The Black-White IQ Gap: Some Studies Supporting the Hereditarian Argument

I will post three different studies below which substantially back up the hard hereditarian thesis of the B-W IQ gap. These studies do not make me happy; in fact, for a long time, I delayed putting them up on site. Nevertheless, whatever your position is on the B-W IQ gap, it should be important to examine all of the evidence for both sides.

Unless you are an ideologue though. In that case, don’t bother, just examine the evidence for your side, and don’t read any from the other side. Hell, that’s what most people do anyway. C’mon, join the crowd! Be like everybody else! Be a Normie! Don’t be a weirdo! Don’t be left out! Step right up and starting acting like an ideologue right now! What are you missing out on, other then social rejection?

Study 1:

Rowe examined the 1994 National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health’s survey of a representative sample of youths, with intentional oversampling of Black children of highly educated parents. The mean age for the entire sample (9,830 Whites, 4,017 Blacks, and 119 mixed-race individuals) was 16 years. The Black adolescents averaged a lower birth weight, a lower verbal IQ, and a higher number of sexual partners than did the White adolescents.

For each characteristic, the mixed-race mean fell between the means of the other two groups. Rowe found the social class explanation of the group differences “unconvincing” because, of the three variables, only verbal IQ showed a moderate correlation with social class, and statistically adjusting for it left the main findings unchanged. He also rejected the “discrimination based on skin tone” hypothesis because it was eliminated by deliberately selecting only those mixed-race adolescents who were judged by their interviewers to be Black based on their physical appearance.

Notice how the 1/2 Black group scored exactly halfway between both the White and Black groups on three things:

Verbal Memory: This one is somewhat easier to swallow this one than the others.

Number of sexual partners: This one is going to upset people a lot, and there is going to be a lot of resistance to this idea because it directly ties behavior biologically and genetically to race, which is exactly the thing that the Race Deniers hate more than anything else. They can even handle the intelligence stuff better than the behavioral thesis. People are used to the race-IQ argument, and many folks have made some sort of peace with it, but once you start saying that genes and biology cause the races to behave differently, you are going to set up a forest fire of protest.

Lower birth weight: I have long known that Blacks were associated with lower birth weight, and as an environmentalist, I was cheered by this because it seemed so environmental. And if it was environmental, we could perhaps increase the birth weight of Black babies. This would be important, as low birth weight is associated with all sorts of bad outcomes, including lower IQ.

However, note that this study found that Blacks had the lowest birth weight, Whites had the highest and the half-Blacks had birth weights between the two. That is a disturbing finding that is really making me start to question my environmental-low birth weight link. And it is so much worse when the study seems to rule out an environmental influence quite well.

But the implications don’t seem to make sense. The logical conclusion here is that there something biological in Blacks – something in Black genes – that is somehow causing the low birth weights. Now this is hard for me to comprehend because I am wondering how genes could possibly effect something like birth weight, which looks so environmental on the surface.

Similarly, Stanley and Porter (1967) found the scores on the SAT of all-Black college students in Georgia were too low to be predictive of college grades, thereby raising the question of whether test scores on Black Americans are as valid as those for White Americans. However, when Hills and Stanley (1970) gave the School and College Ability Test (a much easier test to pass) to similar students, they found that their scores were normally distributed and did predict college grades, though the average for the Black college students was at about the 50th percentile on eighth-grade national norms.

This study made me wince. The first sentence reads well for Blacks when it says that SAT test scores do not accurately predict test scores in Black college students. This implies that tests on Blacks are not doing what they are supposed to do – that is, predict success later in school. However, the reason given for this is painful. The reason we cannot predict Black college grades from SAT scores is that the Black SAT scores were so low that they were not usable as a source to predict later grades. Ouch. That was painful.

However, the School and College Ability Test or SCAT did predict Black college scores well, but the reason it predicted scores better was that it was easier to take so as a result of the simpler test, the Black scores were high enough to adequately predict college grades. Ouch. The last half of the sentence is also painful. The average Black college student’s score on the SCAT was the same as White 8th graders. Black college students were testing at the same level as White 8th graders. Yikes.

