How South Korea Treats Its Disabled


They send them to salt farms where they are enslaved, worked 18 hours a day and then sent back to their quarters where they have no heat or hot water. Most of the disabled are retarded and some are half blind. Everyone on the islands is in on the slavery, even the police.

There are regular escape attempts, but the villagers see the escaped slaves, detain and beat them and call the firm to come take them back, where they are beaten again for running away. All of the police on the islands are in on it, and they regularly catch escapees and return the slaves them to the salt firms.

Slavery is rampant on all of these islands, where it is something of a tradition that has been going on forever. The owners say they are doing the slaves a favor by capturing them, enslaving them and forcing them to work in the salt factories. They say that otherwise the disabled would just be homeless. This may be true because often disabled people are abandoned by their own families, so they become homeless.

Commenter Jason Y has commented many times about how poorly the disabled are treated in South Koreas. I thought he was surely exaggerating until I read this article.

Wow, I thought North Korea was bad. In some ways, South Koreas is just as bad.


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20 responses to “How South Korea Treats Its Disabled

  1. cheez12

    do you think there is some truth to the stereotype that asians lack empathy? there are things like rape of nanking, mongol hordes, and their eating habits that make me think so. maybe they are logical and efficient at the expense of being empathetic.

    • I have been wondering about that for some time now. I know White nationalists who say that Asiatics are cruel, and I always wondered if there was something to it.

      • randomcommenter1111

        I wouldn’t absolve whites of things just because yellow people may act certain ways. For one there’s the whole factor of European colonialism which was a brutality on a worldwide scale that the East Asians haven’t done yet.

  2. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    I have the impression — and it is no more than an impression — that South Korea is a highly competitive, status-obsessed country. Obviously, the handicapped can’t compete very well, and they will never reach high status. This may be a reason why their families see them more as objects of shame than of pity.

    As Christianity grows in South Korea, the attitude toward the handicapped may change. After all, it has been Christianity’s great merit that it preaches compassion for the weak. For all its shortcomings, Christianity has always opposed infanticide, even in the case of infants born with serious defects. To give credit where credit is due, this strong condemnation of infanticide was adopted from Judaism.

    Considering the immense cruelties that Europeans have been capable of during the last 2500 years, we should be very wary of suggestions that yellows are intrinsically less capable of empathy. There is no reason to suppose that we all are born with an equal propensity for empathy. On the other hand, empathy, like so many other variables, may be to some extent culturally malleable.

    Regards. James

  3. Jason Y

    Notice how trendy young westerners, especially ones undergoing white worship, will go on and on praising South Koreans and harshly ridicule a westerner who speaks against them.

    • Jason Y

      I think that’s pretty much true of most of Northeast Asia. White westerners generally love the place, but they don’t know the whole story. Of course, they call people who criticize Northeast Asians racists, especially imperalists, considering the US troops in those nations, and also wusses cause well people who complain aren’t cool. If they only knew the whole story or believed the whole story.

      Finally Northeast Asian nations are incredible fucking crybabies, whining over loses at sports or maybe some historical occupation by Japan etc.. Really thought, could it be karma for these people?

      • Hasdrubal

        There are a lot of people in Georgia who still bristle about Sherman’s march to across it during the Civil War. Kvetching about history is hardly limited to NE Asians.
        Same with sports have you witnessed how Europe and South America react to soccer? Vancouver B.C. had riots after the Canucks (their NHL team) lost in the Stanley Cup finals a few years back.

        • Jason Y

          You could argue Georgia may have deserved it, much like the fate of whites in Haiti. Of course, such a statement will get a harsh reaction from WNs. Of course, every abusing group believes they are doing the abused a favor, and they cannot do wrong.

          However, the truth may lie between extremes on Georgia, but it would be difficult to find middle ground on the Korean disabled issue. However, then again the Korean policy comes from the attitude of the Korean population, much as slavery and white supremacy came from “enlightened” southern USA attitude toward things.

        • Jason Y

          Iv’e seen how people in many nations react to soccer. Nonetheless, you can’t really compare the hate to the abomination of what we see in Northeast Asia Sure everybody hates to an extent, but not everybody practices abominable cruelty as we see in Northeast Asia.

          oddly enough, many of these soccer hooligans will go teach ESL in Asia and totally ignore the obvious fact the Asians are barbarians simply cause thier mind is numbed with royal treatment. The teachers might side with the Koreans who claim they’re eating shit contaminated imported beef. Now that’s ironic isn’t it. Isn’t that karma?? LOL

        • Jason Y

          You are what you eat. 😆 Isn’t the what grandma said?

  4. SHI

    Fucking evil Gooks. Boycott Samsung. I hope Donald Trump bombs the hell out of the Nazi dog-eaters.

    You think Donald has a chance? Will he really build the wall? Will he ban all Muslims? Is David Duke the next VP candidate?

    America’s truly fucked when your only available options for Prez are Trump and Hillary. Bill Clinton, it turns out, was a serial rapist and buddies with Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile.

    How many Americans will migrate to Canada? Mexico? Cuba?

  5. Jason Y

    A lot of Koreans aren’t so bad. Actually there is a creepy anti-human side to a lot more cultures than Northeast Asian ones.

    For instance, when will southern USA Americans face up to the fact they practiced terrorism against African Americans and not hide behind some southern heritage rebel flag scam? In fact, even today a lot of these rebels, so to speak, still view blacks as subhumans no worse than coons of which they call them, and in others the view has only slightly improved.

    Normally when you criticize these people they’ll call you a nigger, say you suck, make fun of you from one end to another. OK, Koreans do the same thing because they don’t view the disabled as human, so they don’t see the big deal. Maybe like the Saudis, iike that one on the forum I visited, they will tell people to mind their own business when you state they are barbarians in public.

    • Jason Y

      One method of social control in South Korea is calling people who criticize their home a traitor, (co-towing to foreign powers). In other words, calling people a pussy, a faggot etc.. for not siding with the popular view. Also, that’s a method of social control where I live in the south also, along with being called a nigger, or being told you suck etc…

      In other words, people don’t want to hear any contructive criticism of their culture, unless you want to die

      Where Robert lives in California there isn’t really a method of social control like that or is there? You won’t meet brain dead rednecks, but you might meet people with PC overkill who want to murder you for simply watching anything on Fox News.

      • Simon Edwards

        Fox News is evil trip – and I’m not even American. Then again, Klown TV if fn braindead TRASH, and is probably a part of the reason Klowns are so amazingly braindead/robotic.

  6. guy from Montréal

    Well Jason you certainly have reason to rant against south Koreans, they are a somewhat cruel people when compared to other Asian cultures, and their damn cars and electronics still have a long way to go before reaching the same level of reliability of Japanese products.

    • Jason Y

      However, one could argue that other places are the same but PC covers it up. Or in some places they’ve turned misfits into an industry, for instance, care of the elderly and disabled provides many jobs in my hometown. Of course, prisons are also an industry.

      • Jason Y

        People possibly hate gays so much where I live cause you can’t make any money of them and thier education and financial stability inspires jealousy.

        You can make money off other misfits: the disabled, elderly, kids from broken homes etc..

  7. analluv

    If S Korea implemented eugenics and painlessly euthanized disabled children would that be good?

  8. Simon Edwards

    That’s Korean Kult-ure for you.
    Most Koreans seem to frown on adoptees and hindicapped people, and will readily shun families in Korea that have them.
    Image first, is their motto.

    At the end of the day, Koreans will often do ANYTHING to earn an ounc of worship or envy from their neighbour/friend/classmate/colleague. It’s fn rediculous to see the outcomes though.

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