Venezuela Is Not Really a Socialist Country

Jason Y writes:

I think there is a chance a change in the environment could put the non-white and mixed people on par with the elite. However, at the present time there are so many problems, some caused by moral faults in the non-white and mixed people themselves, that it could explain some of the failure, as Tulio seems to suggest.

For instance, capitalism does seem to work in the USA for some average people, how can that be explained?

The Chavistas didn’t fail. True, a lot of the huge gains have been substantially reversed in the past few years, but that is due to the crash in the price of oil but mostly due to rightwing and US sabotage. The rightwingers sabotaged the economy and ruined the whole country. How does that boil down to non-Whites can’t do any sort of socialism?

They never had any socialism down there anyway. There was a lot of talk about building socialism, but to tell the truth, they never really got around to it. They just had a sort of a social democracy. The government didn’t produce anything. When you went to the supermarket, everything you saw there was made or imported by the business community. The government took over the oil industry, correct,  but that is the case in many oil-producing states. How is that like the USSR?

Yes the government nationalized a few things like the cement, asphalt and maybe brick-making industries, but that’s not the stuff you go buy in the stores. How is the government running a few basic industries like that like the USSR? Governments the world over often run basic industries like that. It’s sort of hard to screw up making concrete. How do you mess it up?

The main “socialist” aspect of Venezuela was that the government took over the oil industry and used the oil income for massive social spending on the part of the poor. But that’s what oil producing nations the world over do. For instance, that is the model in the Gulf. Venezuela is about as socialist as Saudi Arabia.

You want to tell me how that is the same thing as the USSR? The Chavista haters are lunatics.


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4 responses to “Venezuela Is Not Really a Socialist Country

  1. spot on.

    any country that refuses to sell its oil for petrodollars (USD) and kow-tow to Washington, gets taken out. See Iraq for details, Russia pending.

    Really the simplistic good guys vs bad guys MSM narrative is tiring. Always follow the money and all truth is revealed.

  2. Jason Y

    Again as I was saying in other threads. The whole socialism thing is mostly a self esteem rising mechanism. Since your dealing with an incredibly “I told you so” snobby elite, it’s totally understandable why the lower classes have no self confidence to seek out education, or save for the future.

    Generally the upper classes have no interest in being a parent figure to the poor, and also they are incredibly scared of the poor, as they think they’re going to get robbed or cheated, or the poor will forment some Communist revolution.

  3. Tulio

    Who are the right wingers that sabotaged Venezuela? Obama has been president the last 8 years. And if Obama is out to destroy leftist Latin American governments, why is he engaging Cuba?

    • It’s the opposition in Venezuela. They have been trying to overthrow the government since Chavez first got in, and now it looks like they may be succeeding.

      The Obama Administration has been trying to overthrow the Chavistas since Obama came in for eight years now. On foreign policy, Democrats are just as rightwing as Republicans.

      Obama thinks he can regime change Venezuela and all the Pink Tide governments in Latin America. He took down Argentina and Brazil and now he is trying to take down Venezuela and he thinks he is going to succeed.

      Obama was trying to take down Cuba the whole time too, as that is standard US policy. Obama has finally sort of given up on it though because he doesn’t think he can do it. He still wants to get rid of the Castros, but he thinks he can do it easier by engagement than by attack. He thinks if he can open up Cuba, then tourists will flood in and this will cause the Cubans to rise up against the Castros. The regime change Cuba thing is ongoing, but it’s not so urgent anyway, and it has sort of taken a back seat to engagement.

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