The average IQ scores of around 70 for Black Americans in certain areas of the Deep South of the United States where the degree of White admixture is significantly below the general average (Chakraborty et al., 1992; Parra et al., 1998) are also consistent with the hereditarian interpretation of the effects of hybridization. An average IQ of 71 was found for all of the Black children in an entire school district from a rural county in Georgia; the average White IQ in the same county was 101 (Jensen, 1977).

This one was hard to take for a number of reasons. First of all, pure Blacks in the US South were scoring ~70 on IQ tests. This is approximately the same score as Lynn and Vanhanen found for pure Blacks in Africa. This conclusion was the source of a lot of conflict because so many people could not believe that Black Africans could possibly have IQ’s that low.

Another study by Nesbitt who cherry-picked scores about as much as Lynn and Vanhanen did came up with an average IQ of 80 for African Blacks. This conclusion was seen as more palatable, but I was always dubious of it, as I did not think that Black African scores were that high. I didn’t think they were 70 either. I thought they were in between at ~75. But it looks like Lynn’s African 70 IQ may have been correct after all, which is painful to believe.

It is also quite painful to believe that there are Black populations in the US with IQ’s as low as 70. That is far too low of an IQ and that group is going to have all sorts of problems adjusting to modern society. They will also be quite difficult to teach in school.

White students in the very same county had IQ’s of 101. That’s harsh. A 30 point IQ difference between Whites and Blacks in that county is going to have same very real everyday consequences.

First of all, it is hard to have friendship;s with people who have more than 20 IQ points difference from you because the lower scoring person will not understand the higher scoring one and the higher scoring one will easily get bored of the lower scoring person. So Blacks and Whites will find it hard to make friends in that county.

For intimate relationships, it is best to have no more than a 12 point difference. Now, it doesn’t have to be that way. My parents had a 21 point gap and they were married forever and a day, but my father while less intelligent, was still a very smart man. But this means that not only will Whites and Blacks in that county find it hard to make friends, but they will find it even harder to date, become lovers, or marry.

Also, with that massive 30 point gap, Whites will succeed much more than Blacks in school and employment and will have much more money and property than Blacks. In short, Whites will be much more successful at life than Blacks in that county. Blacks will be much more likely to live in poverty, use welfare, have out of wedlock and teenage births, commit crimes and go to jail and prison. Bottom line is Blacks are going to fail a lot more in that county.

These differences in achievement will not go over well. Whites will complain that Blacks are stupid, drop out of school and hardly go to college, have more out of wedlock and teenage births, commit much more crime and fill up the jails and prisons. In short, the Whites will start to resent the Blacks as stupid, lazy, irresponsible criminals and jailbirds. Blacks will be seen as a perennially problem group of costly, dangerous leeches and bums.

Blacks will resent Whites for hating them for these things, and there will never ending complaints about White racism. However, the White racism will actually result from these very different life outcomes between the races. Black will resent all the failure in their lives which they will blame on White racism or Whites holding them back. Blacks will resent high Black arrest nd incarceration rates and the police will come to be seen as the enemy of the Black community.

In short, it’s a recipe for an explosive situation. This is an exaggerated version of what is actually going on in Black-White dynamics in this country, and while a 15 point IQ gap will create some clear discrepancies, a 30 point IQ gap will create a racial catastrophe, tremendous conflict between the races, and a potential for even inter-group fighting and violence. It’s a human volcano waiting to blow. This was approximately the same IQ gap that separated Blacks and Whites in Zimbabwe and South Africa,and look what happened there.

It was hard for me to write this piece, but I think Alternative Left people should at least by mindful of the data on both sides of the B-W gap in various things and the resulting nature versus nurture debate that ensues.



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36 responses to “The Black-White IQ Gap: Some Studies Supporting the Hereditarian Argument

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  2. Tulio

    Well, the one saving grace is that neither the white or black population is growing in America. So the proportion of black to whites will remain nearly the same for the foreseeable future. So things are at least unlikely to become WORSE.

    The changing demographics in America is mainly being driven by Hispanic chain migration. Though this could make things worse for blacks as they work very cheap and will take away blue collar jobs that blacks might have been able to do for a living wage if there were no Hispanics. If your IQ is 70 you aren’t going to be college material. What the blue collar jobs are left that could’ve given you a respectable sustenance are being outsourced to illegals. You’re told welfare is for lazy bums and the right wing and whites see you as a parasite. What are you going to do exactly? You can see why such people turn to crime and selling drugs. There’s no other option to survive at the point.

