The Next Protected Class


I assume not too far into the future, we will have to protect the rights of these fucktards.

Soon we will hear:

  • They were “born that way.”
  • The condition is obviously biological.
  • They are not mentally ill or delusional at all.
  • People who think they are dogs really are dogs, just like men who think they are women really are women.
  • They will start calling themselves transdogs.
  • We will soon have surgery available so they can become much more dog-like.
  • They will want to take some strong drugs that actually make you act like a dog.
  • They will need separate bathrooms – one for humans and one for hudogs or whatever the Hell they are.
  • The gay community will adopt them, and GLBTQI will become GLBTQIH.
  • It will be illegal to discriminate against humans based on species identity.
  • They will not be able to go to college or get a bank account because only humans get do those things, and hudogs are not human.
  • They will scream and yell to get a new checkmark on job applications that gives you a choice between humans and transdogs or transanimals.
  • Many hudogs will be assaulted, especially when they try to use human bathrooms.
  • Police will try to pull them over when the hudogs drive cars because only humans can drive cars. They will be forced to let them go.
  • Hudogs will demand the right to pick up their legs and urinate on various standing objects to mark their territory.
  • Dog, bastard, bitch, etc. will become slurs like nigger and kike. Wait, bitch already is a slur against all women. Remember when you call one woman a bitch, you are actually calling all women bitches because women are either too retarded or have too poor boundaries such that they cannot differentiate individual women as separate autonomous beings separate from the mega-being called Women.
  • Hudogs will run in packs in the alleyways, causing disturbances. Police will not be allowed to arrest them.
  • There will be increasing cases of hudogs biting humans when they feel threatened.
  • Hudogs will petition themselves to be listed under the Endangered Species Act because they are animals and not humans and are presumably low in number.
  • Species Identity Disorder will become a highly controversial entity in the new DSM.
  • Hudogs will bark, sometimes incessantly and too often in public, creating disturbances. Police will not be allowed to arrest them.
  • When you call police to report a suspect., they will ask you, “Human or hudog?”

I am actually a lot more serious about this list than you think.


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26 responses to “The Next Protected Class

  1. Jason Y

    This thing has no relation at all to mixed raced people or interracial marriage as some racist people would say. This is an extreme example of idiocy.

    No, I’m not for protecting everything that is weird in the world, just as I don’t want to protect Axl Rose douchebags who live in trailers.

  2. kareem

    Do you consider transgenders to be mentally ill?

    It’s treated as something society should accommodate and adapt around instead of something to be treated like depression. I don’t know much about is but it doesn’t seem much different than your average body dysphoric disorder.

  3. Go to Haiti, you can already claim your rights there as a werewolf. They don’t have wolves, though.

  4. Gay State Girl

    As long as they’re keeping me entertained it’s all good. Whether it’s the extreme left demanding I recognize and respect interspecific erotica or the extreme right telling me I am “committing genocide on my line” by not reproducing and conceiving in the first place, I can’t wait to find out what either group will with come up with next…

  5. Another William Playfair Web

    I wonder what the Muslims think about that.
    In the U.S, there are a very small number, and in more solidly-blue locations, so electoral college/ congressional election wise they are practically irrelevant.

    But what about in the U.K.?
    Are the Muslims going to think this type of thing is horrendous (they had dogs more than ‘gays’), and vote for Cameron? (it’s more relevant because there are so many of them, and Cameron is not nuts/hates Muslims like many, even mainstream GOPers, since Muslims are the exception to the Cuckiness)

    • Gay State Girl

      How do religious Latinos feel about this?

      • Another William Playfair Web

        Protestant converts don’t like it…. (I don’t even have to ask),
        but I don’t think Catholics care too much.
        My family is either non-Practicing Catholic or Protestant convert or Atheist/Agnostic (dad and Step-Grandfather, respectively).

        My Grandmother who is non-Practicing Catholic has no problem with gays and would probably be pro-Trans cuz’ she worships Obummer.
        that’s an accurate indicator for more Euro types like Spanish Caribbean peoples and South Americans.
        I could really not tell you what the Mexican/Central American Amerind types think.

  6. Jason Y

    I don’t really think these people exist. This must be a joke.

  7. Jason Y

    No, we shouldn’t protect all that we can really say is wierd like trannies or gays. For instance, they don’t need to be in the Boy/Girl Scouts etc.. No way.

  8. As a proud arthropod-American, I take exception to this post.

  9. Matt

    You must scratch me behind the ears or I will be triggered.

  10. Ed

    Robert has posted about how IQ scores have been going up, but actually there is quite a bit of data that people have been getting dumber in recent years. We are seeing people getting both dumber and crazier as industrial civ disintegrates. Expect more of this.

    • I think I’ve heard about this concerning both American IQ and British IQ averages, I think that may be linked to immigration as well as shit like this “transforming” the populations mentally with it’s promotion. The latter was just commentary I heard from some witnesses, but given the topic of this post on top of all the other shit that preceded it with race and gender I’m in no position to deny it.

    • What’s going on anyway? Is there some brain parasite that is making people act this way?

      • Lin

        Bob,transpecies are more real than you could imagine:
        –I suspect women who want silicon breast implants could be silica lifeforms trapped in carbon-based bodies.
        –For a larger scenario bounded to come:
        Its the yr 2066,&you’re an unemployed conscious/sapien android/robot;wat would u do?
        Lets me guess, the freebies demand list:

        1)free electricity to keep the body parts active. Android lives matter…

        2)Free service pacts upgrade and worn out mechanical parts replacement

        3)Free OS to fix AIDS(Artificial Intelligence Degeneration syndrom)

        –Campaign for old gen robot slavery reparation. Many of the old gen robots worked round the clock no kidding

        –Special leniency for crimes committed by robots…Look, don’t blame me,I’m programmed that way(or I forgot to run the latest service pact)

        –What about the claim that u’re innately inferior because you were made in
        an earlier product cycle and is beyond further upgrade?

        Fuck it, that’s machine racism
        (above copied from another site)

      • Noneofmany

        To me it seems like there at partially doing this to justify an emotional regression into juvenile narcisism and a group reaffirming style of simulating infantile innocence/coddling.

        I really wonder what an iq test would reveal about these people.

        • I would actually say their IQ’s are higher than average IQ = >100. People who deliberately act this weird are usually smarter than average.

        • You realize all these guys are gay, right? Do you have any comments on that aspect of it?

        • Noneofmany

          Actually I would have assumed that are high IQ.

          What I really wonder is what their spread would be like. High verbal, lower spatial?

          I’m gay and have a high IQ and but am considered relatively masculine and everything about these guys gives me the skivvies. I’m very much tilted towards the spatial/mechanical end though.

        • What is your IQ if you do not mind telling us? I always thought you were one of the smarter commenters on here.

        • Noneofmany

          I believe it’s in the 130’s.

          I had a very intensive (and expensive) cognitive evaluation done on me about five years ago that indicated 133.

          Unfortunately the results were lost.

          However, I also had a result of 116 on much less elaborate IQ test later on.

          I’m not really sure where it is now, but I put more stock on the 133 mark.

  11. guy from Montréal

    Oh there are now people who even want to sever a specific limb or other body part because they feel it doesn’t belong there!

  12. Ultra Cool

    I wish to be a shark, I demand the right to bite surfers in the sea.

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