What Language Is This?

Well yes, it is spoken in Europe, and if you are halfway smart at all, you figured out that it is a Romance language. If you are not halfway smart, you didn’t figure that out until I told you. So we have a Romance language here. Indeed, but which one? There are lots of Romance languages spoken in Europe.

Ok from then on, you are on your own. Hop to it, slackers!

A sos tempos de sa pizzinnia, in bidda, totus chistionaiamus in limba. In domos nostras no si faeddaiat atera limba. E deo, in sa limba nadìa, cominzei a connoscher totu sas cosas de su mundu. A sos ses annos, intrei in prima elementare e su mastru de iscola proibeit, a mie e a sos fedales mios, de faeddare in s’unica limba chi connoschiamus: depiamus chistionare in limba italiana, «la lingua della Patria», nos nareit, seriu seriu, su mastru de iscola. Gai, totus sos pizzinnos de ‘idda, intraian in iscola abbistos e allirgos e nde bessian tontos e cari-tristos.


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10 responses to “What Language Is This?

  1. mountleek

    Ok, it is Sardinian 🙂 Something about that it is the only language spoken at our home, but at school we learn Italian, right?

    • Yes how did you know? Do you speak a Romance language?

      • mountleek

        No, I don’t speak a Romance language, I speak a Slavic language.

        First I saw the double ‘d’ in ‘bidda’ so I thought it could be Sicilian (Mount Etna or Mongibello >>> Mongibeddu), but I’m not sure this language does it like Sicilian, because there are also double ‘l’ in the text, so maybe that was a coincidence.

        Then I saw ‘limba’ and this word reminded me of Romanian. And then I saw ‘limba sarda’ so I figured it is Sardinian. But now I see you have deleted ‘sarda’ because it was apparently a giveaway.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      I was thinking Italian. It doesn’t have the accents of Portuguese and is obviously not Spanish.

  2. jorge

    It seems similar to Italian to me (I speak Spanish), so first I thought that were some dialect into Italian language.

    According to Google’s translator, is Corsican, but many words of the text weren’t translated (trying to translate from Corsican to Spanish, and the same from Corsican to English), and maybe many parts that were translated, it’s because are words common to some Romance languages.

    So maybe can be Sardinian (like said a comment), a language that I even did not know that existed, and is similar to Corsican (in fact apparently have many words in common, although the same happen with many Romance languages), at least for a non-speaker.

  3. Another William Playfair Web

    You would probably like this game;
    If you play it strictly you have to recognize languages a lot…

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