Whiskey for Pain

Anybody else do this? Well, that’s my excuse anyway. But I’m only doing it for pain! Not to get loaded or anything like that.

Whiskey is supposed to be a good painkiller. A long time ago, before they had painkillers, they used to give patients whiskey before surgery.

Dr. Lindsay prescribed three whiskeys a night for pain, but it’s to be used for medical reasons only.

Mix? Damn right I do. Hell if I drink firewater straight. Do you think I’m nuts? Mine is Diet Pepsi. All of the other diet drinks are junk because they have that horrid aspartame in them that tastes like poison. Serious. I drink that stuff and I feel like I have been poisoned for the whole rest of the day. Come to think of it, I probably was poisoned. I always get a vibe like there is something nasty evil about that stuff. It reminds me of PCP. Pure raw chemical taste, metallic in the case of PCP. You know anything that tastes like gasoline when you inhale it has got to be bad for you.

Diet Pepsi is the only one that has Sucralose, which I have actually come to tolerate if not enjoy. Mixed with whiskey and Pepsi, it’s not a problem at all.

Diet because if you drink soft drinks, you have to drink diet. The real stuff is so bad for you! Not to mention all the cavities. I cut out most of the sugar, and I hardly get one cavity anymore. Soft drinks are also very bad for weight gain, etc. I am convinced that they give a lot of people metabolic syndrome and eventually diabetes.

Brand? I do drink cheap stuff, but I do not like it too much. If it says “blended” on it, it’s cheap junk. Canadian blended whiskey is a bit junky.

Kentucky Bourbon is very good. In order to be called that they have to make it to strict exact standards. Jim Beam is fine, but it’s a bit expensive.

Right now I am on Scotch. It’s called Clan McGregor, and I rather like it. What I found fascinating was that Scotch tasted completely different from bourbon or blended whiskey! Amazing. I thought they would all taste the same. Scotch also has to be made in Scotland according to strict rules in order to be called that. There probably isn’t any cheap junk Scotch. If it’s Scotch, it is probably pretty good. There are a lot of cheap whiskeys though, and a lot of them are not so great.

I usually drink stuff that is somewhat above the bottom of the barrel cheap stuff. Evan Williams is a good whiskey that is a cut above the cheap stuff. Fireball is nice too. Not sure about Black Velvet. I thought it was just fine until I tried Jim Beam. It was only then that I realized how crappy Black Velvet was. Seagram’s is just fine.

I really enjoy this switch to the hard stuff. Real men drink the hard stuff. Slobs drink beer, and effetes drink wine. All you beer and wine drinking sissies need to move on up to the hard stuff now!

What are you waiting for?

Die with your boots on, dammit!


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8 responses to “Whiskey for Pain

  1. Jason Y

    Rice along with hard drinking keeps you from pooping too much. No it literally stops it.

  2. Ed

    What really kills you with this stuff these days is the sugar, and the artificial additives. In the long run, soda is probably worse for your health now than alcohol. We are heading back in the Middle Ages where beer (granted their beer was really weak) was actually less likely to kill you than water. Of course if you binge on alcohol, you may die that day which is not the case with soda. But over the long run soda will give you more problems.

    And with alcohol, the expensive, hard stuff is actually the best/ least bad, again because it less likely to contain harmful additives. Look at what the older drinkers in bars drink. The key is to learn how to sip it.

  3. jorge

    Here the most hard drinkers drink cheap wine (most cheap and popular alcoholic beverage in Argentina is wine, but cheap ones, because obviously also exist “regular” and fine wines). It’s a very common drink into working-class/underclass youth.

    Teenagers drink it many times for show hardness, because this kind of wine is seen like something for vagrants and “ghetto” people (lower class people in general). It’s “stronger” than regular wines (that’s why usually many people drink it mixed with soda, carbonated water or powdered juice), and usually also have more colorants. But the important is that you don’t need much money to get drunk.

    This kind of wine come into cardboard boxes, not into bottles (we call it “vino en cartón” -cardboard wine- or “vino en caja” -box wine-).

  4. SHI

    I’ve turned into a beer and wine sissy myself, LOL. I used to enjoy Jack Daniel”s with Coke, it’s a “fantastic” drink (spoken with Donald Trump’s voice), a real crowd pleaser. It’s a bit on the expensive side though.

    Scotch is a super-manly drink. Women really admire you at the bar if you’re a regular scotch lover (anyone can tell a poser).

    I have started to HATE vodka now. Screwdriver, vodka martini used to be my favorites. Not anymore after a few bad episodes. I also hate Gin & Tonic.

  5. guy from Montréal

    The hard stuff is even more manly if you drink it straight Robert, give it a try! Seriously I’ve been a Whisky lover for many years now and I’ve never noticed if it had any effect on pain, I’ll have to pay some attention to that in the future. Aspartame really is poison and it’s known to cause a long list of problems, my own doctor told me he was surprised to see that the stuff still hasn’t been banned yet, I have no idea if sucralose is better but it’s still an artificial sweetener and basically all artificial sweeteners are bad.

      • guy from Montréal

        Of course! try a 12 year old single malt scotch, once you’ve acquired the taste for whisky you can’t take it any other way than straight, and no ice! that will just melt and dilute that sweet sweet nectar, yes the good stuff is more expensive but like most things in life you get what you pay for, I love all of types of whisky and I’ve drunk some pretty awesome bourbons but scotch is king.

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