    As for the more sexual partners things, what do you think is the cause behind that? Could it be that given the higher rate of child mortality and tropical diseases in Africa that nature simply shaped Africans to have more sex in order to produce enough babies to overcome the higher death rate?

    One thing I’ve noticed is you can drop an African dude off in any part of the world, and he’ll be banging the local women within no time. Even in racist places like Russia. A lot of black dudes seem to have a natural gift for getting laid pretty easily. Look up this guy named Simon Mol for example. He was immigrant from Congo I think it was that moved to Poland. He ended up infecting dozens of Polish women with HIV. And the dude was ugly as hell, but somehow was on a tear with the Polish girls. I’ve heard similar things with African dudes in Russia and China and other places. That these guys go there, start fucking the local women like crazy and the local guys come to resent them for it.

    • Gay State Girl

      The black population is growing because children of mixed heritage almost invariably identify as black and are cast as such.

      • Tulio

        But mixed black-white children are a tiny fraction of the population. Black-white marriage is still relatively rare.

    • This is not an easy piece for a Black person to read.

      But in spite of that, I would like to thank you for the comments you left on this piece, Tulio.

      I see you’re really doing some thinking here. That’s what I like to see. I like to see my commenters really THINK. That’s sort of the purpose of this whole site, actually. I am trying to rattle people’s cages and get them to start thinking about some things in some new ways and start doing some really good THINKING. That is so cool to see. I love seeing that.

      • And if it helps, based on what I read, while pockets of the South score as low as 70, the overall score is 80. Even some that have little white admixture (less than 5%) Lynn found to be at 80.

        Third, Southern Blacks, at least relative to other ones, I find to be at less of a conflict than other regional Blacks but this makes sense when you think about it. A. Most are Rural, thus they maintain a healthier and more adaptable culture and you won’t find as much as the same pathology as other Black regions in the US. Murder Rates even confirm it.

        They’re much larger compared to the matching white populatons, true, but their even another factor to consider. Black being disproportionate to whites is one thing, but another is how Black react to it.

        From my experience, it seems Southern Black, through anecdotes ranging from a few WNS, my mothers, and tulio’s origins, appear to have a higher ratio of people who don’t PROMOTE the behavior.

        This sort of makes sense, Southern Blacks were mostly Senegambia’s, wanted for being more nicely formed workers for rice but also for having better behavior than other Blacks.

        Read some comments from this JAY post.

        • Jm8

          ” Southern Blacks were mostly Senegambia’s, wanted for being more nicely formed workers for rice but also for having better behavior than other Blacks.”
          This is not really true, though they were one of the more significant (of the many ethno-regional elements in their makeup) there(but usually a minority ancestrally, except maybe in parts of the Louisianna region where is stronger). US Blacks tend to have an african ancestry that is very mixed. Its seems to be mainly a mix of West African, a substantial chunk (estimated in genetic studies at around the 25-50% range., from West Central Africa;Congo/N Angola), combined with a West Africa mixture(from various West African sources); of which Senegambian and South East Nigerian are usually the more significant, and after that many smaller fractions from, other(variously) parts of West Africa eg: the Sierra Lieone/Liberia Region (which is slightly elevated in the Gulluh compared to other US Blacks(but Their tribal makeup is not much different), parts of Ghana, other places… etc.(through Akan/Ashanti ancestry in particular is low-rare in US Blacks, but Ewe/Dahomean a bit less rare)
          Senegambian ancestry among New world Blacks is probably highest in Louisianna. The Louisianna French had a more Senegambian slave population than other American colonies, including the other French lands(French Carribbean islands) which mostly to have more Ewe/Dahomean and Congo/Angolan ancestry than Senegambian.
          The Congo/Angolan element is substantial in almost every New World Black group(of slave descent), but the West African influences are much more variable between the NW black populations.

        • Jm8

          It seems to be mainly a mix of substantial(estimated in genetic studies at around the 25-50% range) West Central African from Congo/N Angola); combined with a West African mix, of which Senegabian and S.E Nigerian are the greatest single elements….”

