Politics in Madera County, California

Jason Y writes:

One method of social control in South Korea is calling people who criticize their home a traitor, (co-towing to foreign powers). In other words, calling people a pussy, a faggot etc.. for not siding with the popular view. Also, that’s a method of social control where I live in the south also, along with being called a nigger, or being told you suck etc…

In other words, people don’t want to hear any constructive criticism of their culture, unless you want to die

Where Robert lives in California there isn’t really a method of social control like that or is there? You won’t meet brain dead rednecks, but you might meet people with PC overkill who want to murder you for simply watching anything on Fox News.

There are no liberals in this part of the state.

It is actually a bit dangerous to be a liberal up in the mountains where all the Whites are Tea Party type wingnuts. I definitely ran into some problems up there for practically being a Commie. There are some progressive people up there (there was a local Green Party chapter that I was active in for a while), but they are badly outnumbered and basically hunkered down, keeping their heads down and lying low. It is a very unfriendly environment for progressive people. If you want to have fun up there, you need to learn to befriend Tea Party wingnuts or you will just be alone.

There is a group of Democrats up in the foothills, and I have been to some of their meetings. I know the people who run it. They are also badly outnumbered and sort of hunkered down. Most of them are White new arrivals from the Bad Area.

Indians all vote Democrat, but they have no influence at all.

Hispanics vote Democrat if they even vote at all. Most of them are probably not even citizens.

Down here in the Valley, it is politically dead. The Whites are hard rightwing farmer types, very conservative. These arch-conservative, often Med-type Whites have a very wealthy element, and it is folks like this who ran the town and always have. In 1970, this city was majority White, and not only that, but it was mostly Italian! There are still a number of Italians in the area.

The Blacks vote Democrat, but they have no numbers.

The Hispanics vote Democrat when they even vote at all, as most cannot be bothered and many are not even citizens. The only local protest movements you will ever see around here revolve around pro-illegal alien marches against INS raids. We have huge raids around here. The INS came through here a couple of years ago and grabbed 2,500 illegals, and that is just from the area around me. I assume they were all deported. The only politics around here is pro-illegal alien. It is really uncool and possibly even a bit dangerous to be anti-illegal alien around here. During those raids, I was supposed to be furious because everyone else was, but I was cheering, and that was thought to be very uncool.

I went to another protest recently. They were actually marching in the streets chanting. So I went to it, and it was a United Farm Workers union protest about working conditions for farm workers. The UFW is very popular around here, and it is a really cool organization. I like them a lot. I think they were saying that the workers did not get any sick time, vacation time or extra pay for overtime – the sort of things that all workers get.

I met this guy who looked as White as I was so I asked him what was going on as the rally was all in Spanish. Turned out the guy was a White Mexican! He sort of spoke English, so we sort of spoke Spanglish as he told me what the demonstration is all about. He also told me he was a legal alien green card holder, and he had come here legally a while back. He told me he had worked in the fields for a number of years, but now he was out of it into something else. So here is a White Mexican working in the fields! It’s not as weird as it sounds. I see see poor or working class Mexicans around here all the time who are as White as I am and speak no English at all.

This is why I disagree with S.D saying that White Latin Americans are all upper class. White-looking people are scattered through all classes in Latin America. Sure, there is a group of them who are rich, but there are lot basically White Latin Americans who are not part of that elite group. Have you noticed that there are many poor Whites in the US?

I believe the largest group of poor in the US are Whites. Well Latin America is the same. You have basically White looking people in the rich and upper middle class (heavily), but there are also many Whites scattered through the middle, lower middle, and working classes and even the poor. Just like in the US.




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5 responses to “Politics in Madera County, California

  1. Jason Y

    Oh sorry I thought you were from San Fransicko lol

  2. Stary Wylk

    Living in San Joaquin County, working a temp job at a roof tile factory, I heard a voice very like that of Speedy Gonzales, “fastest mouse in all Mexico”. I had also noticed a young man who looked like a redneck straight from Pellagra, Alabama; blond, skinny kid like you see in factory jobs all over the place. When I first heard him speak while I was looking at him, I thought he was going to get stomped. Another few seconds and I realized the blond was Speedy was a Mexican.

  3. Jason Y

    We have sort of a liberal tyranny in our neck of the woods in Asheville, NC, sort of the San Fran of the southeast. Also, pretty much any state university, not community college though, is a hotbed for the cultural left.

  4. Tulio

    Why do you choose to reside there? It sounds miserable. Plus the winters must be horribly depressing with that radiation fog. I once drove through the entirely length of the central valley and could barely see 100ft in front of the car.

    • It’s not miserable. It’s the Valley. It’s a poor town, but a lot of stuff is very cheap as a result. These are regular people; they’re not yuppies of SWPL types or anything like that. This is what real people are like.

      The winters are not that bad.

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