They’re Not Children, and They’re Not Adults Either

Oneaboveall writes:

I basically made a point that if I’m dealing with a 15 yr old with enormous tits and/or a bubble ass, WHICH I WOULD NOT BE, that it’s really stretching things to say that I’m a sexual predator who’s attracted to children.

A child is “someone who appears to be a child” – basically, someone 12-under. Teenagers are in an in-between category. They certainly are not children anymore, but in general, they are not really adults either.

Teenage boys are what I call “boy-men.”

I call teenage girls “girl-women.”

Because that’s exactly what they are. It’s not a man, and it’s not a boy. It’s not a girl, and it’s not a woman. Teenagers are neither children nor adults. They are in some sort of transitioning category between children and adults, some sort of murky neverland that is hard to define and get a grip on.

Oneaboveall writes:

There is a big difference between children and adolescents, but people love to throw words around.

That’s because people are idiots. Especially feminists. I believe feminism causes actual loss of IQ points, and if I were betting, I would bet that feminism causes actual loss of brain matter. It’s probably progressive too. The longer a woman is a feminist, the greater the brain shrinkage is. It’s a serious problem, almost as bad as drugs.

This is your brain on feminism. Any questions?

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One response to “They’re Not Children, and They’re Not Adults Either

  1. Jason Y

    A lot of adults in prison are still in a teenage level of development. That’s what I mean when I said they were wusses. That’s why prison is such a hell with all the bullying and whatnot going on. For some reason or another, maybe it’s IQ, the inmates have horrible personalities.

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