2,000 Reasons to Love Bill Clinton


Wow! 2,000 women! I knew he had been with a lot of chicks, but 2,000? Whoa! I was starting to dislike Clinton there for a bit, but I just found 2,000 great reasons to love this great man.

Monica FTW!


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5 responses to “2,000 Reasons to Love Bill Clinton

  1. Hizzle

    James Ellroy (the author) alleged that women said Bill Clinton was hung like a cashew. I suppose it is possible for men with small penises to exude charisma, and vice-versa. The cartoonist Robert Crumb is (according to many women) blessed with a giant penis, and he is so socially awkward that his wife Aline Kaminsky said her parents thought he was mentally retarded the first time they met him. Go figure.

  2. No. Serial fuckers of that magnitude always decide for big money and privilege against workers and thinkers. The only exception, for there is always one, is if the chicks are of a very specific feather he chases.

  3. Tulio

    I don’t buy it. Where are the hundreds of women stepping forward to say they fucked Clinton? Where are all the made up paternity suits you’d expect from someone that high profile being such a jiggalo?

  4. Another William Playfair Web

    ugh. Breitbart.

    In other news; Obama was born on Krypton,
    Ann Coulter is a woman,
    women and Hispanics adore Trump and can not help but show the love…..

  5. Jason Y

    So many redneck army guys with long histories of fucking every slant eye in sight, want to call Clinton a queer and a whoremonger.

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