Opening the Gates of Hell in the Middle East

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Before the summer is done, that slow motion war in the Middle East will suddenly go critical. Russia will then be distracted with defending its western borders from further NATO incursion.

Gaza will be flattened, which will provoke a response from Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. Israel will suffer a seriously bloodied nose from the fusillade of missiles from Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas. This will lead to US bombing of Iran to take out the Revolutionary Guards and the “spontaneous uprising” of the NED agents within that country to replace the government. And finally, the loony bin coalition government of Netanyahu will be swept out of office ,and in its place will be something approaching sanity that will, with the support of the Israeli electorate, seek a meaningful peace with its neighbors. Such developments will pale into insignificance the candidacies of The Hillary and The Donald.

I say that none of this is going to happen. Any thoughts?


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18 responses to “Opening the Gates of Hell in the Middle East

  1. Hamas sided briefly with the FSA, and has deep divisions with Hezbollah over the conflict in Syria. They recently signed an agreement with Iran and Hezbollah, but their alliance in opposition to Israel is fractured at best. Hamas is busy defending itself against Salafist and ISIS elements that seek to supplant Hamas and take their Jihad to the gates of Israel. So why would Israel actually flatten Gaza, ending Hamas rule, when Hamas is a buffer between them and the uber-crazy Salafist Sunni and ISIS forces? I doubt the flattening of Gaza will actually happen beyond rhetoric, and will gladly place a friendly wager on that part of your prediction. Care to make a friendly wager?

  2. Stary Wylk

    Considering the resources needed to “flatten Gaza” I think it unlikely that anyone nearly sane would start or that anyone insane would succeed.

    If the Israelis nuked Gaza, they’d suffer much harm from the fallout. The diplomatic effects would be immensely against them; there is already a BDS movement against Israel. The world might look the other way while some currently unknown parties (Pakistan?) turn Tel Aviv into glass.

    Syria is busy with its civil war. Iran’s intrusions into Iraq have clearly been designed to enhance their own security, unlike our government’s behavior.

  3. Israel will not flatten Gaza : Israel will import ISIS into Gaza so as to do away with the Hamas, and ISIS will flatten Gaza, that’s very different. Israel will get no bloody nose from Iran : Iran’s enmity towards Israel is all fake. Iran’s mollahs have always been there since Khomeiny to help the Western right-wing to achieve their own internal policy agenda. Netanyahu will not go and sanity will never come back to Israel : Netanyahu will make the first arrangements to build the Third Temple, and Trump will applaud the first.

  4. Horatio

    Not going to happen.

    I think some people get off in a perverse way on impending doom. Perhaps they feel there will be a major catharsis or change when the shit hit the fan. I see this all the time. Environmental groups warn of catastrophe. Others warn of apocalyptic financial breakdown, or of war.

    The fact this person seems not only to have predicted the first step, but fantasises (sorry, thought), about all the repurcussions tells me its just fantasy.

  5. Ed

    There is absolutely no reason to believe that any of this is going to happen.

    Actually, its occurred to me that the main destabilizing factor in the Middle East in the twenty-first century has been the United States. The US of course invaded Iraq, which was completely unnecessary. But the US government was also behind most of the “Arab Spring” revolts, and of course the collapse of the government sin Syria and Libya.

    I am excluding the big terrorist attacks in 2001 on the grounds that technically they did not take place in the Middle East (actually they were organized in the US and Europe, just the training camps were in Afghanistan). So you have to go back to the 1990 invasion of Kuwait to find destabilization in the Middle East that was not US orchestrated.

  6. Matt

    Is this a psychic?

  7. Jason Y

    The gates of hell are being opened in the middle east? Gosh, that already happened a LONG TIME AGO.

    • Jason Y

      Donald Trump might play a key role in stirring up some war in the middle east, considering he’s already pledged to beef up the US military.

  8. Jason Y

    Trump wants to deal harshly with illegals, but he also wants to deal with terrorism, but how can he without going after the source, hunt them on thier own turf?

  9. Another William Playfair Web

    “See how efficient it still is,
    how it keeps itself in shape—
    our century’s hatred.
    How easily it vaults the tallest obstacles.
    How rapidly it pounces, tracks us down.

    It’s not like other feelings.
    At once both older and younger.
    It gives birth itself to the reasons
    that give it life.
    When it sleeps, it’s never eternal rest.
    And sleeplessness won’t sap its strength; it feeds it.

    One religion or another –
    whatever gets it ready, in position.
    One fatherland or another –
    whatever helps it get a running start.
    Justice also works well at the outset
    until hate gets its own momentum going.
    Hatred. Hatred.
    Its face twisted in a grimace
    of erotic ecstasy.

    Oh these other feelings,
    listless weaklings.
    Since when does brotherhood
    draw crowds?
    Has compassion
    ever finished first?
    Does doubt ever really rouse the rabble?
    Only hatred has just what it takes.

    Gifted, diligent, hard-working.
    Need we mention all the songs it has composed?
    All the pages it has added to our history books?
    All the human carpets it has spread
    over countless city squares and football fields?

    Let’s face it:
    it knows how to make beauty.
    The splendid fire-glow in midnight skies.
    Magnificent bursting bombs in rosy dawns.
    You can’t deny the inspiring pathos of ruins
    and a certain bawdy humor to be found
    in the sturdy column jutting from their midst.

    Hatred is a master of contrast-
    between explosions and dead quiet,
    red blood and white snow.
    Above all, it never tires
    of its leitmotif – the impeccable executioner
    towering over its soiled victim.

    It’s always ready for new challenges.
    If it has to wait awhile, it will.
    They say it’s blind. Blind?
    It has a sniper’s keen sight
    and gazes unflinchingly at the future
    as only it can.”

    One of the greatest poems of all time, in my humble opinion. Very relevant to Palestinians vs. Jews vs. Arabs, etc.

  10. Sam

    Trump is all deception. More of the same. Maybe worse. Maybe BIG false flag. Martial law.

    What’s really scary is the possibility of a China/Russia vs. US WWIII. It would be in the interest of the Jews. They take out US, Russia, China, all of Europe and they stay in the middle. Maybe hit the Arabs and Iranians while this is going on. The Chinese don’t have the same deference to the Jews as the Whites do and many Whites are fed up with the Jews. Solves the whole problem in one fell swoop.

    • Jason Y

      At the very least we will see a repeat of W. Bush era wars in the middle east. Whether or not others will join up is for time to tell, but even if they don’t it will still be very scary.

      Trump is not an isolationist even though he does support certain Ron Paul-ish things.

      • Jason Y

        Possibly some Trump years will be great, assuming your not an illegal Mexican or a left wing extremist. However, at some point I think he will be fed up with terrorism and launch a middle east war. Any old terror attack at home (especially) or overseas could tip him off.

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