, but some look at you like your a serial child molester.

      A lot of it is these snooty prissy white girls. They hate men in general, but especially older men or wierd men. In fact, even if you say something normal to them, they won’t even talk back. It’s like they don’t speak English.

      I don’t think nobody except these really prissy girls mind older men on a college campus, for instance. Especially most people don’t mind if the guy doesn’t have white or gray hair. It’s not like on the movie Necessary Roughness where the students thought the older 40 something quarterback was a professor.

      • Dave Mowers

        What you are calling snooty is actually immaturity and it is the same thing males do when they are uncomfortable around someone they like.

        Your mixing signals when you should be driving harder because your persistence and confidence makes them take their guard down. The hotter the girl the more she is addicted to sex since it is such an easy high it becomes second nature but the attitude on display is a learned behavior causing her to think she needs to act that way to get a man to respond to her.

    • Jason Y

      A lot of incels are peeping toms cause they have no other choice. How else will they get sex? And they’re hated for simply being human.

      “Oh, he’s a peeping tom. Well, no shit.”

    • I doubt if my vibe is much different than those famous guys. I act just the way I did when I was young and half the female world was after me. The only difference is those guys are famous.

      I don’t usually show much interest in women my age because hardly any of them are worth showing interest in. Also women my age are some of the worst creepshamers of them all! Because most of them have given up on sex and women who don’t have sex are horrendous creepshamers.

      I do agree though that “creep” has very little meaning these days other than a label women put on men that they find undesirable.

      That’s all it means. At one time in my life, I was as desirable as it gets. Now I am clearly unattractive, and suddenly I am as creepy as it gets. That’s all it is.

      I think it’s if the guy is coming on to a woman young enough to be his daughter.

      Thing is I hardly come onto any of them mostly because I am too terrified to. Why am I too terrified to? Due to all the creepshaming. All I do is talk. And I am hardly even allowed to talk to most of them. Some of them will let me talk to them, but the conversation can’t get too friendly or personal or they shut it down.

      I would also like to point out that the same young women who looks at me like I am a sirloin steak (this was still happening a few years back) might creepshame not long afterwards. She wants to look at me and fantasize about me, but she doesn’t want to fuck me. I have been getting this for a decade now. And in front of her friends, she won’t admit that she’s attracted to me, so she creepshames.

  6. Tulio

    Would you guys agree that this guy is a textbook case of a creepy guy?

    Paula Abdul handled it quite gracefully I think.

    • Tulio

      Okay, and women can be creepy too.Good example:

      • guy from Montréal

        Holy shit now that was textbook creepy! even more creepy than Paula’s stalker! Robert is right about the term creepy being totally abused, it’s not a word to use lightly, but in these two clips here provided by Tulio it’s perfectly called for.

      • Jason Y

        That could very well be a guy from 2010 or from the late 60s or 70s. I mean, minus the boobs. It’s a very Beatle look.

  7. Ultra Cool

    This reminds me of something I noticed: the more gender feminist a society is, the more negative the view each sex holds of the opposite.

  8. Jason Y

    OK, I’ll play the devil’s advocate (or is it the angel’s advocate?)

    I did know one guy in a college class who was like Andrew Dice Clay. He wouldn’t shut up saying dirty words and talking about sex. In another instance, it was the same thing but he was a little more quiet but people could still probably hear him.

    No, I think people should do as the Romans do. Some places are appoprate for that kind of talk, like a bar, or football game, but it’s not cool in a classroom. It sounds dorky and rude. Would it be wrong if people got fed up with it, sued for harassment, or if some dudes went in and pounded his face?

  9. Gay State Girl

    I don’t like it when the male waiter or store clerk calls me by my name (from my debit card) despite never having been introduced to me but that is it.

    • Jason Y

      So women are bitches because you can’t speak to one without introduction. OK, that explains a lot. But I’m not accusing you of anything.

      That also goes into what I was saying on another forum why people like religion so much. They like it cause it causes a trust factor. People literally don’t trust anyone anymore.

      Well, if someone doesn’t like being called by their name, imagine being in the Jim Crow south and being black and being called, boy or girl, like “Hey Boy”

      • Gay State Girl

        I also don’t like it if a guy asks me out within an hour of meeting me or something, because that puts me in a difficult position.

        But most of the time I am tolerant. I always ignore things like that.

        • Jason Y

          I don’ think any women like that. It seems dorky or creepy. Most men get the picture that’s not good game.

        • Jason Y

          But casual conversation isn’t sexual. So either she assumes it is, and/or she’s feeding off some negative hatred of the man floating around the area. For instance, if someone isn’t popular the woman might jump on the bandwagon when he speaks to her about anything.

        • Gay State Girl

          Most White guys don’t do that, but Hispanics do in my experience, especially those who are fresh off the boat.

        • Dave Mowers

          Wait, …is your pseudonym a wordplay or joke or something?

        • Wait, …is your pseudonym a wordplay or joke or something?

          It is indeed. Now it’s your challenge to be beyond highbrow and figure it out.

  10. Dave Mowers

    TOUCHE’ ROBERT….touche’

  11. Oneaboveall

    Here’s a sketch by Amy Schumer criticizing men who do stuff like this:

    When I originally saw this sketch, the thing that struck me the most about it was the fact that despite the contempt the women display towards these men, they don’t really have a problem with soaking up the favors, gifts, and attention these guys give them. I found that quite curious. Now I see a real-life example of this behavior. Notice that she didn’t turn down the $50 tip that the “weirdo” gave her, that she had no trouble accepting.

  12. Jason Y

    For the record, waitresses make below minimum wage, so tips are all they got.

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