This Is How Evil Feminists Think Normal Heterosexual Men Are

The feminists have conflated heterosexual men’s attraction to teenage girls with attraction to little girls, and they call the whole stew “pedophilia.” Hence men who are attracted to teenage girls are “pedophiles.” Well if they are, then I am quite confident nearly all if not all men are pedophiles.

Can you see what feminists have done here? They have completely pathologized normal heterosexual male sexuality by referring to the natural, moral sexuality of heterosexual men as something horrible: “pedophilia.” Pedophiles are the most hated people on Earth, and many people want to kill them on sight. So what feminists have done here is to say that all heterosexual men are the most hated people on Earth that you should naturally want to kill on sight. See how they did that? Feminists really hate us straight men, don’t they?

They really hate us!


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4 responses to “This Is How Evil Feminists Think Normal Heterosexual Men Are

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  2. Jason Y

    Without trying to sound like a creep, but that was probably a lost cause a long time ago lol, men are predators. Well, actually, in a sense women are also, so it’s kind of hypcritical for them to point fingers.

    Of course at a sane level this is normal, but in the case of SD, nah just kidding, or the guy on Freeway it would be abnormal.

    • Jason Y

      It might even be the case men get off on predatory behavior when no sex isn’t involved or even when it involves the same sex, as like in prison no women would be around etc.. It’s something that’s just programmed or an instinct.

      I’d say cases of bullying are often when some boys, girls, men women etc.. are just playing on their own instinct getting off on it. Also, in some cases it’s the result of wussy thinking, as I said in another post, the product of bad parental upbringing.

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