Robert Stark Interviews Ron Unz about His Campaign for Senate


I listened to the whole thing, but I still do not get it. Unz is a Republican, but he’s not much of one. He sounds more like a liberal Democrat. They had a debate for the Senate race recently, and all of the candidates seemed to be trying to out-liberal each other, including Unz. I do not understand him at all, and I have no idea what to make of this guy. Mostly I have no idea why he is a Republican at all.

I might almost vote for him, but I am still mad at him for his anti-bilingual education initiative, which was completely unscientific. We have done 120 studies on bilingual ed, and 106 of them proved it was superior in attaining both the home language and the target language. Compared to L2 students who did not go through bilingual ed, the bilingual ed kids did better. In fact, the non-bilingual ed kids were hampered and sort of damaged, and they were still having excessive problems with reading and writing English far into high school.

It’s more that it is counterintuitive that it would work at all. Intuitively, it seems like a stupid idea that makes no sense, so people just go with their gut feeling which is anti-scientific. People simply cannot believe the science because the conclusions seem to go against common sense.

A phased bilingual ed program where they gradually have more and more classes in English until they are fully phased in in 5th or 6th grade seems to work best. The idea is that you test the kid coming into school to see which language is stronger If English is stronger, you put them in straight English classes. If the home language is stronger, you put them in bilingual ed. The idea being that you should teach them to read and write in the strongest language, and then they transfer those skills over to English. It works great.

I probably will not vote for Unz, but he sure is an interesting candidate, and he would probably not be a bad guy to vote for. You can promote Unz on this site because he is not a typical Republican.


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2 responses to “Robert Stark Interviews Ron Unz about His Campaign for Senate

  1. Another William Playfair Web

    Well, the bi-lingual initiative should hopefully, at least in the minds of quasi-reasonable people, cut down on their xenophobia.
    It does genuinely help Hispanics become better citizens.

  2. Another William Playfair Web

    We need more people like Unz. It’s basically official at this time, AmRen is garbage. It literally has clickbait titles, flip flops on Asian/Jewish intelligence daily, and related things. The now former intellectual voice of the HBD type movement, Jared Taylor, out, and Ron Unz, in. Ron Unz doesn’t discriminate against the poor inferior Spacs, he tries to help them. A great representation of White morality, etc. Where is that on AmRen?

    Just read the headline for the lady being “booed” in California. You’d think the whole damn audience was screaming at her. Nope the article reports it was done minimally, and is correct:

    Even an aggressive/Macho looking Hispanic is getting in on the troll (see comments). It’s such a joke. I’d doubt the average IQ of Trumpkins/AmRenners is even -1SD from the White mean (85 on White Norms), it’s LOW

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