        • I know American blacks were significantly mixed in african ancestry, however my point was that SOUTHERN ones were significantly Senegambian.

          Virginia, as opposed to Georgia’s and South Carolina’s Mandingo preference, had a substantial amount of SE Nigerians. However, Gold coast ones were a minority one preferred after mandingo yet they were known for slave rebellions like Iboes, so not that many were in the region.

          While I see Sierra Leone as a different place/region, aren’t most of their ethnicity, Temne aside, are pretty much of a similar genetic composition to senegambians?

        • Jm8

          “aren’t most of their ethnicity, Temne aside, are pretty much of a similar genetic composition to Senegambians?”

          Genetically they are some mixture genetically of pretty quite distinct localized ancestry, and (in Mande speaking tribes)contributions from later near-Senegambian Mande-speaking migrants/invaders(though Mande languages, which arrived from Mali within the last thousand years or so, are very wide spread in the two countries)
          The native tribes (who spoke other forms of Niger-Congo, and had much deeper roots in the area.
          (some tribes were not Mande-Ized and still have languages from the older local stocks,. But the Mande languages (including local Mande languages like Temne and Vai, and later arrivals from the Mali region like Susu and maybe Kuranko) cover about 2/3 of Sierra Leone and half of Liberia. Half of Liberia speaks Kru (which is older/more native and pre-Mande) and significant part of Sierra Leone speaks Sherbro(also native).

          I don’t recall admixture studies, but I’d guess that cultural Mandei-zation(of local tribes, by the relatively recent Mandinka rulers and settlers) preserved a lot of the native genetics (regional language shifts with low-modest genetic replacement are not ucommon in pre-modern history) as a big part of the local genetic composition. Generally Vai and Mende people seem to me(some travelers’ accounts note this) subtly but noticeably shorter, stockier, and generally a bit lighter skinned; these being local/native tendencies) compared to (purer) Mandinkas from Mali.

        • Jm8

          Genetically they are some mixture of pretty distinct localized groups, and (at least in Mande speaking tribes) and the later near-Senegambian Mande-speaking migrants/invaders. Mande languages, which arrived from Mali within the last thousand years or so. And languages of Mande origin are prevalent in large area of Sierra Lione/Liberia’)

        • Jm8

          In my posted (wikipedia article) link above, the Sierra Leone language map is at the bottom of the article page.

          One of Liberia:

        • Jm8, how would you interpret the Neanderthal signals in the Yoruba?

          My guess

          A.) if Legit, then likely from Mechtoids (African Cromagnon) that came from Iberia but was displaced by the Capsians. Some may have been pushed down into the sub sahara.

          B.) It could be folly by sample contamination. Some Yoruba -like subgroups, such as the Itsekiri people and the Sobo who both have had major mixing with Europeans, (the later being particularly mixed with many European sub groups while the Sobo were mainly mixed with Portuguese) due to living near the coast.

          C.) Archaic ancestry which shared a relation with

        • I meant to add that the species could’ve had a relation to Neanderthals.

        • Jm8

          “Jm8, how would you interpret the Neanderthal signals in the Yoruba?
          A.) if Legit, then likely from Mechtoids (African Cromagnon) that came from Iberia but was displaced by the Capsians. Some may have been pushed down into the sub sahara.

          B.) It could be folly by sample contamination. Some Yoruba -like subgroups, such as the Itsekiri people and the Sobo who both have had major mixing with Europeans, (the later being particularly mixed with many European sub groups while the Sobo were mainly mixed with Portuguese) due to living near the coast.

          C.) Archaic ancestry which shared a relation with

          I meant to add that the species could’ve had a relation to Neanderthals.”

          I don’t know, but I would guess the second two as the most likely. Or it could be some kind of interpretation error. “Mechtoid” admixture as the cause is very unlikely. The West Eurasian haplotypes (likely associated with Mechtoids) are very rare even in the very few Sahelian groups where they exist, north of Nigeria (very low rates of mtdna U in a few tribes of Coastal Guinea). Overall admixture level are even lower (as in the admixture data I cited before).

        • Jm8

          I doubt the Itsekri or the Sobo have very significant European admixture, but it could be significant by local standards (maybe more in some Itsekri or Sobo subgroups).

