All Types of Nationalists Are the Same, Except They All Want to Kill Each Other

It was only after I had listened to quite a few nationalists for a while that it dawned on me that they were all saying the same things but about different countries of people. Yet other than the object of their nationalism, the content of their messages was exactly the same, except that most of them hated each other.

I noticed this when I saw Greek and Turkish nationalists go at it on the web. Turks are a case study in fulminant ethnonationalism turned overtly malignant and apparently terminal as in that case, this disease in particularly morbid form has somehow infected an entire nation of some 70 million.

Then a Greek nationalist came on board, and he started off spouting this whole well crafted Greek nationalist screed. And guess what? I was shocked to see that the Greek nationalist was saying exactly the same virulent mindset, except he was saying these things about Greek people, not Turkish people.

But really the spiels were the same. Take a Turkish nationalist rant and replace the words Turk and Turkey with Greek and Greece and abra cadabra, now you automagically have a Greek nationalist, just like that! And of course vice versa.

Then I started hearing some more nationalists. Russell Means, Native American nationalist, sounded exactly like a crazed Mexican nationalist who came to the site the other day (you did not see her because she was instabanned).

Albanian nationalists sound the same as Ukrainian nationalists minus the swastika.

I never heard of an Indian nationalist until the Internet, but now that I have seen them, I must say that they are up there with the Turks as the nastiest of the nasties. Something terrible has happened to Indian people. Besides all the other ways they are screwed up, every Indian you meet is a fanatical Indian nationalist nutball. Even in my town. Somehow these Indians got exposed to one of the most sophisticated nationalist brainwashing projects in our time. I do not know who is responsible. The Indian media? The Indian educational system? Something else?


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7 responses to “All Types of Nationalists Are the Same, Except They All Want to Kill Each Other

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  2. Another William Playfair Web

    I’m only familiar with Black and White nationalists.
    The Blacks re-write history, while the Whites just deny that any race had history before Whites (all just savages apparently).
    So both are a joke.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      The Blacks re-write history, while the Whites just deny that any race had a history before Whites got to them(all just savages apparently).

  3. Jason Y

    Peace and love like John Lennon said can’t exist mainly cause people lust. They want the pretty girl. They want more money. They want power, fame. Basically cause of your penis there won’t be peace.

    How can people leave each other alone, as nationalists want, when they naturally lust?

    • Jason Y

      You can create a angry hostile environment right off the bat by simply desiring one woman, cause she might not want it, or you might have to improve yourself at the gym, drawing in haters. You also might have to fight a boyfriend.

  4. Hind

    You can only shit on a population so much until there’s a violent backlash.

    Case in point – Indians.

    Highest per capita income & education levels in usa.

    Socially inferior than blacks,

    Tender situation ready to boil.

  5. thinkingabout it

    India’s educational system instills a thoroughgoing secularism and deracination in India’s children. They also grow up watching American movies and TV shows, and come to think of themselves as basically brown-skinned Americans. Then, they come to America and find themselves at the bottom of the social totem pole, even the American-born second-generation Indians subtly put them down. Boom, expatriate hypernationalism.

    For the Indians in India, I think its the memory of 1000 years of Muslim and British domination, combined with the ongoing battles with Islam that stirs up the nationalism. Heck, Hungary had a few brief brushes with the Muzzies and they’re nationalist enough to elect Jobbik. Try having the circumcised wonders ruling your country, raping your women and destroying your temples for 800 years.

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