“The Bomb-throwers”

What does the word “bomb-throwers” mean when discussing politics? Hint: It does not mean literally mean people who throw bombs. It has to do with political organizations and especially factions.

I learned of it first from my Mom. My Mom is one smart lady. Her IQ is 150! WTH. She completed two years of law school to, and she finished 2nd in her class at Hastings Law School at UC Berkeley, which is one of the top law schools in the land.

I was discussing a political faction that she had never heard of before and she laughed and asked, “Who are those – the bomb-throwers?

I suppose I am basically a bomb-thrower myself, but that doesn’t mean I literally throw bombs, though sometimes I feel like it! I suppose the word can be applied to individuals too, but people do not seem to do that much, when the word is used at all. The word is seldom used, probably because of the violent connotations and people thinking you are talking about some armed guerrilla movement. Most people do not like to use violent terms in  their speech because they are afraid people are going to think that they are a terrorist or school shooter type.

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