        • Jm8

          The admixture data cited earlier its at the Anthromadness blog(and elsewhere). The link above is about haplogroups (which I also have cited before).

        • edtitan77

          I suspect another reason for the relative docility of Southern blacks is that Southern whites are very familiar with them & make no excuses for them as Northern whites do.

        • To Edtitan,

          I agree.

  3. Tulio

    I’ll take that back in my first paragraph, things can become worse as America further de-industrializes and jobs become more cognitively rigorous. But that also means many poor, rural whites are screwed too. I don’t think there will be any race war though. I don’t think levels of hatred are at those levels where it’s going to explode into ethnic warfare.

    Mainstream liberalism says everyone is equal, not just under the law, but equal in ability. It also says all cultures are equal. So if you have radically different outcomes, and all people and cultures are equal, the it must be the system that’s rigged. That’s the only conclusion a mainstream liberal could come to. So that may explain why frustrated voices such as BLM and SJWs get louder and louder even though the country is much less racist than it was in the past. The search for more undercover racism that explains all this inequality is then justified to them. And the more fervent they are in uncovering it and finding explanations for it all. Unfortunately there is enough racism out there and enough bad behavior from blacks to give both sides enough ammunition.

  4. Rushton went to south Africa in 2013 and tested black and white IQ using the g loaded Raven’s test. He confirmed Lynn’s results to the letter.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Rushton was badass. A gentleman. A modern day Galileo. But he was abused by the “cultural left” and defensively got in bed with WN’s, but he was a decent man…

  5. Jm8

    Birth weight could be linked somehow (in a broad way) to some genetic trait with some relation to iq across groups, but I suspect (from what I have seen) that it might be more complex than a straightforward correlation and I have an impression that whatever relationship to genetic iq factors would tend to be be loose, variable, and perhaps inconsistent (especially when comparing distinct ethno-racial groups). I also wonder if the contributors to it that are genetic, if they/however much they may exist) might relate to those of iq more strongly in some populations than others and also whether some groups may turn out to be genetically more resistant/susceptible to certain environmental risks/contributors to low birth weight (and some of its associated impairments/deficits, when subjected exposed to them.

    Rates of low birth weight in Us ethnic groups, do not seem to correlate that well (or anyway consistently) with lower group iq scores/achievement.
    Mexicans, who in America (from the reports/data I‘ve seen) score about the same or lower than South Asians (generally) in iq, despite the smaller (6.6%) low birth weight rate/incidence cited for them at slightly below the US native White Rate. S. Asian Indians and South East Asians in America (East Indians with 10.6% low weight births and Filipinos with 9.4 %) apparently have higher incidences of low birth weight than US Whites. But US East Indians (including, and maybe more so, the US born) perform above the White average on educational/achievement and socioeconomic measures (likely in part from positive immigrant selection and the more favorable first world environment. Some positive immigrant selection could be expected (but variably) in the other immigrant groups too, but not in the Black (“African-American” of US slave origin) group of the report(s). So it is does not seem that Indian Americans or their children are generally below the US White genotypic iq average. Their iq, like Indian their achievement test average in Britain, is likely higher than the White US national average, not being representative of India generally (whose genetic iq potential, whether or not equal to White averages, is surely not higher).
    Apparently Indians are one of the wealthiest groups in the US and there, as in Britain, they significantly surpass/outperform Bangladeshis.

    Mexican iq/achievement test scores in America (and also roughly so in their home countries, as far as I know) are about the same as the Puerto Rican and somewhat below the general/White American average (the US Puerto Rican low birth weight incidence recorded here being higher than the White, at 9.4. and the US Mexican lower)
    Although the Chinese in the United States have a slightly lesser low birth weight rate (and reportedly a slightly higher iq) than native US Whites (Chinese 5.9% vs. White 7% in 2013), the Japanese (in the US low birth weight rate is consistently higher than the US White (8.1% in 2013, and usually about 1-1.5 percentage points above the White average (according to the table in the first link below) from 1970-2013. Japan is one of the higher iq scoring countries in North East Asia (and above the US as far as I know), and as a modern first world nation, I would think it one the countries with the lowest of most of the various environmental burdens/stresses etc that may contribute to low birth weights (and associated problems) in poorer places.

