Paleomongoloids and Neomongologoids in Northeastern India

Sagar Boro writes, in regard to this piece:

Who are the Nagas??? What about the people of Northeast India like the Bodos, Apatani, Mizo, Kuki and Manipuri?

The Nagas are one of the best examples of a Paleomongoloid that I can think of. They reside, like the rest you listed, in Northeastern India. Sometimes I wonder if the Nagas are Australoids, but they are probably just transtionals. But they are quite primitive and archaic in phenotype. Go look at some photos of them and see.

I do not know of the rest, but I am familiar with the the Mizos are probably Neomongoloids. It is a bit odd to have Neos in this part of the world, but many Burmese are Neos, as are Thais. There are many Neos in Tibet, Bhutan, Sikikim and Yunnan. The Mizos are very advanced. Go look at some photos and see. The women are very beautiful and look sort of like Japanese women or maybe Thai women.


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7 responses to “Paleomongoloids and Neomongologoids in Northeastern India

  1. SHI

    In all major cities of India, we are witnessing the growth of a new business trend: massage parlours. Unlike in the past, It’s become so easy now to get a 60 to 90 minute full body massage (Swedish, deep tissue, hot Thai) from their choice of North-eastern girls (Sikkim, Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh) for about US$10-15. The clientele includes males in the age group 18 all the way to 60-70. The North-eastern girls are very cheerful unlike surly Indian girls, and only too willing to take care of all them dirty sleazebag Indian males.

    The situation has gotten so much out of control that the govt. of Thailand is mulling a formal complaint to the govt. of India for losing out on a major source of tourist revenue. Horny Indian males used to make the long arduous journey to Thailand (only a 4 hour flight) for cheap massage and rape-free sex. Unfortunately for the Thai hookers, Indian horndogs are now finding similar pleasures without having to leave the neighborhood.

    By Indian wage standards, the North-Eastern girls are making an absolute killing. Everyday from morning to night, they have to service a LONG QUEUE of horny Indian males getting a chance to grope, masturbate on and fondle the delicate “chinkie” beauties. But by no means they get to have sex with them. Apparently, the North-eastern girls draw the line at groping and inappropriate touching but will not allow themselves to be penetrated. Indian male horndogs still don’t get the message though and persist the girls for sex (but being the cheapskates they are, they will not tip extra). That is why every massage parlour is now staffed by bouncers who are only too happy to eject misbehaving customers.

    Indian authorities and even women’s groups are turning a blind eye to the massage parlour phenomenon in major cities. There has been a noticeable drop in RAPE/SEXUAL HARASSMENT cases thanks to the beautiful North-eastern girls.

    This is not a news report from The Onion/the Donald Trump network. The reason no media is interested in covering this story because it would unnecessarily victimize the North-eastern girls who get leered at/groped/harassed 10 times more than mainstream Indian girls.

    The overwhelming presence of North-eastern girls in massage parlours is not helping with the Indian male stereotype that all of them are somehow “loose”. It’s just that they have a very relaxed attitude towards sexuality which is beyond the comprehension of the average Indian male. North-eastern girls are not stupid: they are extraordinarily beautiful, strong, independent and come from MATRILINEAL CULTURES.

  2. SHI

    Massage girls let you jerk off while they’re rubbing bodies. Not a handjob though. A full body massage involves stroking the dick anyway.

    Real gentlemen enjoy a full body massage but have the self control not to be hard out of respect for the masseur. They also tip 10-15% in gratitude. Massage is hard work. They deserve the extra.

  3. The Thai elites are Chinese, the same with the Vietnamese.

  4. MariconPower

    I wouldn’t call Thais and Burmese just neo-Mongoloid. They have signficiant South Indian and Negrito DNA admixture

    Pure Thais from Thailand


  5. MariconPower

    You know the funny thing robert lindsay? you think Thais are pure Mongoloid even though they are 18-24% South Indian/Negrito admixture

    and many of them look like these ( you can clearly see the signficant negro/South indian like admixture on their faces )

    I’m not saying they don’t belong to the Mongoloid race but they are definately far from pure. The reason why many of them look East Asia is because 14% of them are Thai-Chinese but in northern thailand they make up 50% of the population.

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