    • QUE

      Questions and possible hypotheses for differences…. would love to know what people think of these-

      -Nutrition and diet (to assume that SES alone influences diet is false. Upper/middle class blacks may eat more similarly to low income than not). This could impact birth weight differences as well as cognitive differences givem that diets differ by race.

      Does income really predict education and exposure for blacks the way it does for whites? Selecting the children of first generation middle class blacks (who were prob more likely to be middle class due to military experience/gov jobs) may be skewing the data if the middle/upper class whites are multi-generationally middle class or middle class due to advanced educations)

      -Does the context of the test taking environment (who is facilitating the test, whether one is in the majority or minority in the test-taking environment) have anything to do with test performance?

      Just curious

    • Jm8

      The birth weights of children born to African and Caribbean immigrants (subgroups thereof are not distinguished) were also significantly greater than (i.e. the low birth weight rate was lower) those to African Americans; between the African American and White .
      Black and immigrant: exploring the effects of ethnicity and foreign-Born status on infant health
      By Tiffany L. Green
      Low birth weigh rate of Black immigrants (all groups combined) was about 8%, close to the Filipino and (apparently) Japanese, slightly less than the Indian. The study generally found rates in Asians to be between those of Blacks and Whites
      Although selection maybe a factor with immigrant groups, because the second generation(and its birth weights) is the subject at issue, regression to the mean should lessens the significance of selection.
      In the UK, South Asian Birthweights seem generally lower than Black, with White the greatest.
      “Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi infants were 280–350 g lighter, and 2.5 times more likely to be low birthweight compared with White infants. Black Caribbean infants were 150 g and Black African (undistinguished by subgroup; my parenthesis) infants 70 g lighter compared with White infants, “and
      “Birthweight and gestational age by ethnic group,England and Wales 2005: introducing new data on births”

      • Jm8

        “The distributions vary in terms of shape and location. The Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani distributions are located to the left (that is, towards lower birthweights), the White British distribution is located to the right (towards higher birthweights), while the Caribbean and African distributions occupy an intermediate position.”
        Also, the Indian low birthweight rate is higher than the Pakistani (despite higher UK Indian mental test scores/socio-economic averages), though lower than the Bangladeshi (whose test scores/socio-economic etc… are close to Pakistanis’.
        Birthweight and gestational age by ethnic group,England and Wales 2005: introducing new data on births. p,39

  6. Emma

    As of current times it should be almost impossible to perform an accurate assessment of intelligence based on something as nebulous as race. Some of these “Intelligence” markers are likely strongly influenced by culture and environment. SAT scores, for example, could be largely influenced by parenting and importance placed on education. Children from lower socioeconomic statuses are, statistically speaking, less likely to succeed in academic settings. As of right now, with strong prevailing cultures and such a difference in income and lifestyles, any test to objectively determine intelligence would fail.

  7. Bob wrote:
    “this study found that Blacks had the lowest birth weight, Whites had the highest and the half-Blacks had birth weights between the two. That is a disturbing finding that is really making me start to question my environmental-low birth weight link.”

    Why? Have you ever looked into it? That is, have you ever devoted a few weeks to reading some reasonable representative sample of the voluminous literature on the subject of environmental influences on birth weight and preterm birth? (The two ideas go together; they are not the same thing, but there is so much overlap that the distinction is not important for most practical purposes.)

    Go to and start digging.

    When you’re done with your basic research, a couple months from now, I will be delighted to read your careful summary of the literature, and your conclusions. I will regard your opinion as of high quality, after that effort.

    To give you a slight head start, I’ve taken 15 minutes to compile a few hits for you. There’s thousands more, waiting for you at

    “PTB” = preterm birth

    Am J Epidemiol. 2008 Jun 1;167(11):1295-304. doi: 10.1093/aje/kwn043. Epub 2008 Mar 25.
    Are racial disparities in preterm birth larger in hypersegregated areas?
    “Black-White PTB disparities were larger in hypersegregated areas than in nonhypersegregated areas (p < 0.001) [very high significance — alan2102] …. Since over 40% of Black childbearing women live in hypersegregated areas, residential segregation may be an important social determinant of racial birth disparities.”

    Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 2011 Dec;90(12):1307-16. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0412.2011.01136.x. Epub 2011 May 20.
    Preconceptional stress and racial disparities in preterm birth: an overview.
    “RESULTS: Mixed evidence leans towards modest associations between preconceptional chronic stress and preterm birth (for example common odds ratios of 1.2-1.4), particularly in African American women, but it is unclear whether this association is causal or explains a substantial portion of the Black-White racial disparity in preterm birth.”

    Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 2011 Dec;90(12):1325-31. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0412.2011.01135.x. Epub 2011 May 26.
    An overview of racial disparities in preterm birth rates: caused by infection or inflammatory response?
    “We argue that infection may not be a cause of racial disparity but in association with other risk factors such as stress, nutritional deficiency, and differences in genetic variations in PTB, pathways and their complex interactions may produce differential inflammatory responses that may contribute to racial disparity.”

    Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 2011 Dec;90(12):1332-41. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0412.2011.01274.x.
    Racial disparities in preterm birth: an overview of the potential role of nutrient deficiencies.
    “CONCLUSION: Deficiencies of several nutrients have varying levels of evidence of association with PTB and are of greater burden among African-American compared with Caucasian women.”

    Am J Public Health. 2004 December; 94(12): 2132–2138.
    PMCID: PMC1448603
    Very Low Birthweight in African American Infants: The Role of Maternal Exposure to Interpersonal Racial Discrimination
    “Conclusions. The lifelong accumulated experiences of racial discrimination by African American women constitute an independent risk factor for preterm delivery.”

    Ethn Dis. 2011 Summer;21(3):370-6.
    African American women’s exposure to interpersonal racial discrimination in public settings and preterm birth: the effect of coping behaviors.
    “CONCLUSIONS: African American women’s exposure to racism in public settings is a risk factor for preterm birth; active coping behaviors weaken this relationship.”

    • Jason Y

      Possibly African American women, like poor white women smoke while pregnant, a long with the fact they smoke around young children constantly after they’re born.

      Why should people pity these women, aside from the typical conservative line they take advantage of government services. Yes, of course, they’re children are going to be premature and have learning disabilities. A case of the environment for sure, but it doesn’t let the moms off the hook.

      Also, who knows what else some of them are doing, if they are also doing drugs etc..

    • Jason Y

      I doubt if racism is causing the premature births. As I was saying, it’s more likely that thier poor health habits, tobacco use while pregnant is causing it. The whole social environment of poor women is all about smoking, since everyone seems to do it. However, the kids pay heavily.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly improving the money coming into a poor household might discourage tobacco, alcohol and drug use by pregnant women, but still it’s beside the point The women just shouldn’t do it, but they’re selfish. I don’t think it’s a case of using IQ as an excuse. Actually, the whole society of many of the poor is selfish. For instance the man bozo will also smoke around pregnant women and young children, so he’s as much to blame.

      • Jason Y

        I’d say the religious idea of tough parenting, and especially refusing to let children run and make friends with bad crowds is a better idea than eugenics ever was.

        Bad crowds, rebellious types destroy whole families as they turn them all down a trashy path and the kids pay heavily.

      • “Possibly improving the money coming into a poor household might discourage tobacco, alcohol and drug use by pregnant women, but still it’s beside the point The women just shouldn’t do it, but they’re selfish. I don’t think it’s a case of using IQ as an excuse. Actually, the whole society of many of the poor is selfish. For instance the man bozo will also smoke around pregnant women and young children, so he’s as much to blame.”

        When it comes to a population’s adherence towards a substance it’s typically not selfishness and more of an lack of an ability of foresight and impulsiveness.

    • Look Alan honey, I am banning you, ok baby?

      Reason: Hostile tone.


    • None of this stuff goes very far to show why the mixed race group scored exactly halfway between the White and Black groups on low birth weight, exactly like intelligence and sexual activity.

    “Overall, 23% of Ohio mothers were reported to have smoked during pregnancy; this prevalence did not vary by race. Among smokers, white women were more likely than black women (8.8% and 4.7%, respectively) to smoke more than one pack of cigarettes per day during pregnancy.”

    In keeping with the principles of alt-left, we must insist on the personal responsibility of whites for their intemperate habits, such as smoking more than one pack of cigarettes per day (twice the rate of blacks) during the sensitive pregnancy period.

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